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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 402


Chapter 402

Chapter 402 ’’Ye Huang Yu's Confession (3)’’

With only a minimal amount of clothes left on their bodies due to the gastric juices, the man took it all: the tenderness, the bounciness and the moaning reaction .

’’You... you are a woman... Huh?’’ Becoming a stuttering mess, Nie Feng Hang didn't even know where to place his hands for a while .

’’Then what did you think I am?’’ Annoyed by the tone, Ye Huang Yu grumpily reprimands the man .

This damn block-head, he actually didn't realize my gender . Good thing there's no light within the snake's belly, otherwise she wouldn't even know sort of shameful expression to make . The part he touched was completely bare too, no clothes or armor at all!

Ecstatic over the news, Nie Feng Hang can swear by his name that he would've forced his way right then and there if not for their injuries - location be damned .

’’This is too great . Ye Huang, did you know I almost thought my family lineage would come to an end on my generation?’’ Back when he was devoured by the double-headed python, this man had already made up his mind . So long as they can survive this time, regardless of gender or background, he will definitely make the woman his regardless of her refusal .

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But now, not only was Ye Huang a woman in reality, she's also not refusing!

Then thinking back on when he met Ling Yue, Nie Feng Hang suddenly realized why the girl would look at him so strangely . What strange look, that's clearly the eye of someone calling him a ’’dumbass’’ for not noticing still .

To express his current emotions, the man abruptly breaks out into a laughing fit which in kind pulled on his wounds again .

’’Don't make such big movements, we are still inside the snake's belly . There's limited air here so we need to conserve as much as of it as possible while your injuries slowly heal . ’’ Ye Huang Yu can tell her blood's rejuvenating effects are working on the man, which meant it will at least hinder that abdomen wound from worsening on its own . Sadly, that didn't mean the corrosive fluids wouldn't continue biting into their flesh .

Worried for the woman's wellbeing despite being severely injured himself, Nie Feng Hang stubbornly pulled the girl closer again . He wants to protect her, so what did he do? Of course lean on top with his half naked body to shield her important bits from further harm!

Now that's what you call intimate . A subtle scent of a woman's hair, the rubbing of flesh against flesh, Nie Feng Hang knew what he must do now .

’’Ye Huang, I want to know your real name . ’’

’’It's... . It's Ye Huang Yu,’’ The woman shyly answers .

’’Huang Yu? What a good name . Huang Yu, if we can survive this then marry me, alright?’’

Towards that proposal, no answer ever came for the longest time;instead, she only leaned her head against that chest in deep thought . It's not like the woman can't feel the thumping beat of the man's heart, but her past and secrets were something not everyone can handle .

Nervous in her voice, ’’Feng Hang, you really want to me marry me? Even if if I lied to you before?’’

At the same time, Nie Feng Hang can clearly feel his chest being soaked by some sort of liquid, She's crying?

’’Hoho, are you talking about the part where you disguised yourself as a man to join the army? How can you even think like that? I love you for who you are, whether it be the male you or the female you . ’’

Seemingly distressed by the thought pattern of the woman whom he loves, Nie Feng Hang gently caresses that face while reassuringly wipes away the tears .

He knows nothing of comforting the opposite se* . The only thing this big ruffian does know how to do was to imitate what he heard and maybe even possibly help sooth that heart .

’’But what if I told you I have already married before? And that Ling Yue is my daughter... . Would you still blame me?’’ Tearing inside over her past, Ye Huang Yu felt like that last segment alone was enough to exhaust her soul .

Sure enough, the caressing hand halted .

That's right, how can any man endure knowing their woman has been marred by another? And that they also gave birth to a child? Turning her head away, Ye Huang Yu avoids facing the man any further .

’’Then your man is...’’ Nie Feng Hang meekly asked, seemingly afraid of the impending answer .

’’Fourteen years ago she drove me and Ling Yue out of the house because he wanted to marry another woman that can give him a better future . That man, you know him too, he's Hong Fang . ’’ Her voice became dreadfully cold when mentioning the last part .

’’That's great then!’’ The sudden The sudden exhilarated outburst from the man had left Ye Huang Yu completely baffled there .

’’And here I was wondering why you were hating on Hong Fang so much . So it turns out he's that very scum! I say, the best thing he ever did is to send you along to me . ’’ Due to how happy his voice was, Nie Feng Hang nearly forgot how to breathe .

In truth, it wasn't just the woman who was a nervous wreck inside, the man himself too was also a total mess . Right up to the point where he learned the truth, this usually stoic general had devolved into a little kid .

He must be dead . That scum must be dead . Only by him dying can I take Huang Yu for myself! This was at least repeated over a hundred times, if not more during that brief interaction .

’’You... you are not angry?’’ The flowing tears had stifled from the eye for this reaction was totally different from what the woman expected .

’’What is there to be angry about? He not wanting you is him having poor taste . Besides, as if a villain like that is worthy of being with you . I say you really am blind back then, to fall for a little man like that . I on the other hand am different . If you had followed me years ago then I would've shown you what a true man is!’’ Drowned in his own happiness, Nie Feng Hang starts rambling on with that nonsense .

’’But... I am two years older than you,’’ the woman still couldn't believe the turnout . the turnout .

’’They say older woman are gold bricks . Since you are older than me by two years, does that mean you will give me a pair of twins when we are married then?’’

’’I... but you didn't ask your parents yet . ’’ The scariest bit still lies with the parents . Its common knowledge no elder of a family would like a woman who's been discarded and unclean .

’’Oh Wifey, my mother dotes me the most, she would never think of turning you away . As for my old man, that old fossil is of no importance . You can just ignore him, he doesn't get any say in front of my mother . ’’ Patting his chest in reassurance, Nie Feng Hang crushes any doubt his love might have with that statement .

’’Who-who is your wifey... . ’’ Both embarrassed and annoyed by the flirting, she shyly squeezes down at the man's chest to make him squeal in delight . ’’But enough of this playing . We don't even know if we will make it out of here and you are already thinking so far ahead .

’’Don't worry Huang Yu, we will definitely make it out of here . I've already come up with a plan . ’’ Before confessing his love and proposing, Nie Feng Hang had already come up with a countermeasure . Following a quick rummage through his waistband, the man pulls out a beady little object: ’’This is a reincarnation Dan pill, something our daughter gave me . ’’

Talk about smooth and fluent, there's not an ounce of shame in the way he called Ling Yue his daughter .


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