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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 401


Chapter 401

Chapter 401 ’’Ye Huang Yu's Confession (2)’’

Under that suffocating pressure, Ye Huang Yu (mother) quickly came to the realization that the end was upon her . However, before her waning consciousness could give way, she did pick up the hazy voice of Nie Feng Hang crying out for herself .

’’Give me back my Ye Huang! Eat me! If you got the ability then eat me too!’’ Those were the last words she can remember before completely blacking out .

I hope he and the other brothers of the Tiger Wolf Army is alright, She bitterly laughs at her own predicament .

This time the blame really does fall on her . Ye Huang Yu knows it's due to her own rashness that brought the others into such danger despite not knowing the complete situation of the village . But there was one good factor that came out of all this, she didn't die right away after being gobbled up by the snake .

Now that does beg to question, why did she not die right away after being stuck inside the belly for so long?

Searching around with her hands, the answer soon came to light .

It was a bunch of crystals, mostly broken pieces of a bead . If Ling Yue were to be here then the girl would surely recognize it with a glance - it's a kind of alchemic tool called the Wind Bead .

Capable of creating currents of wind within a confined space, this sort of item can be commonly found on most alchemists out there . Not only was the item very cheap to produce for its intended use, it's also very crucial in controlling the flames used for heating the furnace and cauldron .

As to why this item would be within the double-headed python, it's mostly like the creature had swallowed an alchemist prior to swallowing this woman . While the former owner was long dead, the shattered pieces of the Wind Bead does remain, thus creating this miracle for Ye Huang Yu to survive this long .

Make no mistake though, those who enters the serpent's belly are doomed for death, evident by the partially digested carcass of a water buffalo nearby . Even if she does manage to stay alive for now, it's just a matter of time before the corrosive stomach fluids begin working its way into the poor woman's body .

Knowing this, Ye Huang Yu estimates she would have at most three to four days before the end comes . Being slowly killed in complete darkness, no normal person would be okay with this . Her sanity was quickly dwindling as fear starts to bloom .

’’Ye Huang... Ye Huang . ’’ From her gradually fuzzy state, the poor woman was suddenly alerted to this faint cry of her name,

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She originally thought it was an illusion, but as her consciousness grew stronger following the sensation of something crawling over, her mind was suddenly thrust back to reality .

’’General... Nie Feng Hang, is that you?’’

Not realizing it herself, Ye Huang Yu's own voice had devolved into a whimpering cry . Due to the pitch black darkness, making it extremely difficult to see her way, the woman can only slowly crawl forward using her hands as feelers .

Then that's when their hands met . It's a very sturdy and powerful hand, completely overpowering herself and thus pulling the woman over without much resistance .

It's really him, it's really Nie Feng Hang! But why is he here?

Unbeknownst to this foolish woman, the past day may have been painful to her, but it's even more painful for the man who was madly in love with her!

First was the part where Nie Feng Hang had to watch how the double-headed python swallowed her whole . That scene had completely destroyed any part of sanity for the general, thus leaving him with only the will of wanting to save the disguised woman .

Sadly everything was already too late . He tried to slay the damn creature afterwards, he really did, evident by the enormous stains of blood on his shirt and armor . Unfortunately he was no match for the serpent and could barely even hold his own blade by the end of it .

Then that's when a crazy idea gave birth within his mind: if he's going to die then he wants to at least accompany the person whom he loves .

Without fear, without hesitation, Nie Feng Hang willingly jumped into the serpent's mouth and clawed his way inside . Initially the man had lost consciousness too after being swallowed, but it didn't take long for him to come to . Good thing he did too, otherwise he would've been digested like that water buffalo .

Unlike Ye Huang Yu who had the Wind Bead to help her breath comfortably though, this man who willing climbed into danger wasn't so fortunate . Aside from the corrosive fluid burning his skin, he also had to struggle furiously to create pockets of air for himself by pumping out the last remainder of his powers to create the wind flow .

As the hours wore on, there were many occasions where he wanted to give up for it was extremely difficult to crawl along the intestines . But eventually, his persistence paid off when his ears picked up the faint breathing of his target .

’’Nie Feng Hang, is it really you?’’ The weak male voice that's oh so close now had completely wiped away the haze hovering over the disguised woman's mind .

But all things comes at a price . After catching the general's hand, Ye Huang Yu quickly discovered how weak and seriously injured the person was . To make matters worse, there's a very big hole below the abdomen area!

So what does that mean? Nie Feng Hang had crawled through the night with blood constantly seeping out of his wound while the corrosive fluid bit away at his flesh! A normal human would've human would've long succumbed to that injury and perished by now .

’’It's fine . All that matters is that I found you . ’’ Growing weaker and weaker in his voice, this once stoic man who had always protected the woman was quickly fading away .

’’What's wrong with you? Don't' sleep, you can't!’’ Never in all her years was she ever this scared . This included that time a decade ago with the Hong House and her baby almost perishing .

Nie Feng Hang will die, I can't let him die! Blood, he must have lost too much blood! But how am I supposed to stop that bleeding in this environment?

Biting her teeth, Ye Huang Yu steels herself and grabs for a nearby bone . Using this as the tool of her conviction, she carves out a serious wound along her wrist .

With that done, she begins feeding the unconscious man like a loving wife tending to her husband .

Sure enough, Nie Feng Hang's ghastly face was reequipped with color very soon .

’’Have you gone mad? I can't drink your blood!’’ Sweet in his mouth, Nie Feng Hang's lip was still covered with trickles of red due to the sloppy mess he did there .

’’I've taken a seventh grade Soul Renewal Pill before . Ling Yue said my physique has been transformed so my blood can rejuvenate others . ’’ Ignoring the stinging pain on her wrist, she releases a brilliant smile after hearing how strong the man's voice had become again .

Nie Feng Hang still had his doubts, but he can't deny the fact that this woman had more than once recovered from wounds that would normally cripple or kill a common soldier in the past .

’’But enough about me, how did you get in here?’’ Now that the immediate danger was out of the way, the woman quickly realizes it how intimate they were being . Falling into silence, embarrassment quickly took over .

’’I couldn't stop worrying about you,’’ Nie Feng you,’’ Nie Feng Hang only had this to say in his reply .

Talk about a horrible answer . Who would be fine after being swallowed into snake's belly? Yet, it was precisely this awkward reply that gave the woman an unpreceded level of satisfaction .

’’You are so stupid . Just because you are worried for me doesn't mean you can toss yourself into a snake's stomach!’’ Reprimanding the man, Ye Huang Yu had never met someone so bone-headed .

’’What are you saying, I've been stupid the moment I met you . ’’ Without giving the woman a chance to resist, Nie Feng Hang promptly plowed closer and hugged her . After coming oh so close to death, he's finally come to terms with a lot of things .

No matter what others thought, he can't change his feelings here . NO! He won't change his feelings because of other people for this was his true self!

’’What nonsense are you saying?!’’ Trying hard to push the overbearing man away, Ye Huang Yu suddenly found her lips smothered by something soft .

As their lips and tongue conjoined together, the sweet taste of blood and aroma was absolutely overpowering here . That's the taste of their blood, the taste of their emotions . Because of that, Ye Huang Yu actually found herself at a loss on how to react to the point where she didn't even realize she's been se*ually assaulted there!

Then to make the situation even more awkward, during their intimate scuffle, Nie Feng Hang's naughty hand had landed on a certain spot where it was particularly soft for some reason . Of course, this was done subconsciously and without intent... . .

Though the man himself didn't have very much experience with the opposite se*, he's not dumb enough to not realize what's going on, especially when it's so nice to the touch . As for the woman herself, she instantly breaks free from that embrace the second she felt the second squeeze come around!


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