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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 40


Chapter 40 ’’Giant comeback’’

’’The Song family hunted down five high class, twenty five mid class, and fifty low class wild beasts altogether.’’

’’Ye family hunted three high class, twenty mid class, and twenty low class wild beasts.’’

’’Autumn Wind Dojo hunted...’’

When Old Mayor Liu finished going over everyone's numbers, the people from the Ye family all had looks of disappointment for they knew the Song family was certain to win this time.

’’The winner of the annual three-year mountain hunting contest is...’’

’’Hold on a minute, the final result is yet to be decided.’’ When Ling Yu appeared out in the open, everyone became shocked.

The members of the Ye family promptly rushed over to surround her.

Looking at the family members, including those from the other teams, Ling Yue can see that other than the arm injury on big cousin Ye Saint, everyone else was fine but a little listless in their looks.

They were all deeply remorseful over her supposed death, especially the three present at the battle with the Eagle King. They knew, if not for Ling Yue's last sacrifice at the end, all of them would've fallen to their death at the bottom of the cliff.

Therefore, seeing Ling Yue coming back alive and well, everyone was genuinely happy.

Everyone was worried about me these days? Realizing this, Ling Yue's heart felt slightly warm inside because this was her first time enjoying the warmth of a big family.

’’Miss Ye, it's good that you are well and fine, everyone's been very worried about you lately.’’ Old Mayor Liu was secretly amazed by the girl. It's only been a few days but the level of Yuan energy fluctuating on that tiny body was many times stronger than what he recalled on their last meeting.

’’Ling Yue, it's too good that you are okay, otherwise I wouldn't know how to face grandfather when I go back, especially third aunt.’’ Ye Saint's voice choked several times from being too emotional, his eyes full of guilty colors.

He's the leader of this excursion. If Ling Yue had died under his watch, he won't be able face the various elders of the family.

Seeing Ling Yue could survive even after falling down the cliff while their Song Han had died, the complexions of the various members of the Song family turned uglier than ever.

Especially Song Guang Zhi, his eyes were like a poisonous snake right now.

’’Mayor, the Ye family's listing needs to be recounted again.’’ Ling Yue didn't forget the important matter at hand. With one glance at the preys on the ground, she already knew what needs to be done.

’’Oh? Can it be miss Ye also hunted some other prey?’’ asked Mayor Liu.

The members of the Song family all looked at her with disapproval, nothing but a little girl, what sort of prey can she possibly hand over?

’’One is a Silver Claw Eagle King, and the other is a monster of an unknown specie that still needs mayor's appraisal.’’ As she says this, Ling Yue pulls out the pair of claws she cut from the Eagle King and the piece of skin she got from the monster's body.

Due to the inconvenience of lugging two giant carcasses up with her during the climb, she can only bring the claws and skin as proof.

In the mountain hunting contest, simply taking the key parts of one's prey had become a customary tradition.

’’There is nothing wrong with the claws of the Silver Claw Eagle King, as for this skin... This is the skin of a spirit beast, a fourth rank Golden Snake Earthworm! Miss Ye, tell me, where did you find this spirit beast?’’ Old Mayor Liu turned ghastly pale as he looked down at this piece of skin in his hand.

When did the Seven Star Mountain turn out a peak form fourth rank spirit beast? This is big news.

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Peak form fourth rank spirit beast?

The members of the Ye family who had originally lost all hope of winning the contest suddenly regained their hope after hearing the explanation from the mayor. Issuing out cheers of joy, they were all bursting out into utter happiness.

Fourth rank spirit beast, that's a fourth rank spirit beast! Even a first class spirit beast, the lowest, would be comparable to a dozen high class wild beast.

On the contrary to the Ye family's excitement, the people from the Song family looked absolutely horrible like their parents had just passed away.

’’Mayor, are you sure you're not mistaken? Seven Star Mountain has never seen a spirit beast before.’’ Song Guang Zhi doesn't give up.

’’What do you mean, are you saying I'm mistaken?’’ Old Mayor Liu showed a little annoyance and shot Song Guang Zhi a glare, sending the youngster back with fright.

Finally, Old Mayor Liu and Ye Saint went together to scout the cave indicated by Ling Yue. From inside, the body of the Silver Claw Eagle King and the Golden Snake Earthworm was recovered, making the Ye family the successful winners of this year's mountain hunt.

’’Ling Yue, this time is all thanks to you.’’

’’Ling Yue, well done.’’

Ye Saint and Ye Ying both exchanged a glance to signal each other. Moving in, the two directly lifts Ling Yue up onto their shoulders and cheerfully went downhill.

(Guessing Ye Ying is the extra fifth person from the branch family that was never introduced)

Watching Ling Yue being escorted down the mountain like a hero, Ye Qing was showing envy and admiration at the same time. Although he doesn't want to admit it still, but inwardly, he knew he had lost to Ling Yue this time.

Once again, Seven Star Mountain regains its peace after a period of commotion. At a peaceful corner of the mountain, a carriage was idly standing by while Old Mayor Liu stood nearby.

’’Your grace, the Golden Snake Earthworm has been placed under the Ye family's name in accordance with your instructions.’’ With Mayor Liu's experience and keen eyesight, how can he not tell the creature wasn't killed by Ling Yue?

’’Go check, I want all the information pertaining to this Ye Ling Yue of the Ye family.’’ In the carriage, the golden masked man curled his mouth into a smile as he fidgeted with the wooden badge carved with Ling Yue's name.

Owns an ancient spirit beast and can come into contact with special poisons without being harmed, Ye Ling Yue, who exactly are you?

Currently sitting on her two big cousin's shoulder, Ling Yue suddenly felt a frosty chill run through the back of her head. Turning around, she finds nothing there. Creeped by this, she broke into a slight shiver by the strangeness of this freaky sensation.

The news of the Ye family making a huge comeback in the mountain hunt was delivered to the main house as soon as it was announced.

This result left everyone in the family very surprised, after all, the elders had learned before the contest that Song Guang Zhi already broke into the eighth rank of the constitutional domain, making him a whole level higher than Ye Saint.

The gap may not sound very big, but it's still there, hence the reason why Ye Gu didn't expect the victory because they didn't have their strongest member, Ye Liu One.

Over at the Qiaochu quarter, Ye Huang Yu who have been anxiously waiting for the past three days can finally feel relieved too.

By now Ye Gu and the other houses (wives and their children) were all waiting outside the main manor for the children's arrival.

’’Well done, you've all done well this time, great job. Everyone that has taken part in the mountain will have their monthly allowance doubled, in addition, everyone can enter the family's treasury and pick out a weapon of your choosing.’’ Hearing this great news, the sulkiness of having his birthday party crashed earlier were all gone now.

This time the Song family lost the right to the largest mine in the Seven Star Mountain and also lost a Song Han, this is a real satisfaction, HAHA!

’’Grandfather, it's all thanks to Ling Yue this time.’’ Upon returning home, Ye Saint promptly went over the whole breathtaking story with everyone, making even Ye Gu turn pale from the hurdles and dangers involved.


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