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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 395


Chapter 395

Chapter 395 ’’The Same Conditions as Feng Shen’’

Knocking down the planks, the group had only just opened the door when they were rushed by the occupant inside . It's frightening fast, the shadow, nevertheless it was no match for Jin Wu Monster and the rest .

Pinning down the village chief using their spirit force as constraints, what scared these men weren't the speed of the man, nay, it's the appearance of the patient . It's practically inhuman, a monster if they had to put words to it .

Crawling on all four with his clothes in tatters, the village chief prowled like a beast, looked like a beast, and roared like a beast . But more than that, those razor sharp fangs protruding out of that mouth, those long fur coat growing across its body, its extremely hair raising even for someone like Jin Wu Monster who had seen many horrific things in life . After all, he was from the Central Plains where evil cults ran rampant .

Meanwhile in the background, the village chief's wife and child could no longer keep back their tears . Their hearts are breaking at the scene, at the state of their family member .

However, the one merit here was that the chief did give a response to the cries of his wife and child . No longer struggling there, the sound that came next was like an animal's anguish cry for help . It's disheartening to know someone had fallen so far after merely just one day .

’’Do you people see that yet? This is the so-called innocent villagers that you bunch want to save . They are clearly hexed by some kind of evil curse . I say burn them all now before things get out of hands . If even my men can be seriously injured by these beasts during the short exchange we had with one of them, can you fools imagine what the consequences are if they get out and spread the curse?!’’ It was then Hong Fang and Xia Hou Hong also barged in on the group after learning what they intended to do .

They just can't accept it . If even the alchemists from the Royal Hospital are claiming these villagers are incurable, then what good would a lass be when they had hardly any experience?

’’Just because they can't doesn't mean I can't, otherwise anyone or anybody can become the Chief Alchemist of Moon City . ’’ Refuting the statement from the two bastards at the entrance, Ling Yue became increasingly annoyed by the intrusion: ’’Someone come, bind the village chief up first and then bring him to a clean house for me . I rather not have those who are not involved bothering me while I'm carrying out the treatment . ’’

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With that order, she then went ahead with the patient and the rest, leaving behind only the disgruntled Hong Fang and prince in the background .

’’Chief, from my observation these villagers doesn't look like they are sick, rather it's like the commander claims, they've been cursed... . ’’ From those words alone, one can tell Jin Wu Monster was very much afraid to meddle in this outbreak .

As the one with the most experience in dealing anything remotely close to these sorts of things, Jin Wu Monster was the most qualified to give this advice . He understands full well with the dangers imposed by trying to cure someone from a curse or evil voodoo spell . If not handled carefully, the effects could be reflected back to the healer with no recourse to turn to afterwards .

’’I'm fully aware of your concerns, but fear not, you just need to stay nearby with the others for now while I tend to the village chief . Until I confirm the cause, keep everyone isolated to avoid any possible contamination . ’’ Ling Yue was also very serious in her voice . It's not not like she doesn't understand the danger's involved here, and she can't deny the village chief's ’’illness’’ was very strange . Nevertheless, she must persist if she wants to further her own goals in the Northwest .

First having her subordinates suppress the patient, Ling Yue then went ahead to inspect the village chief from a visual standpoint . Undoubtedly, the foreign contact by the restraints only enraged the erratic man further to the point where he starts howling again . Nevertheless, it gave the girl the much needed time to work .

First was the hair, tongue and blood, they were all normal without signs of being poisoned . Unable to locate the cause visually, Ling Yue soon grew impatient and went ahead to insert her spirit smoke into the man's body through the hand, which immediately caused her eyebrows to wrinkle .

How can this sensation be so familiar?

The reason for that thought was the burst of cold frost exuding out of the village chief's body . If she had to find a similar symptom, it would be Feng Shen's condition . However, compared to her man, the frost within the village chief was clearly much weaker . As to why the prince from North Qing would be fine while the chief here was in this state, she can only pin it on the effects of all those wonderful Dan pills consumed by the boy .

Intrigued even further by this finding, Ling Yue suddenly got the strange idea that it might just be related to her man somehow... . But that's when her heart sank at the thought .

It's already been some time since Feng Shen returned to North Qing, yet there's no word from the boy still . And then there's the matter of his illness, she's worried for him which only amplified after making her discovery here today .

From the information she's given about the boy's illness, the only details, was that Feng Shen got his condition back when back when he was a child . As to how or where, Ling Yue didn't have a clue... .

Realizing she's gotten off track with her inner thoughts, the girl quickly refocused her mind and immediately went back to work in dealing with the cause . Just like last with Feng Shen in the bed, she began absorbing the frost inside using her spirit smoke .

Taking this all in from the side, Jin Wu Monster was very perplexed by what he's seeing . He can see for himself Ling Yue didn't use any medicine or whatnot, yet the chief's was quickly returning to normal and was no longer in his frenzied state - the most notable being the fangs retracting back to regular size .

But just when things were going smoothly, near completion, a smudge of green-black stain had suddenly formed around the patient's forehead . Then next thing anyone knew, whatever was inside the skin had popped out of its host and shot towards Jin Wu Monster!

’’You want to possess my body? Dream on!’’ The old monster was enraged by the puff of dark matter trying to invade his new body .

Without hesitation, the elder reacted with swift action and spewed out a golden flame that's unique only to himself - it was his iconic Jinwu Fire that can burn even one's soul!

Shockingly enough, despite the ball of flame being over three times the size of that miasmic matter, the most bizarre thing occurred . Not only did the bean sized dark matter not relent or be incinerated by the intense heat, it actually started to infect the fire and turned the golden color into a pitch black darkness of raging heat .

Horrified by the scene, the old monster was at a loss on how to react . The Jinwu Fire was a part of his very soul, his essence . To have it infected was akin to infecting him at his core .

’’Quick, return your flame!’’ It's unsure when it occurred during it occurred during this chaotic scuffle, but Ling Yue had already retracted her spirit smoke from the village chief and was ready to help .

Not wanting to wait, and he most certainly didn't want to become a genuine monster, the old monster immediately did as told and summoned his flame back . Nevertheless, the damage was done and it instantly caused the elder to spit out a mouthful of blood due to the trauma he incurred .

Knowing this wasn't the time to hesitate, Ling Yue can only focus in on the black miasmic matter with her powers . Flicking her right hand out, the girl swiftly materialized her cauldron for battle .

Maybe it's because both entities were black in color, or just maybe the cauldron simply liked these sort of things, but as soon as it was called, no orders were needed . Jumping up into the air of its own volition, the cauldron immediately pounced at the dark matter like a prey with eyes looking to get a new meal .

Likely aware of the danger imposed by the new entity, the bean sized dark matter reacted like someone that was in shock . First it was prancing in the air like it's at a loss on what to do, then it swiftly made a run for it in order to escape .

Pity though, its speed can never match up to Ling Yue's secret weapon . In seconds, the cauldron had devoured the substance and left nothing behind . Then to add insult to the wound, the small black thing actually had the audacity to pop its lid as if it was burping due to gas... .

The whole process was both smooth and fast . From being materialized to dematerializing back into Ling Yue's body, it was but a blink of an eye . Though Jin Wu Monster himself too had fallen victim to this blasted cauldron before, he just can't help but gasp at how amazing the thing was .


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