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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 393


Chapter 393

Chapter 393 ’’First Confrontation Between Her Scoundrel of a Father’’

About ten miles out from Flag City, there in lies the pastoral village of five hundred . They are a hard working bunch, herding their livestock of sheep and cows along the grassy slopes nearby, life was good for these simpletons . Sadly, disaster struck when the swarms of ferocious predatory animals attacked last night, bringing an end to their peaceful lives .

At the current moment, a fence of dry flammable wood was currently being constructed along the outer perimeter of the settlement, oil constantly being poured over the material by the thousands of soldiers standing in ready . If any of the villagers dare to escape, all that awaits their bodies are a volley of arrows ready to reap their lives from this world .

’’Your lordship, I beg you all, please spare us!’’ The howling cries for mercy of the villagers could be heard across the air here, trapped within their own homes as they huddled together for safety .

’’You bunch of wicked lowlifes, how dare you beg for mercy after colluding with the wild beasts to take the lives of our soldiers . Not only are all of you sinners, all of you must be purged in order to avoid having your curses infect the entire land!’’

Riding on their gallant steeds, Hong Fang and Xia Hou Hong was impervious to the cries of both the young and elderly . In fact, they were rather enjoying this situation based on how carefree their expressions were .

’’I never thought that Nie Feng Hang is the emotional type . He actually threw away his own life just for his lover there,’’ the prince casually issues out this remark .

To Xia Hou Hong, this former crown prince was more intrigued by the fact that the person was like himself - into the same se* instead of the opposite . As with all things in life, one tends to grow a sense of kinship towards those who are of the same so there's definitely a kind of sympathy there .

’’If not for that weakness, how could we have eradicated him so smoothly?’’ Hong Fang appears all calculative in his eyes .

Taking advantage of his position as the commander of the Tiger Wolf Army, Nie Feng Hang had more than once ignored his orders;as such, this bastard had long regarded that man as a thorn in his side .

Then maybe its fate, or maybe its just coincidence, but when the report of this village being attacked by a peak level ninth rank beast came to him, Hong Fang knew the opportunity was at hand . It's not that he didn't know the dangers involved, but rather it's a deliberate attempt at concealing the truth from Nie Feng Hang so he would come unprepared . In the end, the outcome was exactly as this bastard predicted, the death of his enemy .

But of course, there are certainly things that weren't within the plan, and that was the strange behavior of the villagers .

’’It's a pity though, that peak ninth rank spirit beast somehow managed to escape after killing those two, otherwise we could've taken the merit for ourselves . ’’ The prince sighs, lamenting the missed opportunity here today .

’’Your Highness need not worry, that snake would surely surely return again to harm more people . By then, with your strength and mine combined together, I'm sure we would be able to slay it and earn our keeps . ’’ Just thinking of the possibilities would make Hong Fang boil with excitement .

For a creature of that level, its equivalent to a reincarnation master in terms of strength . To slay one meant that someone without a noble title would be instantly rewarded with one, something this bastard gravely wanted for himself .

It's been so many years, Hong Fang have always wanted a way out for himself since his childhood . As the bastard son of a maid, he must fight for the right to inherit the nobility status from his father, a feat not easily achieved with his elder brother in the way . However, if he can get a different one using his own strength, it would mean he can break free from the influences of the Hong House and stand on his own .

You old fox, don't think for a second I don't know what you are scheming . Want to use my people to help you achieve your desire? Dream on! I've already had Protruding Ear and Nose King head on ahead to search for that twin-headed python . Once they located it, it will be I who slays it alone! Maybe then the king would even reinstate me as the crown prince .

While both individuals were very friendly on the surface, yet the truth was they both had their own plans in mind and despised each other .

’’Reporting to Your Highness and Commander, everything is ready to go . ’’ . ’’ One of the general's came forward to report .

Despite the soldier's smooth wording, its undeniable his firmness was swaying, There are hundreds of people still inside, are we really going to just kill them all with this fire?

’’Set the fire then . If anyone tries to run outside, shoot them on the spot!’’ Hong Fang shouts the order out .

’’Yes Commander,’’ unable to go against the military order, the general can only wave his hand to signal the archers to ready their bows .

But before any of those burning arrows could be allowed to fly, several cold flickering blades of light had shot over, severing the tips to the ground upon contact .

’’Stop!’’ Following this loud hollering cry, numerous giant birds had flew past from above, thus dropping several figures in the process

’’Lan Ling Yue, how dare you! You actually have the audacity to interfere with military business in front of me!’’ Seeing who the person was, Hong Fang immediately lashed out without hesitation .

I haven't even finished getting even with this wench yet, now she's actually got the nerve to stomp on my own turf . She really is asking for trouble .

’’Business? So the commanding general's so called business is to slaughter the innocent?’’ Cold in her remark, Ling Yue rebukes the man upfront .

’’Presumptuous! What does a woman like you know? These villagers have all been cursed with some king of evil spell . If we don't kill them now then who knows what sort of danger they would impose for the rest of the Northwest and the people living here . Someone come, take this woman away for interfering with official business!’’ The official business!’’ The man roars, signaling his men to move forward .

Unfortunately for these soldiers, they could not even get a proper grip on the girl in question before being manhandled by A'bone and Lan Caier .

’’Lan Ling Yue, are you trying to rebel?!’’ The prince questions the girl's action, attempting to pin a crime on her head using this excuse, ’’What are you all doing? Hurry and shoot this evil witch for treason!’’

Like the girl's own father, Prince Hou Hong also hated Ling Yue to the core . Therefore, he has no qualms about jumping the gun here . After all, it's always easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission, especially when he's royalty .

’’Treason? So trying to save hundreds of innocent lives is considered treason?’’ Scanning the area with her soul piercing gaze, Ling Yue openly questions the soldiers here with her firm words: ’’Is this the reason all of you joined the army, to slay helpless children and women? What a good military of Da Xia, what a good bunch of soldiers fighting for the glory of its people!’’

Ye Ling Yue's mocking words were full of irony, yet it was precisely because of this irony that hit home so dearly . Indeed, none of these soldiers here wanted to do such a cruel act of burning the villagers alive .

’’How ridiculous! All of you, quit listening to this witch! If anyone refuses to obey then they are to be punished by martial law!’’ Enraged by how quickly the girl was able to sway the entire army, Hong Fang lashes out at his men using threat and punishment as his weapon of choice .


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