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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 392


Chapter 392

Chapter 392 ’’Last Strand of Hope’’

’’After the incident, did the commander general and the prince send reinforcement to the village to slay the two-headed python? Also did they know learn of their whereabouts?’’ Lan Caier was both shocked and anxious over the nerve shaking story .

’’Sister, if even General Nie and so many of his soldiers could not slay such creature, why would that man send his own people to help?’’ Red in her eyes, Ling Yue coldly refutes the possibility .

A peak ninth rank spirit beast, it's likely only with the combined might of Hong Fang and Nie Feng Hang would they be able to slay such a creature . However, that bastard has always been prejudice against his counterpart so there's no way he would risk his own hide for someone he takes as an obstacle .

’’Commander General and His Highness, they... . ’’ A strange color grips the soldier's complexion .

’’Look at the situation now, quit dillydallying and say it!’’ Lan Caier roars, hollering at the unnerved man .

Getting a jolt running through his body, the soldier really wanted to protest here . For a girl to have such attitude, he suddenly got the strange illusion that a female version of a Nie Feng Hang was standing before him .

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’’Commander General and His Highness only sent help after daybreak . They say the villagers are possessed by some kind of evil curse and wants to burn the whole place down along with the civilians inside . Right now they have already surrounded the entire village and the five hundred occupants inside... . ’’ The soldier's voice grew weaker and weaker as he explained .

Like this one here, the remainder of the Wolf Tiger Army that didn't run off with Nie Feng Hang also felt this sort of practice was too inhumane . Sadly, they are but ordinary soldiers so it's expected that those above wouldn't pay heed to their protests .

’’What bullshit! Is Hong Fang and Xia Hou Hong brain dead or something? How can that many people fall under some evil curse?’’ Anxious in her demeanour, Lan Caier stomps back and forth due to the urgency of the situation, ’’They are treating the lives of so many people as if they are livestock . This won't do, I must inform my father of this . But from here to the capital is so far, even if... . . ’’

More than five hundred lives, how can Hong Fang and Xia Hou Hong kill that many with just their word?

Do they really take humans as common weeds? Something that will just pop back after being culled?

’’Sister, I am going to head to Flag City . ’’ Finally calming down from her initial panic after listening to the last part, Ling Yue becomes firm in her decision .

’’You are going to stop those two beasts?’’ Although Lan Caier was also very anxious here to save those villagers, she nevertheless knows it's futile . Those bastards would never listen to their words .

’’Not only that, I also feel it's possible that General Nie and Captain Ye Huang isn't dead yet . ’’ Though it's difficult to say, she nevertheless used the word ’’death’’ in the sentence to talk about her mother .

This messenger also said it himself, those that went that day only saw them both being swallowed whole and not killed . Adding in the fact that snakes usually have a very long digestion system, it's not unheard of for an animal to be found alive inside their assailant's stomach after being swallowed .

But of course, that's under the premise that the victim can be saved within the limited time frame... .

Seeing how her little sister was fixed on the idea, Lan Caier knew it's it's pointless to try to stop her now . Issue though was the distance . From Moon City to that village, the mileage remains on the high side so there's a likely chance that they wouldn't make it in time to save those civilians .

’’Saving people is the same as putting out a fire . A'bone, this time we will have to rely on you to help . ’’ Seeking out her new friend, Ling Yue simplified the story so the wild girl can understand and lend a hand .

Without disappointing, the latter immediately called for her friends to act as their ride .

’’These spirit birds are very fast in the air so they should be able to get us to your destination within half an hour . ’’ True to her pureness, A'bone volunteers herself to accompany them to the village after hearing Ling Yue's duress .

’’No, we must go to another place first before we head to the village . ’’ Not wasting anymore words, Ling Yue immediately ordered her people to mount the birds together . This time the group contained Lan Caier, Jin Wu Monster, A'bone and a dozen or so alchemists .

........................... .

Outside Flag City where numerous temporary tents were stationed, black flags has been raised here today while hundreds of corpses lay there motionless, unburied due to the recentness of their deaths .

This was the camp site of the Tiger Wolf Army . From what used to be a place of high morale and order, it has withered to the point where life has been sucked out of them . The blame cannot fall on these men though . According to the words of the survivors, their commander in chief and favored captain has just been killed, no brother would feel comfortable when their own has just met their end .

As the old saying goes, ’’its not that not that a man wouldn't shed tears, its just that their time wasn't right . ’’

It's unsure who's the first to weep here, but soon the mourning cries of the entire base camp could be heard across the air .

’’Quit crying, why are you all crying . Just because we are crying doesn't mean the commander and the captain will return to us . We still haven't even retrieved their bodies yet . ’’ Captain Cheng Zhong mercilessly stamps his chest with that iron fist to show off his unwillingness to falter here .

For someone that started off on bad terms with Ye Huang Yu, plus he had his front teeth's chipped from the woman's arrow, he was surprisingly the most heated about the loss of both individuals and their current predicament .

Not only did hundreds of their brethren's lost their lives during the mission to that small village, Hong Fang and that sicko prince also used this chance to place the entire Tiger Wolf Army under house arrest, claiming they are refusing to follow orders in razing the entire village .

’’You are absolutely right Captain! What is the use of crying now? Men will bleed before shedding tears! All of you stand! I'm sure the commander wouldn't want his soldiers to waste their time away by crying inside the base . ’’ Following this sudden outburst for revival, three shockingly gorgeous ladies had come waltzing in on them .

It's super rare for even a single female to appear inside the military base, let alone three . To make matters even more alluring, the three were beauties in their own rights with drastically different temperaments .

’’You are Ye Huang's sister, Ling Yue?’’ Chen Zhong (chipped teeth) had met Ye Ling Yue before by chance . At the time he even joked about having a go at the girl only to be ruthlessly taught a lesson by the girl's mother . girl's mother . Of course, this man didn't know about the secret relationship that his peer was in fact a woman in disguise too .

To be reminded of the good times in the past again, Chen Zhong's mood once again plummeted only to be stopped by one important factor: what was Ye Huang's sister doing here?

’’I already know about the ins and outs of the whole story . I only want to ask one thing from everyone, do any of you want to get justice for General Nie and Captain Ye Huang?’’ Sharp in her words, Ling Yue loudly pronounces her question .

’’Of course we want to, but Miss, what can we do? The commander and His Highness wouldn't listen to us, nor would he allow us to continue our search for their bodies . ’’ Upset in his words, Chen Zhong (chip teeth) asks what has been plaguing the soldiers up to this point .

’’The commander is the commander, and the prince is the prince . You are the Tiger Wolf Army, the defenders of the border and the people here . Are all of you just going to stand idly by while they slaughter the innocent?’’ Her words may be rough, but it's more than enough to make these hot-blooded soldiers boil with heroic might .

’’General Nie personally brought all of you here, raised you from the grounds up . Are you all just going to shame him by falling into disrepair just because he's not around? Remember! Every single one of you are the best, the elite, the sharpest weapon of Da Xia!’’

’’That's right my brothers, we cannot sully the general's name . Gather everyone, we will go get their bodies back in the name of the Tiger Wolf Army!’’ Roars and shouts were abundant among these proud soldiers, sending the whole area as well as the city into alarm due their voices .


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