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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 391


Chapter 391

Chapter 391 ’’The Bad News’’

Beast eats man, and man hunts beast for their cores, the friction between both sides has been there since time immemorial . But this time though, things are different . Not only are the attacks happening more frequently than ever before, the behavior pattern of the raids were getting more and more aggressive to the point where the cities too are getting assaulted .

If such huge settlements are at risk now, what does that make the smaller villages and towns in the Northwest?

Knowing there must be a reason for everything, Ling Yue now turns to A'bone here, the one most likely able to sooth the tension between man and beast . Sadly, her hope only got a shake of the head in return .

’’Actually, I encountered several animal attacks too before I arrived here at Moon City . During the scuffle, Flower got so badly bitten that I nearly couldn't make it on time . ’’ Recalling the close encounters she's had on the road, A'bone couldn't resist a slight shiver there .

For a huge swarm like hers to face such danger, it's almost inconceivable how powerful her foes must've been . To be clear, the Purple Elephant in her mix was considered to be the king of the land, she should've been very much protected from all fronts .

’’That shouldn't be . Logically, you who have inherited the will of the Beastial Sect should be able to tame the animals, why would they proactively attack you?’’ He Lao San (three) exclaims, not understanding the contradiction .

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Inheriting the will of the ancient Beastial Sect, A'bone should've had a very high affinity with any animals out there in this world .

’’I think there can only be two reasons: one being her strength isn't high enough and didn't fully merge with her inheritance . Another reason might be there's something interfering with her connection . ’’ He Lao Er (second) was more acute to the odd behavior and quickly came up with a theory .

Just because one holds the inheritance of an amazing ability doesn't mean they are fully able to wield it . This varies from person to person, which was true for everything in life . For A'bone here, the girl's talent definitely wasn't bad, nevertheless she lacks the proper tutelage, thus leaving her only at the big core stage of the Dan realm .

’’I think this elder's thinking is right . I also feel a violent aura controlling the other animals out there, driving them to launch the mindless assaults . Just that my power is too limited and is unable to perceive the source, otherwise I would've searched for the reason myself too . ’’ A'bone nods in agreement with the He Lao brothers .

’’If that's the case then we should inform General Nie about it immediately . I'm sure they would like to know there's an extra hand at play here in the shadows . ’’ Growing darker in her complexion, Ling Yue got a very bad feeling right now .

Unfortunately, the girl's worry soon became reality .

When Ling Yue was ready to inform those at Flag Flag City, a shocking news instead reached them first... .

’’What? You say a nearby village near Flag City was just attacked last night and that General Nie and his closest subordinates were all killed in the confrontation?!’’ Her expression was horribly white at the report .

’’What exactly is going on? Where did you get this information from?’’ Grabbing onto the messenger, Ling Yue urgency asks for more information .

’’Princess Yue, the news was brought back to us from the dozen or so brothers that survived the encounter . General Nie and Captain Ye Haung... . They are both dead . ’’ Soppy in his eyes, the soldier choked at the last part .

’’How could this be? Where were their reinforcements? Where did Hong Fang and Xia Hou Hong go? What were they doing!’’

Tears, starts to flow from the girl's eyes with no intention of stopping as the image of her mother's face flickered past her mind .

How can Mother die? She said she will get revenge on that bastard, she said she will... .

’’Ling Yue, please calm down first . This matter is very strange so let's get the details first . Sir, please go over the precise details with us first, we would like to know . ’’ Lan Caier can see her sister's emotions are very erratic right now so she took the liberty to take command .

According to the information given, quite a few villages had come under attack from the swarms of animals in the Northwest last night . As a result, several of the brothers from the vanguard unit had called had called for help by signaling for reinforcement . And from the survivor's mouth, there appears to be a peak level ninth rank beast among the raiding assailants .

As a captain of the vanguards, it's only natural that Ye Huang Yu (mother) would volunteer herself to take the helm in leading the charge . Sadly, by the time Nie Feng Hang had caught wind of this things were already too late, the disguised woman had already left for the epicenter .

Knowing the dangers involved and the likelihood of the first group failing, the man himself knew what must be done then . Disregarding the order to stay from Hong Fang and the prince, the man himself, as well as many volunteers, immediately rushed to the village to act as reinforcement . However, by the time they arrived at the village after joining along the road, Nie Feng Hang and Ye Huang Yu was shocked by what came into their view . It's not just as simple as an animal raid... .

’’Not just an animal raid? What do you mean by this?’’ After hearing this, Ye Ling Yue couldn't resist cutting off the soldier's story .

’’After General Nie and Captain Ye Huang entered the village, they immediately went about to rescuing the villagers . But when Captain Ye Huang attempted to carry one of the village elders out to safety, the person suddenly went mad and attacked the captain with a weapon . Due to the suddenness of it all, Captain... . Captain, he was severely injured in that exchange . To make matters worse, a double-headed worse, a double-headed python suddenly appeared out of nowhere just then and swallowed the captain whole . ’’ Though the soldier himself here didn't witness the scene, but many of his surviving brethren's did, giving weight to the claim .

’’When the general saw the captain being swallowed, General Nie fell into a frenzied state . He went mad and rushed the creature . Those present say our commander fought the snake for over an hour without rest afterwards, but due to poison constantly spewing out of the serpent's mouth, he too fell victim and was eventually swallowed whole... . ’’ Speaking up to here, the young soldier could no longer hold back his emotions and started to weep .

It's a well known fact that Nie Feng Hang would often either beat or curse at these soldiers whenever they don't meet his standard . However, they all know too that it's always their commander who would be the first to charge forward when they are in danger .

Then there's Ye Huang Yu . Though the disguised woman didn't say much on a daily basis, but the relationship between everyone has never been bad . In fact, the first person everyone looks for when one of their brethren's need money for their family was this captain .

As a result, the level of respect for General Nie and Captain Ye Huang were always quite high among the members of the army . To think such an ending would become of such great people, it's not unexpected that the entire Wolf Tiger Army would be saddened by their loss .


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