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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 390


Chapter 390

Chapter 390 ’’Inheritor of their Will’’

’’Not good!’’ In front of that core shaking form, a sense of panic instantly gripped A'bone's heart . Although she cannot figure out what sort of creature the fox was still, she knows, this little fella was no ordinary sacred beast regardless of its true identity .


In a blurring motion, Little Squeak's figure had already charged in front of the Purple Elephant and smashed head on into that massive mountain .

Shockingly enough, for a creature that's known as the king of the land, weighing in at over a thousand pounds, it was surprisingly easy to topple over here in this occasion . As the old saying goes, the bigger you are, the harder you fall . This was the only thing running through Ling Yue's head right now .

Rushing over to the small crater created by her friend's downfall, A'bone completely disregards her own safety to defend the elephant, ’’I-I admit defeat . ’’

Those eyes were bordering on the line of fear, What sort of monster did I provoke?

In response to that submission, Ling Yue immediately glides down from the wall to come before the girl .

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’’What are you planning to do?’’ Afraid her foe would try something against the elephant, A'bone takes on a protective posture, her eyes full of weariness .

’’Don't worry, I'm just going to have a look at his injuries . ’’ With that said, Ling Yue steps forward to examine the animal's body, ’’Nothing serious, he's only knocked out from the impact . ’’

From what she can tell after using her spirit smoke to investigate, there's nothing wrong inside either . Adamant to admit it, she can't deny this Purple Elephant deserves to be called the king of the land with that sort of sturdiness .

Retracting her spirit smoke soon after, it didn't take long for the big mountain to come to . However, unlike before where the big guy would look down upon Little Squeak's tiny figure, the reaction this time around from the elephant was amazingly hilarious .

Imagine an elephant jumping in fright of a mouse, except this time it's a fox!

As for Little Crow and Little Squeak, these two... . Well, let's just say their pride and ego just shot up to the sky . Knocking their chins up, they proudly displayed themselves before A'bone and her companions like prize winners at the Olympic .

Distraught over the scene, A'bone's self esteem just hit an all time low . She was so proud of herself until this day, to have been beaten by two tiny babies, it's the greatest humiliation a savage like her can get . Nevertheless, a loss was a loss, she will keep her words and submit .

As for the spirit beasts she brought along, they can only be temporarily located to some other spot near the vicinity of the city . It's too dangerous to keep them inside the settlement .

With everything in order, Ling Yue immediately led the girl to the Alchemist Association where most of Ling Yue's closest confidants are standing in wait - there's both of the He Lao brothers, Jin Wu Monster and even Lan Caier .

’’You are a liar,’’ A'bone instantly flares out at the big girl, pinning the blame onto others for the outcome of today's match .

’’Haha, you are called A'bone right? Now, now, I didn't lie to you at all, you just didn't ask me properly . But don't worry, now that you've recognized my sister as as your mistress, there's bound to be plenty of benefits to be had in the coming future . ’’ Lan Caier really was the type to make friends by getting into a fight . If not for their encounter on the round, A'bone and herself never would've gotten together like this .

’’What is so good about being someone's servant...’’ The savage girl deflates, frustrated at her own predicament .

’’Miss A'bone, you don't have to take it to heart about the agreement from before . You are not a servant or a slave . Also, though you lost to me, I can still make it so you can become the commanding general of Moon City and the undeniable second in command . Moon City will be your home from now on and your friends out there won't have to worry about poachers again . ’’ Ye Ling Yue's word astonished the girl .


I can also have a home?

’’You are telling me the truth? You're not trying to fool me and my friends?’’ Popping her big pure eyes, the wild girl was hesitant to believe such a good deal .

’’Of course it is true, we will not bully you . Don't worry, from now on you and Ling Yue will be my sisters . I will protect you both . ’’ Proud in her words, Lan Caier pats her chest in assurance .

’’You brag too much . I am obviously stronger than you . ’’ Though she says that, but A'bone's eyes were already showing a tinge of reddish delight .

It's obvious that she's no longer rejecting the girls and the residents of the city . There's no denying the animals of the ancient forest are very good to her, but she's still a still a human and wants the same kind of companionship from her kin .

Warmth quickly filled the girl's heart as a result .

’’Aigh, you rascal, how can you talk about me like that . Oh I'm so angry . I don't care, I'm going off to train . One day I'm going to beat you silly for this . ’’ Stomping her feet in frustration, Lan Caier scurries off to do some closed door training after being pointed out .

Seeing the sort of display here, everyone in the room inherently started to giggle a laugh, which instantly soothed the tense atmosphere hovering above A'bone's head .

Now that the ice has been broken, it didn't take long for Ling Yue to get the background story of this savage girl . Turn's out A'bone wasn't what you called a true native of the ancient forest, she's an adopted child that was abandoned there as a baby .

A helpless baby without an adult to care for her, normally she be dead not longer afterwards - either of starvation or by becoming food to the predators . However, she was quickly fostered by a Iron Leopard that had just given birth not long ago . Through the continuous supply of fresh milk from her foster mother, A'bone was fortunate enough to survive until she was able to fend for herself .

As for why she can understand the language of the beasts, she herself actually don't know the specifics . According to those vague memories, she was out looking for food one day as a child and accidentally came across a cave deep into the forest . As to the location of such place, she's long forgotten already . What she does know though was that there's was that there's a skeleton inside, which caused her to faint upon touch . Then by the time she came to, that's when A'bone noticed her ability to communicate with the animals .

’’If my guesses are right, the cave Miss A'bone broke into is likely the ruins of an ancient sect called the Beastial Sect, a power that used to be on par with our Quick Finger Sect . She must have inherited the memories and unique abilities from that skeleton . ’’ He Lao Er (two) explains his theory after analyzing the information he's given .

In ancient times, there were many large and smaller sects around the land . Sadly, through the degradation of time, these various powers have disappeared through one means or another . And among them, the most notable, had to be the Beastial Sect, the one that's rumored to be capable of understanding the language of the beast kingdom .

’’So that's why . Pity you forgot where the cave is located, otherwise I would be very interested in seeing it for myself . ’’ In regards to mastering the language of the animals, Ling Yue can't deny her own interest .

’’If you don't mind, we can always go explore and search for it if we were to visit the ancient forest . ’’ A'bone gives her promise without delay .

’’You are right, we should go explore in the future if the chance presents itself . But before then, A'bone, I like to ask, do you know the reason why the animals of the Northwest is causing so much chaos? Is there any way to calm the animals down?’’ After some twist and turns, Ling Yue finally got to the main reason she's so intrigued with this savage girl .


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