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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 39


Chapter 39 ’’Forced Kiss’’ (Lower)

The more he commanded, the more Ling Yue rebelled as she bit down. At this rate, there's no doubt she will rip a piece of flesh off.

In one swing of his hand, he clasped her chin and pulls her jaw down with brute force.

Seeing the girl wanting to bite at him again, the man did not hesitate and returned the favor with a bite of his own on her mouth.

The moment their lips interacted, Ling Yue widened her eyes in shock because she can feel them teethes pushing against hers!

This man, is his teeth made of metal or something? Hurting, Ling Yue opens up her jaw, giving open access for the man to terrorize the insides of her mouth.

In an instant, a thick taste of blood filled their mouths. The golden masked man knew then it was the taste of his own blood caused by the girl.

This woman is a real mean character.

Still struggling under my body, what an ungrateful thing!

Merely a body of a child. Normally I wouldn't even take a second glance at it.

This was true under normal circumstances, but since he's been poisoned by the ginseng, an unusual urge was brewing inside of him that was drawing very close to torture.

Swimming up and down in his blood stream, the toxin acted like the most intense aphrodisiac one can consume. The more he resisted by using his Yuan energy to suppress it, the more intense the reaction was from below. A fierce heat kept rushing up that was driving him mad at this point.

By now Ling Yue also noticed peculiarity. Like a hot iron pan, the golden masked man looked like he was in a lot of pain.

Between being startled and surprised, Ling Yue forgot to struggle, is he poisoned?

Stiffening all of a sudden, the man suddenly found that inside his mouth, mixed between the taste of blood, a crisp aromatic smell and electrifying numbness was passing into his body from the girl's mouth, making him feel unspeakably comfortable.

The toxin from the Red Yang Ginseng seems to have gradually calmed down a bit.

Struggling like her life depended on it, Ling Yue felt helplessly frustrated because the man's body was so heavy. Like a wall, it won't budge an inch no matter how hard she pushed or scratched!

’’Hmm?’’ Just as Ling Yue was about to bite off the man's ill behaving tongue, she felt something on her right hand.

Red Yang Ginseng?

So during their entanglement, Ling Yue had unintentionally landed her hand on the spirit herb inside the man's hand. And due to the toxin running through his blood, the golden masked man didn't have the time to care about some small oddity with the girl under him.

Turning bright in her eyes, Ling Yue immediately sent her cauldron's spirit smoke into the ginseng.

Realizing the little maiden under him was no longer resisting, the man also became somewhat astonished. Regardless, the ’’flavor’’ was simply too good that he's not willing to let go. Toning down his roughness, a lot of his maneuvers became gentler as a result.

Like two young animals huddling together for warmth, their heartbeats knocked against each other's body like a mutually dependent pair of mate.

Unsure how much time has passed, Ling Yue loosened her hand after sensing most of the essence inside the ginseng have been drained.

Likewise, the blood shot in the man's eye also faded in kind as he gazed down at Ling Yue.

A total mess with her clothes, Ling Yue looked unusually seductive with those hazy eyes and pink plump lips.

’’You saved me.’’ The golden masked man's voice was very low, but unlike before, there wasn't an inherent coldness in there.

The ginseng's toxin has been completely dispersed now. Though he's unsure why, but he does know it has something to do with this girl under him.

After calming down, the man suddenly remembered what happened earlier.

’’One deed to counter another, we are even now.’’ Ling Yue eyes the Red Yang Ginseng on the ground.

Not minding it, the golden masked man hides the ginseng away and gave one last glance at Ling Yue before leaving.

’’I am called Wu Chong, Ye Ling Yue, remember this name.’’ The man then vanishes from sight like a silent wind blowing through a starry night.

How did he know my name? Ling Yue lapsed out for a moment before rummaging for her badge. Inscribed on it was her name and its gone! Needless to say, the guy had pocketed it before going.

’’You horrible guy, who's going to remember your name! Ling Yue wipes her mouth and shoves her fist at the air. Angry and frustrated, she bitterly thought, I'll consider it bad luck and got bit by a dog, humph!

Ling Yue still hasn't realized it yet, but she just inexplicably offered up her first kiss away, and a French kiss at that!

(French kiss plays with the tongue in case anyone doesn't know)

But then... Ling Yue broke out into a grin for the harvest this time was simply too good, I wonder what face he will make if the guy knew all of the essence have been completely drained already.

A blessing in a disguise, Ling Yue wanted to thank the heavens for this gift.

Directing a part of the spirit smoke into her body, Ling Yue sat cross legged on the cave floor and began working through the Red Yang Ginseng's essence.

In truth, with Ling Yue's current cultivation, its normally impossible for her to consume a fifth-class spirit herb like the Red Yang Ginseng. Fortunately for her, through the refinement of the spirit smoke, the aggressive nature of the herb became milder, making it easier for her to consume.

As the medicine flowed through her body, Ling Yue absorbs the benefits in mass without slowing down in the least. What used to be a depleted dantian without much Yuan energy left was revitalized and continues to grow with every passing moment.


In an instant, she breaks through into the sixth, then the seventh, then the eighth rank of the constitutional domain.... Like a geyser, her strength rose consecutively.

After a long time, Ling Yue finally opens her eye again.

Checking the hour, she figures it's been two days since she's been inside this cave, meaning the mountain hunt was coming to an end soon.

Wonder how are big cousin and the others are doing, Ling Yue thought this and went to check on the cave entrance. To her delight, the blocked entrance has been cleared.

To make things even better, the carcasses of the monster and the Eagle King was still lying over on one side.

Then running over to the entrance hole, she found that several thick vines were hanging there for her.

’’Hope I can still make it for the mountain hunt.’’ Thinking of this, she hurries to climb the vine heading up to the cliff.

What she doesn't know yet, in the past two days since her disappearance, the entire Seven Star Mountain had fallen into a complete mess.

Since the appearance of the Silver Claw Eagle King two days ago, everyone from the Ye family had thought Ling Yue had perished after falling down the cliff.

Likewise, the Song family also thought Song Han had met his end in that encounter and even started a fight with the Ye family as a result. If not for Old Mayor Liu coming out to diffuse the situation, its likely someone would've died between the fight of the two families.

’’Song Guang Zhi, you caused Ling Yue's death! Our family will never let this slide!’’ One of Ye Saint's arm was injured during the brawl. Regretting in his heart, Ye Saint blamed himself for not being there to save his cousin because he got lured away by a distraction.

’’Song Han also died, he's my little brother and a real young master of the Song House. Compared to that little discarded brat, she's nothing compared to my brother!’’ Losing his little brother, Song Guang Zhi was also very angry as blood ran through his eyes.

In Song Guang Zhi's view, everything was planned and arranged flawlessly. Therefore, it must be because the Ye family cheated in some way which caused his little brother's death.

’’Nephews, don't argue anymore. Miss Ye and Young Master Song's death are accidents. The cliff is very deep and there's still a lot of eagles nesting there, making it unfit for us to search right now. Wait until the end of the mountain hunt and we can send people down.’’ Old Mayor Liu tries to keep the peace between both parties.

Although the two parties were soothed down, but because of Ling Yue's disappearance and Ye Saint's injury, the Ye family's moral had plummeted during this period and greatly harmed their performance on the hunt.

There's still another hour before mid-day, but the contestants were returning in mass now to turn in their results.


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