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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 389


Chapter 389

Chapter 389 ’’Time of the Animals’’

’’In the course of the contest, you will choose one of your spirit beasts to compete with the one I choose. Whichever side is more capable wins, alright?’’ Ling Yue's statement left A'bone very much surprised and delighted.

In the wild woman's viewpoint, her foe only had two baby animals as partners. That mean's victory was firmly within her grasp! In fact, A'bone was starting to feel guilty at taking the win so easily that it's embarrassing.

’’Out of consideration that you are taking such a huge disadvantage, I will let you choose what we will be competing in.’’ At the end of the day, she's still a simple-minded and pure person. In no way does she suspect her foe was setting up a trap for her to fall into.

’’The so-called spirit beasts are nothing more than animals with exceptional abilities. Why don't we compete in the air with our aerial flyers than?’’

’’Fly?’’ Shooting a peek at the two fellas on her foe's shoulder, A'bone had a serious case of doubt whether or not that ugly black thing can fly at all.

’’CheChe~’’ Knowing she's been held in contempt, Little Crow immediately protests!

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’’If the conditions are set then you can't go changing it midway. We will compete in flying.’’ Making a whistling sound with her lips, A'bone summons a Navel Eagle to her side.

This type of eagle was a specie specializing in high-altitude environments, also one of the few birds willing to make their nests thousands of feet above ground at the highest peak of the ancient forest.

’’Little Crow, it's your turn now. Show her what you got okay.’’ Giving her friend there a pat on the head, Ling Yue indicates the little phoenix to take flight too after the Naval Eagle.

First perching herself up onto the city wall, the tiny black bird had intended to use this stage to showcase her amazing flying skills when a series of howling roars blasted her from below.

Puffing up her feathers at the provocation, little Crow has had it. Firing out like a mini cannon ball, her small tiny body suddenly transforms at a hundred meters into the air. No longer the small tiny bird that she appears to be on the outside, she's now a giant roc with a set of wind patterned wings spanning several meters in length.

Using this newly acquired wing span of considerable size, she easily bypasses her opponent that was long ahead of herself. Of course, as Ling Yue's partner and closest friend, it's only natural that Little Crow would pick up on the girl's bad habits. Not only did she mock the poor eagle she's competing with by circling around it repeatedly, she also turned tail and outright intimidated the poor thing by issuing a pressuring call near the end, thus sending the Naval Eagle tumbling down from the air like a cashing plane.

’’What? That, what is that?’’ Due shocking outcome of the contest, A'bone was unable to respond properly even after it ended.

’’That is a Wind Roc, a sub specie capable capable of soaring up to ninety thousand meters into the air. It's currently considered the number one highest aerial flyer in these lands. Miss A'bone, you've lost.’’ Ling Yue issues a giggle at her own shameless display of a win.

’’I... I haven't lost yet. It's clear you cheated. I know, your little black bird there is no ordinary bird, it's an illusionary phoenix that hasn't grown up yet! I used my spirit beasts to compete while you used a sacred beast to compete, that's clearly unfair.’’ The wild woman finally realizes it that she's been had.

She actually knows about Little Crow's true form? It seems I've misjudged this wild woman.

Surprised by this, Ling Yue just got a new impression of the girl.

’’How about it, I've caught you didn't I? If you got the ability then have another round with me and not use that phoenix. If you can win again then I will willingly become your servant.’’ Smug in her face, A'bone was very cheeky in her keen eyesight. If not, she would've been blinded and lost.

’’But I only have one spirit beast left. Besides, what if you lose a second time and still go back on your words...’’ Showing a struggling face, Ling Yue appears to be tied by the dilemma.

’’No, I will never go back on my words this time,’’ A'bone keeps peeking at the lazy looking fox on the girl's shoulder. No matter how she looks at it, the idea of such a small critter beating her friends in the background was impossible.

Depressed by the look the look he's getting, Little Squeak was seriously having his manhood questioned. It's not the first time he's been looked down upon just because he has a cuddly face.

’’Alright, I will believe you one more time. Let's see, this time we will compete in...’’ Putting on a troubled expression, Ling Yue appears to struggling to come up with the new conditions.

’’Let's see whose spirit beast is more powerful then. The last round was decided by you so this time it's my turn to set the conditions.’’ Afraid her foe would refuse, A'bone jumps the gun and issues out her command.

All of a sudden, the ground starts to shake and out came a giant elephant from the background that's equivalent to a small mountain. Unlike the other companions she brought along for the trip, this one was solely meant to carry her luggage. But due to the urgency of the situation, A'bone finally decides to bring out her trump card.

Completely overwhelming in its size and stature, this creature was a very rare breed called, exactly as its skin color foretold, ’’Purple Elephant’’. Even among the vast numbers of spirit beasts living in the ancient forest, this specific one was among the strongest and the largest. It's no exaggeration to call it the king here because its level was at the peak of the ninth level.

’’A spirit elephant eh, talk about being big. Hey Little Squeak, can you do this? If not, we can forfeit you know.’’ Shooting a questioning glance at her own shoulder, Ling Yue was quite provocative with quite provocative with that look.

’’Squeak! (This is a matter of dignity and my manhood, I will show them whose boss!)’’

With that quick vow, the tiny fox immediately somersaults himself over to the ground and before the mountain sized elephant.

Against this gargantuan difference in body size, it's simply laughable. None here aside from a select few expects the fox to win here today, especially the confused Purple Elephant who's eyeing his foe there.

A'bone can't be asking me to finish this little guy right? He's too small!

Slightly hesitant in moving his stumps so that he doesn't squash the little guy by mistake, he slowly swings his trunk to shoo the fox away.

However, this casual action only infuriated Little Squeak even more. He may be small, he may be cuddly, but he's still a male fox! One can die and one can cry, but one can't be humiliated like this!

Giving off a dazzling glow in the red watermark on his forehead, Little Squeak suddenly issues out a violent roar that shook the very air. Then in an explosive display of power, he pounces like a predator hunting his prey.

This was pure suicide in the eyes of A'bone and her friends. A small critter charging the king of the forest, it be a miracle if he didn't knock himself out from the impacting force alone.

But before their disregarding eyes could finish focusing in on the fox, that tiny body had already transformed.

That was a sturdy and unidentified creature. Symbolizing endless power with that fine physique, those radiant blue eyes were superseding destruction and desolation.


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