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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 388


Chapter 388

Chapter 388 ’’Kidnapping a Defender General’’

’’Hey, you can't go, your sister said you will accept my challenge!’’

’’My sister? Then do you know what her name is and where she lives? Go look for whoever promised you instead if you don't.’’ Puckering her lips, Ling Yue's statement easily leaves the simple minded girl speechless there.

A'bone was a native of the ancient forest, when have she ever dealt with someone so sharp witted? Then again, the wild woman had to give in to that logic, it made sense even for her. She doesn't know Lan Caier's name, nor her place of residence.

Oh this is so frustrating.... I should've just let Flower and Roar eat that woman instead that night!

’’I don't care, I'm challenging you regardless. If you don't agree then I will order my friends here to attack the city and eat everyone inside.’’ Too lazy to be reasonable anymore, A'bone resorts to threatening instead.

She's determined on competing today. The savage woman still haven't forgotten Lan Caier's story about Ling Yue's contract beasts being far superior to her own leopards.

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Then just as the tone got serious, a mosquito like noise fell into A'bone's ear.

’’Squeak (see, there's another blind idiot coming to meet their own end again)’’

’’CheChe~ (just a ill-mannered and ugly wildling, Mistress can easily squash her with a single finger)’’

Blunt and unkind in their words, Little Squeak and Little Crow made no attempt at hiding their conversation when downgrading A'bone's existence.

Naturally, this didn't sit well with the subject herself. Angered by this, ’’Oh I'm so angry! Who are you calling ugly? I am the most beautiful female wildling in the ancient forest!’’

Towards the sudden outburst by A'bone there, both fellas were stunned with shock. They didn't expect the woman to understand their language.

Now it made perfect sense to everyone why such a weird and strange human girl can control so many spirit beasts, that communication ability must've helped a lot.

Despite the shocking revelation, Little Squeak didn't take long to revert back to his old naughty self. Going from bad to worse, his derogatory remarks went straight to the heart in every sentence.

’’CheChe~ (you actually have the face to say beautiful. I bet you are the only female wildling there to begin with)’’

’’Squeak (and get some clue, how dare you compare your lowly spirit beasts with me. See if I will send them flying with a single fart of mine!)’’

Talk about vicious. It appears Ling Yue's nasty personality was starting to seriously rub off on the bird and fox. Their words are getting nastier with each passing day.

’’Oh I am so mad. If you won't take my offer than I will tear everyone apart inside. Attack!’’ Untamed in her personality, A'bone gestures her friends there to move forward by issuing out an animalistic howl.

Just like an army getting the order to charge, the the spirit beasts begins their march for the city wall in an attempt to climb across the structure. But of course, there's no way the animals would get their way so easily. As soon as their claws came into contact with the iron, numerous howling screams could be heard as a result.

This was the work of the defenders at the top. Pouring boiling hot oil down at their attackers, not only will this make the metallic wall slippery beyond grip, the searing heat will also give the animals a serious burn on the skin.

’’How dare you!’’ Pained by the image of her friends rolling there on the ground, A'bone's defiant nature was blooming now in her unruly eyes.

Making another long howl, this time it was not the land creatures attacking anymore, it was a giant flock of birds!

’’Holy, she can even control the birds!’’ Beaming with light at the sight, Ling Yue was now brewing with excitement at the girl's ability.

Danger and oppressive in their numbers, this form of assault should've made anyone scared out of their wits. Yet it wasn't meant to be today. Before the birds could get near as they circled above the sky, a burst of arrows were already flying upwards in retaliation.

’’Meteor Iron!’’ The girl known as A'bone exclaims in horror while her birds fell one after the other. She may be a wild savage of the ancient forest, but she's very familiar with such with such material due to all the poachers rampaging through her home.

Unable to bear the mindless suffering up in the sky, the wild woman can only order her army to withdraw. Even so, this short exchange had already caused her to lose over twenty percent of the animals she brought along, far exceeding the damages the poachers ever caused.

’’You are despicable and dirty!’’ A'bone now got it, her foe planned this from the start and was waiting for her to take the bait.

’’Miss A'bone, you must not know this but we in Da Xia have a saying called 'one mustn't fall into a trap'. I suggest you leave before you lose completely.’’ Mild in her tone, Ling Yue deliberately puts on a earnest voice of kindness to cover her true intent.

’’This won't do, I must challenge you today. If you won't accept my challenge then I will sit here under the city gate until you do.’’ Crossing her legs there on the ground, A'bone had a serious case of stubbornness that most could only dream of having.

Surprised by how quickly the girl fell into her scheme, Ling Yue knew this A'bone was as good as hers now. Making a pained expression like she's suffering a headache as a result of that threat: ’’I can accept your challenge, but there is a demand that I have. If you lose then you will henceforth be my servant from now on, this includes all this includes all of your spirit beasts behind you too. However, if I lose then I will forfeit my position and make you the defender general of the city garrison.’’

’’What is a defender general?’’ A'bone appears confused by that.

’’It is the biggest official of the city. That means everyone in the city will have to listen to you.’’ Leading the simple-minded girl along, Ling Yue could barely keep up her façade there.

’’Greater than you too?’’ A'bone asks.

’’That's a given,’’ nodding her head wildly, Ling Yue reassures her foe without flinching.

’’Okay, I accept your condition. Come, come, come, let us fight now.’’

’’Just hold on, I have a suggestion. Since the average fight isn't interesting at all, why don't we change the method for once?’’ Grinning deviously, Ling Yue's expression devolves into a kidnapper facing an innocent child.

’’Now that you say it like that, how do you want to compete then?’’ Believing the person, A'bone accepts the proposal without second thought.

’’Since you have so many spirit beasts in your possession, why don't we have them compete then? Mine against yours, whichever side comes out on top wins. How about it?’’ She readily points to Little Crow and Little Squeak on her shoulder.

’’Them?’’ A'bone was literally popping her eyes at the mentioned fellas.

Can they even be regarded as spirit beasts? Back at home those two is at most considered two babies, hardly worthy to be called spirit beasts until they are weened.


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