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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 387


Chapter 387

Chapter 387 ’’Beastmaster of the Ancient Forest’’

’’Oh Chief, you are too amazing. What sort of strange poison did you use against the commander and the prince?’’ Jin Wu Monster was blown away by the girl's ability. He knew Ling Yue was very capable in alchemy, not poisonous ingredients too!

’’I didn't use any poison, merely a little bit of trickery on their mounts.’’ Grinning a smile, Ling Yue spreads her hands open to reveal a tiny black spec on her palm.

If the old monster didn't get directed to take a closer look, he never would've noticed this small little insect there.

’’This is a type of flea unique to the Northwestern Plains called Diarrhea Flea. Usually it's only found on various animals during the season, harmless to the host of course, but to humans though.... Well, you saw the results. Unless Hong Fang and Xia Hou Hong knew exactly what to look for, they would never be able to locate the source and figure out it's from their horses. Furthermore, the lifespan of this flea is only ten days. Once passed, it will die after breeding until the next season rolls around next year.’’

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Speaking of this Diarrhea Flea, she too only came across it by coincidence thanks to Lan Caier's help. Back when they first arrived in the Northwest, the big girl was constantly vomiting and pulling diarrhea with no probable cause, that's when Ling Yue resorted to skimming through the poison manuals in her possession.

After some back and forth, going over thousands of pages, she finally located a flea that matched the description of the symptoms. Issue was, Ling Yue didn't know whether or not the region carried such an insect since the information from Lady Jade Poison Hand was so old. Nevertheless, she eventually found it on the horses like this time and cured her sister of the illness.

Listening in on the whole story, Jin Wu Monster never felt so fortunate to have submitted back then. Otherwise, who knows what sort of ending he would've faced at the hands of this girl.

With her payback done and over with, plus she got some extra soldiers now, Ling Yue can finally rest at ease over the two bastards at Flag City. There's been too many reports of activity recently, making it unrealistic to harbor any evil plots while they are busy dealing with the beast attacks.

’’Old Monster, how's the project progressing?’’ With their fun little discussion out of the way, Ling Yue gets straight back to business of inquiring about the battle alchemists.

’’Chief, I'm about finished with training them so I can confidently confidently say all one thousand battle alchemists are now capable of coping with a mid level stampede by the wild spirit beasts.’’ Firm in his words, Jin Wu Monster appears proud of his achievement.

’’That's good then. Use the next two days to prepare the defenses, we are expecting a guest soon.’’ Standing atop of the city wall, Ling Yue stares off into the distance in anticipation of the coming battle.


Bright in the morning, the prearranged date was finally upon everyone.

’’Flower, Roar, further ahead is that whatever Dan City. Wait here for me while I go defeat that Ling Yue.’’ Without surprise, the girl was the very same female savage that confronted Lan Caier that night on the roadside. As to the beings whom she's talking to, it's the two leopards she takes as her family as well as the sizable group of spirit beasts that came with her this time.

’’Hey Flower, Roar, I've decided. When I defeated that Ling Yue I will take this city and make it our home. By then, none of those poachers can harm any of you anymore with those sneaky arrows.’’ Dazzled by the silvery glowing wall, this savage girl known as A'bone suddenly came down with an idea. Her eyes longing for the structure in the distance due to how beautiful it looked.

Although A'bone looked.

Although A'bone was strong by human standards, but times can get tough when faced with a fierce opponent among the poachers. Towards that kind of lifestyle, she too was tired of it and wanted something better.

Just as the wild woman was going over her thoughts for the future, another girl dressed in a male gown suddenly caught her eyes. The person was drawing closer and closer.

’’You are that Ling Yue?’’ Intuitions are telling A'bone this strange girl was the one she seeks.

So young, even younger than me.... Is this really the same person from the booklet?

’’That's correct, I am the Chief Alchemist of Moon City, formerly known as Dan City. I dare to ask, why must Miss bring so many spirit beasts to my city, and for what reason?’’ Showing a strong front, Ling Yue looks down at the savage girl in a condescending manner.

As per Lan Caier's description, this A'bone wasn't weak at all based on her assessment, No wonder Big Sis couldn't take her on, she's at least somewhere in the peak level of the Dan Realm.

’’I am here to challenge you. My name is A'bone, the most powerful warrior inside the ancient forest. I heard from the poachers sneaking into forest, they say only those capable of defeating someone on the Dan Ranking Board can they be considered truly be considered truly powerful.’’ Provocative in her tongue, A'bone left no illusions about her wish to fight.

’’Oh, why do you want to be a powerful warrior then?’’ Ye Ling Yue can see this maiden known as A'bone was a very pure and simple person. There's no alternative or secret meaning behind her words.

’’Because I heard only by being strong will others fear you, only then can I make the poachers stop hurting my friends inside the ancient forest.’’

Turns out the biggest reason for this wild woman for challenging Ling Yue today was to protect her friends, the spirit beasts behind her. A reason worthy of praise and a surprising one at that.

’’Your city looks good, I like it. If I win then I want you to give it to me.’’ Getting no immediate answer, A'bone decides to bring forth her conditions first.

’’Ho, then does that mean if I win then you will give me the ancient forest?’’ Showing a smirk, Ling Yue was very intrigued by the logic of her opponent.

’’That won't do, the ancient forest isn't mine alone, I can't decide on that.’’ Shaking her head like a rattle drum, A'bone instantly denies the proposal.

’’Then go back, I won't accept your challenge when there's no benefits for me in this fight.’’ With that said, Ling Yue was ready to turn away.


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