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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 386


Chapter 386

Chapter 386 ’’The Consequences of Offending a Woman’’

Towards the sobbing mess that was Ye Huang Yu there, the general was at a complete loss on what to do aside from extending his arms out. Yet, that hand could never fall onto the disguised woman's shoulder.

In his entire life Nie Feng Hang had always hated his subordinates crying like a little girl whenever things got tough, therefore the new recruits would almost certainly face his ire during their initial initiation. But in front of his crush here, everything was an exception.

Right now, a strong impulse was telling him to rush back inside to kill that Hong Fang for making Ye Huang cry. But in the end he endures, only to pull the sobbing woman into his arms for comfort.

Towards that powerful arm and protective chest, Ye Huang Yu finally paused her sobbing only to realize she's been out of order.

’’Ye Huang, I will help you. I don't know what sort of enmity you have with Hong Fang, but there's no need to despair. If you want to exact revenge then climb higher, higher than he could ever reach. Now's the chance. Remember, you've already accumulated over eight first class merits, only two away from being honored with a general's rank. If opportunity permits, you could even land a noble title if you can slay a wild beast worthy of a special rank achievement.’’ Through Nie Feng Hang's persuasion, the bleak outlook in the woman's eye gradually lit up again.

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Ten times first-class military merit for a general's title.

A special rank achievement for a noble's title.

’’In addition, you should not underestimate Princess Yue. She is not a weak person.’’ Nie Feng Hang may have had only a brief encounter with the young girl, but the impression he got was a very deep one. The girl would never hide behind another and need protection from someone, according to his view anyways.

As if suddenly understanding something, Ye Huang Yu first wipes the tears away from her eyes and then took to the knees. ’’Thank you General for the reminder, I understand now. Please General, I have a request, allow me to be the captain of the vanguard this time.’’

Due to the extraordinary level of wild animals running rampant in the Northwest, it's widely believed that the level of danger involved will be greater than anything that's come before this. But looking at the burning flame in his subordinate's eye, Nie Feng Hang can only yield and agree to the proposal. He knows, even if he refuses the person before him, the other side will simply find a way to bypass his will in another fashion.

While Ye Huang Yu went about her way to report to the vanguard's camp, Nie Feng Hang only stood there, his eyes firm with conviction at the departing back.

Ye Huang, I will definitely protect you.

Even if one day I have to give up my identity as the general of the Northwest and revert back to my old self, I will still protect protect you with everything I have.

Very soon, the news of Hong Fang and Prince Hou Hong suspecting Ling Yue's identity was passed onto Moon City and into the ears of those who needed to hear it.

’’Don't worry Ling Yue, the entire Ye House have already been tasked to keep your identity in the dark.’’ Ye Huang Cheng (fourth uncle) and Ye Yin Shuang (girl cousin) now realizes the urgency of the incident.

The secret of Ye Ling Yue's life cannot be exposed, not now anyways.

’’Fourth Uncle, Sister Yin Shuang, you don't have to worry so much. Even if their report reaches the Court, they cannot do anything to me.’’ While everyone else worries around her, the girl herself appears indifferent to the threat coming their way.

Privately purchasing Moon Iron?

What a joke! I openly purchased it through the military channel when making the order and also paid at the market price.

Privately training an army of alchemists?

These alchemists have all been registered in the citizen registry as well as the Alchemist Association, meaning they are qualified to practice in Da Xia.

Even if that blasted prince does report me, it would all be useless.

However, if Hong Fang and Xia Hou Hong wants to frame me then I will show them what it means to mess with an alchemist!

Halting her thoughts at this point, Ye Ling Yue reveals a sinister cackle unbefitting of her age and gender like witch brewing up a evil plan.

In the coming days, the two bastards over at Flag City did exactly as planned and began and began gathering evidence to back up their case before the Court - there were over a dozen pages worth of material. But just as the prince was busy making the final report, his abdomen suddenly started to grumble and roll with immense pain.

’’Someone come, call the physician!’’ Frightened by the hurling inside, the prince swiftly cries for help.

Like the boy, there's also Hong Fang experiencing the same symptoms over on the other end. They may be cultivators and good ones at that, but their bodies are still made of flesh and bones. No matter how fit and healthy one was, illness cannot be avoided forever. Together, the pair began vomiting while diarrhea plagued their bottom half for the entire night.

Despite the doctors and alchemists working through the hours, no clear solution could be found. The food had no issues, nor were there any problems with the water. Then there were also the other soldiers, no other person was experiencing the same symptoms. In the end, the one suggestion the healers made were to call for help from Moon City and have those experienced alchemists take a look.

Already dreadfully white by this point, Hong Fang had no energy left to bicker. Yielding in his stance, he calls for an aid to do the writing for summoning. Yet, no word ever came as they waited for a reply from Moon City.

Anxious for help, Hong Fang couldn't wait any longer urged a second messenger to go inquire for some news. Then that's when Ling Yue sent a reply sent a reply letter back.

The content of the letter didn't say much, merely explaining why the alchemists of Moon City were unable to leave due to the work required in meeting the monthly quota. Furthermore, the most exasperating part of the message was Ye Ling Yue's specific segment about ’’diarrhea’’, it's not a disease and will be cured once the person goes to the privy enough times!

Upon reading this part, it's not hard to imagine how infuriating this was for Hong Fang and Xia Hou Hong, which nearly caused the pair to roll straight out of their beds despite their conditions. They know, this was the girl's revenge for the previous incident where they refused to send help for the city repair.

’’Highness, this is not the time to be taking action against that wench. There's too much at stake so I suggest we temporarily halt our plans. Let's wait until we return to the capital first.’’ Hong Fang proposes to the prince after losing his last will to resist.

As the former crown prince of the kingdom, when have Xia Hou Hong experience such pain in his life? Not even hesitating at all, the pair immediately gave up the idea and even went as far as to send a thousand soldiers to Moon City to help govern the place.

Maybe its fate, or just human doing, but not long after this was done Hong Fang and the prince's illness were miraculously healed without indication.

Talk about freaky, Ye Ling Yue's nonsense about going to the privy really did work!


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