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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 385


Chapter 385

Chapter 385 ’’Identity Suspected’’

The earlier incident of the black powder incident with General Goldsword still hasn't settled yet, now there's another one pertaining to Moon Iron? It really does to beckon, where did this lass without much authority find so much resources?

However, there's one good thing coming out of this for Hong Fang, he can easily track the source of these alloys through the official channel due to its vast numbers.

After some twists and turns, what he found shocked him due to the unexpected results.

According to the records, the raw materials for these high-quality Moon Irons were actually provided by the Ye Household of Glass City, formerly of Autumn Maple Town!

Driven by the name and place, pieces of dusted memories came rushing back to him, a part of his life where he had long forgotten.

How can it be the Ye family, why them?

Hong Fang's mindset gradually became chaotic over all the variables. He just can't believe it, yet everything was starting to make sense now. Whether it be Ye Ling Yue's age, her attitude, her appearance, all of it matches!

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Is it really her?

The daughter that I abandoned?

Impossible, the information from the Life Taking Hall clearly shows the child dying not long after birth. I even went to check on the grave at the outskirt of the capital.

Or is this all just a coincidence?

’’Lord Fang, is something the matter? Your complexion isn't looking very good.’’ During the long period that he's known the man, Prince Hou Hong had never seen Hong Fang act so out of place. It's the same as someone seeing a ghost!

’’Your Highness, I won't keep it from you. I suspect that Lan Ling Yue is in fact my long lost daughter.’’ Hong Fang quickly changes his expression after realizing there's still the prince nearby.

’’Oh, you still have another daughter? But isn't that Lan Ling Yue the second daughter of General Lan?’’ This was surprising for the fourth prince because he never once heard about Hong Fang having a third daughter.

’’As you know, shameful things are best not allowed to be spread. When she was first born, the doctor already pronounced her to be a demented baby. Then when her mother repeatedly broke the family rules, I had no choice but to expel the two from my home. I've had no news about them since that year.’’ Of course, there's no way Hong Fang would tell the truth about him abandoning his wife and child just so he can take another woman instead.

’’Demented? Lord Fang, you must be kidding right? Which part of that Lan Ling Yue appears to be a demented girl to you?’’ The prince was left speechless by the man's explanation.

If someone dares to call Ye Ling Yue stupid then there wouldn't be a smart person left in the world. They might as well be idiots in comparison.

’’This is just my suspicion for now. I did investigate the matter before, but I just can't shirk off the feeling that they are the same person.’’ Hong Fang had no reason to doubt the Life Taking Hall's report so this was a real dilemma for him.

’’Lord Fang, you have to think about this carefully. If that girl really is your daughter then you will have to kill your own blood an flesh you know? As the Chief Alchemist of Moon City, she not only privately purchased a vast amount of of Moon Iron, she's also plotting something big by secretly training a sizable fighting force comprised of entirely alchemists. I've already sent a report to the Court, it won't be long before she's caught.’’ As much as this blasted prince wanted to find some fault in pinning some charges on the girl, he had never gotten the chance. Now that a golden opportunity has presented itself, there's no way Xia Hou Hong would miss it.

’’Your Highness, I have always done things righteously and by the law. Not only am I not able to confirm it whether or not she's really my daughter, such a girl who would deliberately ignore the law is not worthy to be my blood anyways. For the kingdom, for the people of Da Xia, my only regret is not being able to personally bring that girl to justice with my own hands!’’ What a hypocritical prick this man was, truly astonishing how shameless he can be.


Just as Hong Fang and Xia Hou Hong was at their highest point in their conversation, the pair was suddenly interrupted by the sound of parchment scrolls hitting the floor as well as the entry of Nie Feng Hang and Ye Huang Yu from the doorway.

Naturally, the conversation about Ling Yue being Hong Fang's daughter would be overheard by the newcomers.

’’General Nie, Deputy Ye?’’ Not noticing the change in the disguised woman's demeanor, Hong Fang went ahead to greet them.

’’Your Highness, Commander, I'm here to report that there's a new swarm of spirit beasts making way across the prairie. Several villages have already been attacked as a result of this. We need to send our troops over immediately to reinforce the nearby settlements.’’ Secretly casting a glance a glance at Ye Huang Yu there, Nie Feng Hang was quite worried inside.

He may not know the true relationship between Ling Yue and his personal crush, but Nie Feng Hang does know Ye Huang Yu cares dearly for the girl. To learn of someone conspiring to frame the person, it's not hard to imagine this wouldn't turn out well if left alone.

In Reality, Ye Huang Yu didn't listen to a single word during the following military conference. In the mother's mind, all she could think about was the discussion between Hong Fang and the fourth prince.

Hong Fang, you heartless animal! Anger deepening with every repeat of that phrase in the woman's heart.

Just when Ye Huang Yu could no longer control her anger, ready to go grab her bow and shoot the bastard then and there, it was Nie Feng Hang who acted in the critical moment by dragging her away.

’’Commander, Your Highness, I'm not feeling so good so I'll retire for now. Ye Huang, you follow me too.’’ Ignoring the disguised woman's eye that's spewing flames of hatred, he nearly ran out of the conference room with her.

Towards this behavior, everyone else inside were all very much surprised with the exception of Hong Fang snickering a sneer. To him, that's the same kind of behavior that so many man of power would do to a woman of lower position whenever they needed relief, just that in this case its man on man!

Oh Nie Feng Hang, you really don't care about your future anymore eh.....

Unaware of what their peers were thinking back there, Nie Feng Hang only had outrage in his face after dragging the disguised woman outside: ’’Have you gone mad? That is the military base back military base back there, and what you are trying to do is assassinating an official of the Court!’’ He's seen enough of the woman's posture to know when she's ready to draw her bow, adding in the fluctuation of Yuan energy around her body, it proves Ye Huang Yu was in an attack position to kill.

’’He deserves to be killed!’’ On the verge of collapsing, Ye Huang Yu can no longer suppress her resentment for that man. It's been more than a decade already and she was still nowhere close to being able to exact revenge.

That man ruined everything about her, and now he wants to destroy everything about her daughter too! As a mother, how can she possibly stand idly by and watch from the side?


Disappointed by what he's seeing, Nie Feng Hang wanted to slap the disguised woman back to her senses. However, that raised hand could never come down from above as if frozen there in the air.

’’Ye Huang, you son of a bitch, is that all you're capable of? Have you ever thought about the consequences? Even if you do kill Hong Fang, what about your family, and what about Ling Yue? Not to mention you can't even kill Hong Fang with your current strength.’’ The general's not blind to Hong Fang's cultivation, it's at least in the second element of the reincarnation realm according to what he can see.

Even if the two of them combined their strength, it would still be insufficient.

Family, Ling Yue? Unable to hold back her emotions at the reminder, Ye Huang Yu finally crumbled and broke into tears.

It was exhausting because all the grievances she's been keeping inside through these years, it's all pouring out on this day.


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