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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 384


Chapter 384

Chapter 384 ’’The First Battle Alchemist Battalion’’

’’Ling Yue, if there is anything you need then don't be afraid to tell us, your grandfather already gave explicit order to everyone that we are to assist you in any way possible. We know the Northwest isn't peaceful recently and you could use any help you can get.’’ Prior to coming, Ye Huang Cheng (fourth uncle) had already gotten order from Ye Gu (grandfather) to do all that they can while in the Northwest.

No matter how old a child becomes, the younger generation will always be the kid in front of their elders. What's more, Ye Ling Yue was indeed a genuine fourteen years old girl. If Ye Huang Cheng (fourth uncle) doesn't stay and help then he really would be damned when he goes back to face his family.

To have the members of her family staying behind for the next while, Ling Yue can honestly say she's very pleased. The timing can't be more perfect because she wants to use this period to reorganize the members of the Alchemist Hall. She's noticed it already when constructing the city wall, many are more talented for artifact creation than brewing medicine.

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In the Northwestern Plains where the strong eats the weak, merely being a healer wouldn't be enough to safeguard the city. They must look for alternative means to do that and that's when she came up with the idea of creating a unit of ’’battle alchemists!’’

Naturally there would be those who would oppose the idea and those who's for it.

The opposing person would be Deputy Manager Meng that Ling Yue called from the capital city. As for the one who's for the idea, it was Jin Wu Monster and Ye Huang Cheng.

Being an old senior of the Royal Hospital, Manager Meng knows full well the darkness of the Court. If they turn this renamed Moon City into a base for the battle alchemists, it would be equivalent to strangling the entire Northwest. There's no way those in power would allow this without trying something.

Regarding this concern, Ye Ling Yue was more optimistic in her opinion. Aside from the monthly quota required by the Court and the nearby cities, there's really no other limits strangling her authority. As for the members of his new battalion, she intends to gather some new members from another source....

’’You want to use the evil alchemists to act as the battle alchemists? Absolutely not!’’ Deputy Manager Meng was freaking out when she heard the idea.

The senior woman doesn't know what sort of means Ling Yue used to give Jin Wu Monster a new body, but towards these evil alchemists, she's still holding her guard up the entire way.

It wasn't just Manager Meng either, Jin Wu Monster too was very shocked by the girl's proposal.

’’Chief, you mean you want to utilize those followers of mine?’’ His voice was definitely shaking there.

The old monster still haven't forgotten the scene where the girl executed a hundred of his men without blinking so he's worried this might be a death trap for his former peers.

’’That's peers.

’’That's right, I have already made my decision. Evil or righteous, it's all depends on a single thought. I know you and your men are not fluent in medicine and healing knowledge, but I can see your combat abilities are worth a look.’’ Regarding this point, Ling Yue already noticed it during their fight back at the execution stage.

She's may have subdued this Jin Wu Monster, but there are bound to be more stragglers lurking around where she doesn't know. If Ling Yue can gather this formidable force and use it to her advantage, it will benefit everyone, especially her in the Northwest.

’’If you can persuade your followers to abandon evil and be good, I will make the decision and place their name into the citizen registry. But that's only under the condition that they obey the Alchemist Hall's deployment orders.’’

’’Yes, of course we do! Chief, thank you, thank you so much for this. I promise you, me and my followers will do our utmost to abide by the rules and turn a new leaf.’’ It's undeniable that the old monster was very unhappy over being forced to submit, but after witnessing all the amazing achievements of this girl over the short timeframe he's here, the notion of escaping had all but vanquished at this point.

’’That's right! Chief, aside from my followers, there are also other smaller sects and powers from the Central Plains in the same situation as my people. If we can gather these variables up, they will surely be a force to be reckoned with.’’ Jumping with Jumping with high spirit over the bright future awaiting him, Jin Wu Monster was on a roll and started to pump out idea after idea.

’’As long as you feel they are useable and could be reformed then go ahead. I will place you in charge of this matter.’’

After getting confirmation from Ling Yue herself, Jin Wu Monster immediately rushed to carry this out without delay. Using his connection, it didn't take long to make contact with the leaders of those organizations.

Shockingly enough, the results were far more promising than what Ling Yue could have imagined. The numbers reached a astronomical number of thousands, that's equivalent to a small garrison force for a city!

Looking at these evil alchemists all wielding powers equivalent to a three or four cauldron alchemist, Ling Yue and Manager Meng can no longer subdue their excitement. Though the old woman from the Royal Hospital was against the idea, but to have such a strong fighting force working under her was something she never could've thought possible in her age.

While things are looking good on this end in Moon City, it wasn't so true for Hong Fang and Prince Hou Hong back at Flag City.

Ever since Ling Yue sent the request for aid weeks ago, this blasted man had deliberately sent one of his spies to keep an eye over on this end. He was truly overjoyed at the impending failure awaiting the lass who had caused him so much harm.

But as the days wore on, the wonderful news never came....

Unable to wait any longer - his patience drained his patience drained - he then sent another person to check on the situation. And that's when he heard it, Dan City has been renamed Moon City and that the place was now a shining beacon in the Northwest like the moon in the sky. That's not all though, according to the informant's report, the wall has been rebuilt into a magnificent structure of pure Moon Iron!

Thousands of pounds of Moon Iron!

This astounding figure was enough to completely send Hong Fang into a shocking state. It can't be helped, only the royal guards of the palace would be able to afford such fine materials. For a whole wall to be constructed out of such alloy, the cost much be astronomical.

Unbeknownst to Hong Fang, his informant actually left out some key points due to how rushed he was. It wasn't just the wall, the majority of the armors used by the garrison forces at Moon City now was also made of Moon Iron too.

Then there's also the matter of Ling Yue secretly recruiting large numbers of unidentified alchemists across the land. Though Hong Fang doesn't know the reason why the girl was doing this, but it can't be good for him and his plans.

’’Moon Iron, recruiting alchemists everywhere, what is that girl trying to do!’’ Hong Fang kept musing over the information he got with no answer in sight.

’’Thousands of pounds of Moon Iron, that's no small number. Are we just going to let that tramp do as she wish?’’ Prince Hou Hong was full of discontent in his face.


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