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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 383


Chapter 383

Chapter 383 ’’City of Wonders, Moon City!’’

When Lan Caier returned to the city with her injuries and a bunch of frightened children and women, Ling Yue was honestly jumping with shock.

’’So, a month later that wild woman will be coming to challenge me?’’ After settling in the refugees, the worried girl finally got the ins and out of the whole story from her big sister.

’’Accurately speaking, it's to find you, Little Squeak and Little Crow for a challenge.’’ Guilty in her face, Lan Caier was still worried about being blamed for this whole mess.

’’I've told you many times already, don't be heroic. Look what happened, trouble is knocking at our doorsteps now.’’ Showing a tigress face, Ling Yue appears to have no intent to let her big sister off the hook so easily.

She's relieved to know Lan Caier was safe, but if she doesn't take this opportunity to teach the big girl some lessons then who knows what sort of trouble she might create. Things won't always work out so well like this time.

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Seriously, what can she do? Ling Yue have already taken the Lan House as her own family so she can't just turn a blind eye and not worry.

’’You won't blame me anymore? I swear Ling Yue, I will train really hard starting from toward forward. But you have to be careful too, that wild woman is very weird and knows how to tame the wild animals. I suspect she's different from us ordinary folks and is part of the wild tribes of the ancient forest. She might have even brought along the spirit beasts with her this time.’’

The ancient forest was a strip of greenness straddling between the borders of North Qing and Da Xia. This was a very dangerous forest, said to be home to savages and various ferocious beasts that like to devour any hunter that gets ahead of themselves. One usually stays away from this area if possible so its considered a unexplored region.

’’Sister, if the woman really is a savage as you say then maybe you just might have indirectly made a great contribution to the city this time.’’ Instead of getting anxious after listening, Ling Yue was surprisingly happy.

Nowadays dangerous animals are running rampant in the Northwestern Plains. If it's really true this mentioned girl can tame the wild beasts using her special ability, then she might just be the key to creating peace between human and animal.

As the girls went about their business in anticipation of the impending battle next month, something else occurred that wasn't in their plan - an unexpected visit. It was Ye Gu's (grandfather) shipment of Yuan Iron that came six days later, and escorting this convoy was Ye Ling Yue's female cousin Ye Yin Shuang and her fourth uncle Ye Huang Cheng.

’’Sister Yin Shuang!’’ To Ling Yue it was but yesterday when she and this cousin of hers was playing and training back at Glass City, however, it's been over two years since then. And due to various reasons, Ling Yue had never once returned home to visit her family so it's not hard to imagine why she would be so emotional at seeing her family again.

’’My father wanted me to come out to get some experience, that's why I followed Fourth Uncle here to see you. You are so amazing Ling Yue, everyone back at home already knows about you making it onto the Dan Ranking Board. We are so proud to have you in our family.’’ Though taller and more mature than the last time they met, Ye Yin Shuang remains remains ever so friendly and kind to this younger cousin of hers.

Over these past two years, the Ye household had gradually grown into the biggest family currently residing in Glass City thanks to the support of the Alchemist Association and military there. And of course, this meant more resources are now at their disposal, thus allowing more family members to have an easier time breaking into the higher levels of their cultivation.

Well, that didn't matter between these two cousins right now. Whatever was happening back at home can move aside because Ling Yue and this Yin Shuang was more interested in their female talks than anything else.

Seeing this from the side, Ye Huang Cheng (fourth uncle) can only nod in appreciation of this welcoming scene.

Unlike back then where this uncle of Ling Yue's who was out to get her and her mother, he's completely changed now. No longer harboring ill intent or hatred, he's only grateful for the family's growth brought on by his niece's achievement.

Sometimes when one pulls ahead too far, it becomes meaningless to play catch up, which was exactly what occurred here.

’’Fourth Uncle, it's been hard on you along the way.’’ After her initial excitement and brief discussion with her cousin, Ling Yue finally noticed this uncle of hers on the side.

According to what Ye Yin Shuang said, the whole reason they were able to arrive at Dan City so quickly was thanks to Ye Huang Cheung's (fourth uncle) tireless effort in pushing the convoy forward. Adding in her growth and maturing age, Ye Ling Yue can finally say she's able to move on with her life. Though the girl can't say she will start getting all cozy with this man and his son, but being on normal terms was very much possible at this point. Besides, what Hong Feng Hong Feng did was far more repulsive than what this uncle ever did.

To hear his niece finally willing to address him as ’’Uncle’’ for once, Ye Huang Cheng was truly flattered. He didn't expect his niece to forgive him so easily. Moving that mouth quickly to answer, his guilt only grew deeper the kinder with every kind word.

Now that the three were acquainted again and the formalities over with, they quickly got to work of checking the metals for defects.

Like their cultivation, the Ye family's smelting technology had also improved by leaps and bounds. The worst here was at least of eighty percent purity rate that numbered in the thousands, an astonishing number for any family in this business.

With such fine raw materials, it meant the alchemists here would have a much easier time going through the final processing procedure. A little more refinement and ’’Moon Iron’’ wouldn't be out of the question. Imagine, a whole city wall comprised of Yuan Iron at a hundred percent purity rate.....

’’After learning you were going to construct the city wall out of Yuan Iron, President Liu also organized a team of skilled alchemists for you. He wants you to know the Alchemist Association of Glass City will always have your back no matter where you are taking up office.’’ Back when the old president was young, he too had served in Dan City as one of the alchemists here;therefore, the plight faced by the citizens living here wasn't new to him.

Now everything was truly set to go:

Yuan Iron, check!

Blueprint design, check!

Hundreds of alchemists, check and check!

Not disappointing in the least, Jin Wu Monster - the source of this plan - immediately went about in mobilizing the alchemists for the initial cast of the wall.

Before long, twenty two new days had elapsed and what came of their came of their toiling efforts was a brand new wall made of pure iron. This was astonishingly incredible for the people of Dan City for they have never seen anything remotely quite like it.

There are no bricks or tiles, no gaps for water to seep through, nor can fire burn it with ease, this was the magnificent creation of hundreds of alchemists working in tandem together. Though it was by no means intentionally, to call this a marvel of the era was not an exaggeration, it truly was a work of art in how it could give off a silvery glow at night.

A beacon if you will, like the lustrous moon in the night sky guiding those seeking a safe haven.

Appearance and looks aside, there's more to it than meets the eye of course. Sporting multiple hidden weapons at each defensive tower, these newly constructed crossbows are called ’’Meteor Arbalists’’, a new type of arsenal created using the meteor metal.

Of course, the blueprint for this contraption was also made by Jin Wu Monster again. According to his words, though slightly different from his design, but a lot of those major sects out there would use something similar to attack their enemies during an assault with great effectiveness.

To put it into perspective, anything below a lower celestial martialist or a fourth rank spirit beast would be instantly killed by one of these crossbow bolts. Now imagine a thousand of these things firing a volley all at once.... Even an army would stand no chance!

Naturally, now that Dan City has gotten a new feature to its makeup, it's only proper it got a new name as well. Like the shining beacon in the night sky, Dan City was henceforth renamed by the people as Moon City, the absolute safe haven in the Northwest!


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