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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 382


Chapter 382

Chapter 382 ’’Selling Out Her Teammate’’

In Lan Caier's view, the woman who suddenly appeared before her had a very strange accent. Slow and rigid, it's as if the girl only learned to speak human tongue not long ago. And on top of that, her form of dressing was also very ’’unique’’. With nothing but a short animal hide covering those key upper and lower parts, its not outrageous to call this a wildling if anything. The girl's not even wearing shoes for goodness sake!

Despite all the flaws, there's oddly nothing wrong about this here. In fact, that wild look only gave an extra sense of allure to the woman's already fine body shape and natural face.

’’These spirit beasts are yours?!’’ Seeing how the girl was being surrounded by the Iron Leopards as if she were their queen, Lan Caier instantly got it.

It's no wonder there would be so many wild animals here on the main road. It must be because of this woman.

As to why the leopards would leave so easily before, it's because they wanted to bring reinforcements.

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’’And what about it? These are all Flower and Roar's food, hand them over.’’

Coming from the woman's mouth, what's considered to be ferocious and dangerous animals were no different from a friendly pet of a family....

’’Food? These are all living, breathing humans!’’ Lan Caier became outraged by what she heard.

This woman would actually treat a human being as nothing but livestock? Against that sort of logic, how can the big girl possibly take it without flinching?

’’Human have always been food to the animals. Humans eat animals, and animals eat humans, what's different there?’’ The woman remains stubborn in her view.

She was born in the ancient forest, a place where the strong eats the weak. In her view, those that enter the forest to hunt was equal in every way. A hunter will become the hunted if they are weaker.

’’Ridiculous!’’ Placing the boy down from her arms, Lan Caier can't take it anymore and whipped out her weapon, sending one of the nearby boulders rippling in half.

The big girl didn't have a clear understanding of her foe's strength, but she had no delusions about the danger lurking with the animals prowling beside her.

It was already difficult enough to fend off the leopards before, now there's also the lion type beasts as well as the girl herself. As strong as Lan Caier was, she knows one person can't fend off that many at once.

Even so, a fight must ensue tonight if she wants to live!

Following a heavy wack of her flaming red whip against the cold hard ground, Lan Caier was the first to make a move by charging forward with her weapon that flailed around like a mighty storm.

As the fight carried on with each passing minute, things only got more and more intense for the big girl. She was fierce in her lashes, fending off each pouncing leopard and lion with clear precision. Even so, she never once got the chance to directly attack the enemy commander due to all the hindrances.

Nevertheless, it was the human who prevailed at the end of this encounter by sending these ferocious felines flying out across the air, each carrying signs signs of small or large injuries on their skins.

This scene definitely surprised the wild woman, she didn't expect Lan Caier to be able to defeat so many of her friends there.

Although Lan Caier managed to force the Iron Leopards to retreat, but she herself wasn't in a good state either. From that appearance, she's obviously injured in different areas with certain degrees of damage to her armor. But she's the daughter of a general, she will not bring shame to her father in front of her enemies by cowering in times of crisis.

’’Come!’’ Her hands were already shaking as she roared out her proclamation, sign that her remaining reserve was at their limit.

’’Humph, I admit, you are qualified to be my opponent. Don't worry, after I defeat you, I will cut you into pieces and feed you to my Flower and Roar after I roast you up.’’ Despite the disdain disappearing from the owner of that voice, it's still chilling to the bone to hear such gruesome statement be said so casually.

’’I'll roast your mom instead!’’ Annoyed to the extreme, Lan Caier could feel her veins popping on her forehead.

That's just insulting. The battle's not over yet and the girl was already thinking about roasting her on the fire pit.

Then just as the battle was about to ensue again, a slight rustling sound suddenly appeared from the sky. It was a paper crane giving off a faint yellowish glow that landed on Lan Caier's palm.

Apparently this was the first time the wild woman came into contact with such a contraption. Intrigued, she actually forgot to make a move, allowing the message to message to be passed onto the recipient without issue.

’’The city wall crisis has lifted, return immediately. Your favorite sister Ling Yue.’’

Though the wild woman didn't know the voice coming out of the paper crane, but she definitely knew that name at the ending.

’’You, know Lan Ling Yue?’’

Alarmed by the sudden question, Lan Caier hurriedly gripped onto the crane like it's about to be snatched away.

’’Lan Ling Yue of Da Xia, you know her?’’ In tandem to her words, the wild woman quickly changed her attitude and pulls out the tattered looking booklet holding the names of the Dan Ranking Board.

Against that strange behavior, the big girl didn't know how to react and simply kept silent. She didn't want to answer something she didn't have a firm grasp on it yet.

’’I, challenge her.’’ The wild woman was full of excitement at the impending battle.

It's here!

Now the big girl got it. To be able to land onto the Dan Ranking Board, it's expected that many challengers would make their way over for a fight. It's been two months since then so the timing seems right.

Working that brain of hers at full throttle, Lan Caier suddenly came down with a wonderful idea.

’’That's right, I know the one you call Lan Ling Yue. I am her big sister and I can tell you her strength is far superior to yours. She's the heaven and you are the earth, one in the sky and one on the ground. Furthermore, her spirit beast partners, Little Squeak and Little Crow, is far more amazing than your whatever dog and cat.’’ Proud in her face, the big girl didn't hold back didn't hold back in her complements.

’’It's Flower and Roar, not some cat or dog.’’ Flushing in her cheeks, the wild woman was very unhappy over her foe's assessment.

She's been living in the ancient forest her entire life. That meant her personality was very pure and wouldn't know this was but a ploy to trick her. Whatever Lan Caier says now would be taken as the truth, that's how simple she was.

To hear Ye Ling Yue also raised a pair of spirit beasts, and far better than her own at that, the wild woman's urge to fight just increased exponentially.

’’What does it matter if you raise a dog or cat, just know that my sister is stronger than you in every way. If you are not convinced then I can even help set you up for a battle. However, that's only if I can return to the city to arrange the match.’’ Though her tone was full of confidence, Lan Caier was in fact sweating down to her crotch. If this doesn't work then it really will be the end of her.

’’Fine then! Have her bring her spirit beasts too.’’ The wild woman intended to come to Da Xia in order to challenge Ling Yue anyways. Issue for her was that she didn't know where to look and somehow ended up in the Northwestern Plains.

’’Alright, we have an agreement then. I will go back right away and make the arrangements. You can come to Dan City in a month.’’ Now she can only hope Ling Yue wouldn't blame her for this. She's under duress here, that's why she would sell her own little sister out.


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