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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 381


Chapter 381

Chapter 381 ’’The Challenger Has Appeared’’

After receiving the affirmative reply from her grandfather, all that remains now was to see to the design of the wall itself, which Ling Yue gladly tossed aside to the old monster to complete.

According to the design concept displayed before the girl several days later, the wall itself was what you can expect of any old fashion brick and motor structure. The only difference here was Jin Wu Monster's idea of increasing the defensive capability by creating several hidden trap holes on the towers for combative purposes.

As for the weapons used for the trap holes, Ling Yue intends to use the meteorite alloy to forge them. It wouldn't hurt her in the least because the giant chunk she received from the Black Valley was more than she can ever use right now.

While things were moving at amazing speed over at Dan City, Lan Caier on the other hand wasn't so fortunate, she was still stuck on the road heading for Flag City. To the big girl, the situation was still dire and that the hopes of everyone now lies on her success of getting reinforcement.

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It didn't help either when Ling Yue's messenger crane wasn't able to reach the big girl yet, otherwise she be heading home by now already.

On this night after a whole day of traveling on the road, Lan Caier did her usual thing of feeding the horse and igniting the bonfire. But before she could take her rest, a loud horrific scream from the front had caught her attention.

Initially she didn't want to get involved. This was the Northwestern Plains, its already dangerous enough to be alone in the middle of the wild at night. Sadly, fate likes to play tricks and the female voice only got louder and more terrified with each passing second.

No longer able to bear it, the big girl finally moved and went to seek out the source.

Following several high jumps, what came into her view was a carriage and several women and children screaming for help. As for the coachman, the poor man was long dead by the time she arrived on scene.

This was the work of several Iron Leopards. Surrounding the group in a hunting position, most of these predatory animals were more interested in the military horses than the occupants inside the carriage. Otherwise, there would be more casualties than just the coachman.

Still, there are bound to be those that's out for an easy prey tonight. Looking straight at the baby boy that's suckling on his thumb, one of the leopards finally pounced. Extending those razor sharp claws gleaming with killing intent, all hopes should've been lost there. Well, that was until a burst of air shot over in the last moment.

The source of this attack would of course be Lan Caier herself. Sending the assaulting animal out with her deadly kick, there's no way the big girl was going to end things there. Using the momentum she created already, her body starts spinning spinning around the mob like a hurricane.




Repeatedly landing her attacks, she clears the area of danger by forcing the pack backwards. Then using this opening while some of the leopards were still stuck in a daze, she releases her weapon of choice: the flaming whip she got from her father.

In a streak of red that extended outwards like a curving blade, what remains afterwards were nothing but cindered remains of flesh and gore.

These leopards may be animals, but to survive one must know when to retreat and when to attack. After such a deadly display of power, there's no way they would continue this fight. Before long, the black felines had disappeared into the darkness under the threatening gaze of the female martialist.

As for the occupants still left inside the carriage, they had all lost their voices at this point. Staring wide eyes in shock, they almost couldn't believe what they were seeing and the savior that suddenly descended upon them.

’’Excuse me, are you Miss Caier of the Lan House?’’ Among the rattled group behind her, one of females with a more pronounced look were the first to stumble forward.

Returning her gaze around to see, Lan Caier was perplexed at first over the appearance of this person. That contour looked oddly familiar in her eyes. Then following some careful questioning, she finally understood. These women and children were the wives of her father's former subordinate!

Back when the big girl was young, no bigger than a child herself, the leading woman here actually held Lan held Lan Caier in her arms once. That's why she was able to recognize who she was, they've been acquainted years ago.

As to why these women and children were traveling through the Northwestern Plains at night, it's because the soldier in question was retiring from the military and had to pass through this region with his family. If not for Lan Caier's sudden arrival, surely this family would've perished tonight.

’’Miss Caier, please, I beg you, help me look for my husband. My ten years old son is still in the other carriage that separated from our group.’’

Against that sobbing mess, things just became quite troublesome. It's the dead of night in the middle of nowhere. The Northwest Plains was dangerous as it was during the day, now with limited range of sight, the danger level has increased several fold even for her so how was she supposed to look for someone in these conditions?

But she can't exactly say no when this was her father's old subordinate's family. After a brief minute of contemplation, she yielded and agreed.

’’Remember, if I don't come back by tomorrow morning then all of you head for the northeast. After a day of traveling you should see a settlement called Dan City. My sister is the current Chief Alchemist there, she will help settle all of you somewhere.’’ After giving the instructions, Lan Caier quickly pulls out a token of identification for the woman and headed out by herself.

Because of how dark the environment was, even the roads were difficult to were difficult to transverse. Fortunately Lan Caier had good eyes. After several miles of riding fast on her horse, she soon found the first signs of what she was looking for - it was the scent of blood blowing through the air.

Then that's when her pupils dilated inwards at the gruesome image. In front, a toppled carriage was all that remains as limbs and pools of blood littered the grassy floor. Based on the wounds and severity of the scene, it's obvious these men went through a very fierce struggle prior to their deaths.

’’Damn it!’’ Just as frustration was starting to overtake her, a faint weeping cry suddenly caught her attention. Knowing the sound might mean a survivor, there's no need for hesitation at this point. Rushing over with all her speed, she hastily squats downward to reach underneath the rubble. That's when her eyes met the boy crying there alone and afraid.

’’Don't be afraid, I will take you to your mother right now.’’ Before her comforting words could even finish, a powerful sense of alarm suddenly overtook her as a piercing sound came whistling over.

Not hesitating at all, she immediately somersaulted outwards with the boy in hand for safety. Good thing she did too because in the very next second that she moved, a gleaming pitchfork had landed on the very spot that she was standing.

’’Put my prey down!’’ In accordance to this voice, more than a dozen Iron Leopards as well a couple of lion type beasts had dashed out of the darkness.


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