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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 38


Chapter 38 ’’Forced kiss’’ (Upper)

(note: for those that think they kissed, not yet, very close, but not yet.)

’’Shameless!’’ Ling Yue's body as a whole stiffened as the nice smelling odor of the man hit her in the nose.

Just when she thought something bad was going to happen, mainly her first kiss, her hand suddenly regained their freedom following the retreat of the man. In the person's hand, a small little thing was flailing about.

Held like a toy, Little Squeak was desperately struggling with his four little limbs in an effort to break free.

So the guy only wanted to snatch Little Squeak, just thinking about the close encounter made her face flush red.

’’To think a member of the ancient beast race would be reduced to the point of entering into a spirit contract with a human.’’ The man mischievously eyes Ling Yue and then returns his gaze back to the Little Squeak in his hand.

One can be killed but not humiliated, alright!

’’Squeak!!’’ Little Squeak was annoyed now. Raising his front paw, he swipes at the man with his claws.

’’Eh?’’ The man gave a cold grunt, his eyes so chilly that it could made one suffocate.

As if sensing the man's terrifying aura, the struggling Little Squeak instantly froze with his paws stuck in mid swipe. Instantly, a flood of tears came pouring out of those blue eyes.

’’Give him back to me.’’ Ling Yue snatches Little Squeak back over and painfully caresses the little thing. This should be Little Squeak's first encounter with someone so scary ever since leaving the Red Mist Sky.

’’Squeak~Squeak~’’ Once Little Squeak returned to his mistress's embrace, he immediately felt secured again. Licking Ling Yue several times to show his affection for her, the only thing lacking now was turning his eyes into two hearts. Indeed, the most comfortable spot is in mistress's bosom. (breast area)

’’He's a male. From now on you are not allowed to stuff him in your dress.’’ The man states this in a overbearing manner.

Returning with a harsh glare, who does he think he is!

Scared by the threat, Little Squeak who was about to squirm back into Ling Yue's dress stopped in mid action. Afraid of the consequences, he could only obediently drag himself up to Ling Yue's shoulder and shrink into a ball motionlessly.

Now Ling Yue was fuming in her belly now. Taking a look back, she found that the passage ahead had already been destroyed by the man's sword aura and became blocked by the fallen boulders.

No other way out, she can only head further inside where it's likely the monster's den. Who knows, there might even be another one of these monsters lurking in wait.

From the looks of it, if I want to leave here alive I will need to rely on this man.

Looking calm and composed, the golden masked man no longer cared about Ling Yue and went forward of his own accord.

First glancing at the already dead monster, then back at the leaving man, Ling Yue can only stamp her feet in frustration before following up from behind.

The man was very tall with long legs, so with each step he took, it easily equaled to three to four steps of hers. Fortunately for Ling Yue, the man didn't walk very fast so she could somehow keep pace.

The deeper she went, the hotter it became for her. This continued until she saw the bottom of the cave which gave her a big surprise.

To think the bottom of the Seven Star Mountain is a underground volcanic mouth. No wonder the monster earlier can spew fire from its mouth.

By now the man had stopped walking, his gaze slowly falling onto the spirit grass growing a golden berry in the middle of the lava pit. As the fragrant aroma from the plant hit her in the nose, Ling Yue's spirit kept trembling with excitement because the area around the plant radiated a special red glow like that of a flame.

Red Yang Ginseng?

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(Explanation time: Yang in Taoism means something like heat, male, light. There's no clear way to define it so it's very vague.)

Ever since Ling Yue got the inheritance from Mr. Red Mist and Lady Jade Poison Hand, her familiarity with the different herbs on the mainland grew in large.

Wild Red Yang Ginseng, a fifth rank spirit grass, will only grow in places with high concentrations of Yang energy. Aside from its ability to cure all sorts of diseases, this miraculous herb can also strengthen ones vein structure and increase the life span of a martialist by three years if the entire ginseng was consumed. In some cases, the effects may raise one's Yuan energy reserve by a large margin, but it's not a certainty and will vary accordingly to one's constitution.

There's a catch of course when it comes to something so valuable. Whenever a spirit grass of this nature appears in the wild, there's bound to be a spirit beast to accompany it. Based on the appearance of that monster from earlier, Ling Yue can deduce that the snake like creature was the one guarding this Red Yang Ginseng.

The golden berry at the top of the plant was about to turn red, meaning it will be ripe for the picking once fully red.

Not saying a word, the golden masked man only moves to the side and leans against the wall, only on occasion would he cast a glance at Ling Yue.

Ling Yue also felt uncomfortable around this person, but he didn't dare get too far away in case of more monsters in the cave.

Fortunately, Ling Yue still had some dry rations and water on her. As for the man, the person doesn't seem the slightest bit fazed by the heat in this place.

There's no day or night in the cave, so Ling Yue doesn't even know how long she's been stuck inside this place.

This awkward silence continued until the Red Yang Ginseng fully ripened. Jolting his eyes open, the golden masked man volleys himself several feet into the air, taking no heed to the searing heat of the molten lava below him.

Then in one scoop of his hand, the man manages to swipe the ginseng into his grasp.

But while still in mid-air, the berry at the tip of the plant suddenly spewed a cloud of mist, covering the golden masked man's face in the fume.

Not good, toxin!

Toxin may not necessarily be lethal to others, but to the golden masked man in his current circumstance was... Breathing in the fume, the man quickly felt his energy dissipating and caused him to lose his bearing, falling directly towards the searing lava below him.

Standing at the side, Ling Yue saw that things were taking a turn for the worse. Subconsciously, she went forward and used her Jade Flower Hand technique.

Using the spirit force, she sucks the man over from mid-air.

Catching the timing, the golden masked man makes a backflip and propels his body using the momentum and came tumbling down to the ground. As he jerked heavily to the floor, the ginseng in his hand also fell out of his hand and onto the floor.

Watching the Red Yan Ginseng fall into sight, Ling Yue didn't hesitate and reached for the spirit herb.

Unexpectedly, Ling Yue may be fast, but the golden masked man wasn't slow either. Pouncing at her, the two ended up rolling together onto the floor like a ball.

From within the eyes of the golden masked man, fury radiated outward as he pinned Ling Yue's hand down.

’’Woman, you dare rob what is mine?’’

’’What rob or not rob. This Red Yang Ginseng is an ownerless object, only a fool wouldn't go for it if they see.’’ Ling Yue can see the man's eye were bloodshot by now as the heavy panting of his breath hit her in the face.

From the looks of it, the fumes spewed by the ginseng earlier was poisonous. This man can't last for long.

’’Then let me do the honor of turning you into corpse.’’ The man's voice was icy cold. In the next moment, a hand was already grabbing at Ling Yue's neck.

No one can steal in my presence!

He's a cold-blooded man to begin with, yet this little woman beneath him gave off him strange feeling he can't understand why.

Suddenly, the man uttered a muffled roar due to being caught off guard.

Due to her excessive struggling, Ling Yue had resorted to biting the mouth of the tiger. In this bite using her full strength, blood immediately began to gush out of the man's lower lip.

(now they are kissing, not much of a kiss but still a kiss)

’’Woman, let go of my mouth or I will use force!’’ Like waves, the toxin in the man's blood became stimulated by the faint fragrance coming off of Ling Yue's body.


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