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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 379


Chapter 379

Chapter 379 ’’The Ranking Rose Again’’

The destruction of the Jinwu Sect only occurred not long ago before the ranking board of the Heaven's Court reshuffled again in that very evening.

’’Look, the rankings on the Dan chart is different again. Da Xia's Lan Ling Yue has risen to eight hundredth place! The description says she killed someone by the name of Jin Wu Monster, a second element master.’’

As the owner of one of the lowest positions on the chart, everyone assumed this dark horse only got where she was due to pure fluke. But now, that was no longer the case. It's smashing to see how quickly she rose which quickly drew the awe and gasps of the younger generation!

Currently inside a dense forest of the Northwest.

’’Lan Ling Yue, a newcomer of the Dan charts, holder of the eight hundredth position.’’ The owner of this reciting voice was a young maiden of exceptional appearance. Though not the same kind of beauty one would expect of a city girl, this was more natural, more pure. Nevertheless, she's a beauty all around with that golden wheat skin and defined body shape. If one had to describe this woman, its ’’natural’’, she's the embodiment of what nature gave the female se* in all its glory.

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Of course, being natural was one thing, it's another if a young maiden starts flashing her important bits around for all to see. Using none other than some animal hides and stringent grasses, those important bits were just narrowly covered by the makeshift shorts.

As to why this natural beauty would be reading Ye Ling Yue's name, it had much to do with the dead poacher she came across a while back inside the forest. The booklet she found was the Dan Ranking Chart, and the page the original owner was reading just so happens to be about Ye Ling Yue herself, which instantly drew her interest due to the close age gap they shared.

’’Alright, I've decided! I will use this Lan Ling Yue as my stepping stone in the Qing Continent!’’

Issuing out an animalistic howl, it didn't take long for dozens of mid-high class wild animals to answer her call. She's their leader, their king, the king of the animals here.

Unlike the increased fame hovering around her name, the the life for Ling Yue herself didn't change all that much. In fact, she didn't even realize how much her name was resonating across the land. To the girl, her main priority that very same night was to finish refining the Jinwu Flame inside her cauldron.

’’You shameless little slut, you actually concealed your cultivation when you are equipped with a True Cauldron. An old slut pretending to be a young lass, disgusting!’’ After being confined all day, this remaining flicker of the old monster didn't hesitate in the least to start cursing at the one responsible for his misfortune.

To think I would fall at the hands of this despicable old witch.

It's not entirely untrue in the old fella's thought pattern. Most wouldn't even consider provoking a person with a True Cauldron, the symbol of someone at the senior alchemist level. Therefore, Jin Wu Monster was dead set on believing the girl was a sick old witch pretending to be a young girl.

’’True Cauldron? Answer me, what is a True Cauldron?’’ Based on the tone of this old monster, it's obvious he knew what's the deal with her cauldron. As such, there's no way Ling way Ling Yue would let this trail slip away.

Seeing how stunned the girl's expression was, the Jinwu Flame was suddenly without movement. Can it be... this little lass is really just fourteen years old? And that cauldron is something she came across by chance?

Dammit, why can't such good stuff come my way for once!

’’Jin Wu Monster, don't forget you are now trapped within my cauldron. If you don't answer me honestly then watch me destroy the last spec of your consciousness!’’ She roars, threatening the flame with her aggressive voice.

’’Wait, wait, wait.... Little girl, I will tell you everything so please wait.’’ Trembling at the possible fate awaiting him, this old fella can honestly say he's afraid now. He didn't want all his efforts over the years be reduced to nothing overnight.

It took a while, but eventually this old monster did manage to explain everything to Ling Yue about what a True Cauldron was.

’’A True Cauldron is the incarnation of a senior alchemist's power into the real world. Not only is it able to replace a regular cauldron as the alchemic container, it can also be stored inside the user's body when not in use. From in use. From what I heard, those esteem elders can also train their cauldron to merge with the body and create an invincible body to defend against the enemy's attack. Of course, these are all hearsay because such masters are not often seen.’’ There was nothing more he can divulge anymore, but against that displeased expression from the girl, the old fella can only beg for mercy, ’’Please, I really did tell you everything I know. Spare my life!’’

Musing over the request, Ling Yue eventually subsided her intent of finishing this person off. She's in no hurry to eliminate the person in his current state because who knows, that knowledge and experience might come in handy in the future.

Leaving the flame locked up in her cauldron, Ling Yue immediately returned to the outside world where plenty of matters are awaiting her approval. Though the Jinwu Sect was surely destroyed this time, but a good portion of the city wall also collapsed during the fighting. This wouldn't be such a huge problem normally, issue was the number of injured soldiers were quite high too, making the manpower needed to defend the city higher than ever.


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