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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 378


Chapter 378

Chapter 378 ’’Destroy the Evil Cult’’

Only now does Ling Yue figure out that the demonic flame was no ordinary flame, it's a fire beyond the natural existence of nature.

’’You haven't seen this before right little slut? This is my Dan fire called Jinwu Fire, the manifestation of my powers after experiencing two fire tribulations.’’ Seeing his victory at hand, Jin Wu Monster's sinister laughter was proud and ghastly while it echoes across the city gate.

Two fire trials? Ling Yue was truly astonished by what she heard.

For a martialist of the reincarnation realm, they must first experience five levels of elemental trials before they can advance to the next big realm. Among these are metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. However, that sort of ruling wasn't absolute. Take the carnivorous plant for example, Qiu Tian's final fifth trial was a giant meteorite, an element beyond the common five.

So, for this Jin Wu Monster to give birth to this mutation, it must mean he experienced something beyond the norms.

’’You took my disciple's life and robbed me of a hundred followers today, but don't worry, I won't kill you. Hahaha, such a young body you have there, and an official of Da Xia too, I'm sure you will be a fine addition in hosting my soul.’’ The hair raising cackle from the old elder only made his conniving statement even more unnerving.

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The idea wasn't something Jin Wu Monster came up with on the spot, he had planned this from the very beginning back when he saw Little Squeak. A youthful body with extreme talent, plus a contracted primal beast, how can he not want it when his own was but a dwindling husk?

’’You want my body? Then we will have to see if you will have that ability first.’’ Following a wave of her hand, dozens of guards immediately dashed out of their hiding spots with their bows drawn.

’’Ignorant fools! You people think such petty scraps would be enough to harm me?’’ Cackling an eerie laugh, this old elder made it sound like he's just seen and heard the most laughable joke in the world.

More than a hundred arrows made of the finest Moon Iron, a volley capable of slicing the air itself due to the alloy's natural properties, didn't even make it to the evil man's vicinity before they exploded in mid-air. That's the reality of the situation and the huge difference in power.

Before anyone could do more here, the man himself had already volleyed himself for the city wall where his target awaits. Those claws of his was no different from a eagle readying to snatch a chicklet up for consumption.

’’Shoot again!’’ Ling Yue roars, signaling the soldiers to change their ammunition.

Towards the round beady arrow heads, not even this old monster could stay unfazed. Just about every fiber of his body was raised by the sight. The reasoning, reasoning, those things are all Thunder Seeds capable of blowing craters across the battlefield.


Following a dense wave of explosions that instantly rocketed the entire area, a good portion of the city wall was instantly blown apart due to the destructive force. As for this Jin Wu Monster, there's not an ounce of meat left of his material body.

’’How dare you! I swear I will kill you today Little BITCH!’’ Now that his body was lost, that Jinwu Fire was all that's left of his soul and consciousness.

’’Protect her ladyship!’’ Several soldiers were quick to react over the hurling ball of flame coming their way. Drawing their blades, these men brought no shame to their titles as warriors of the state. Sadly for them, their bodies were immediately engulfed in a blast of searing heat that turned them into humanoid fireballs. Then before their screams could even come to an end, only the smell of char and ash remains of their existence.

In response to this scene, Ling Yue's reaction was that of fear and fright, her pupils shrinking in and her body profusely shaking. This naturally excited the old monster in his fiery form. Dashing over the next second, he wanted to devour that body and make it his own right there and then. But suddenly, a strange noise from below the rubble had caught his ear.

What kind of monster is that!

It was a strange sunflower with a pair of sausage lips that caused that caused the old monster to exclaim so loudly. He can honestly say in all the years he had lived, this would be the first time he encountered such a strange plant.

Unaware of the looks coming her way, the carnivorous plant Qiu Tian only had one goal in mind right now: devour that flame. Shooting her vines out in all directions, her tentacles manages to easily ensnare the evil being in a bind.

’’You are asking for death!’’ Enraged by the blatant attempt at stopping himself, Jin Wu Monster left nothing out in his struggle to break free. Unfortunately for this ball of flaming evil, the flowery vines only got worse and tighter the harder he resisted.

This definitely frightened the old elder. His Jinwu Fire was his Dan fire, a flame that's capable incinerating ones very soul. To be subdued so easily by a plant's tentacles, it can only mean the creature was resistant to him. Even worse, he can gradually feel the bristly thorns sucking away at his life force!

’’Jin Wu Monster, I bet you never foresaw such a day for yourself right?’’ Raising a smirk at the dimming ball of flame, Ling Yue knew her plan of luring this elder over with her frightened appearance was the right one.

’’Qiu Tian, I still have a use for this old thing, don't kill him and hand him over to me. I'm very happy with your performance.’’ With the order, Qiu Tian obediently releases the dwindling releases the dwindling flicker of flame from her shackles upon request.

’’This is it!’’ Overjoyed by the opportunity, the evil elder can see the light of hope now. It doesn't matter if he's weakened, so long as he gets to that girl's body then he still has a chance.

Of course, that was assuming Ling Yue would give him the opportunity. Raising her right hand out, a finger sized cauldron materializes out of that birthmark to suspend above her palm. Then under her will, a plume of white smoke immediately shot out to swallow up the remaining flickering light that was this evil alchemist.

’’A True Cauldron... why....’’ Before his question could be finished, the white smoke had already pulled his existence into the black cauldron, sealing his fate once and for all.

’’Finally, I've subdued this troublesome old fella,’’ exhaling a sigh, Ling Yue appears relieved by the feat.

Of the several perks that came her way after she broke through into the Dan realm, materializing her cauldron was one of them. All she has to do was will it and the black tiny thing would appear.

’’Quickly go save Chief Yue.’’ Due to the collapsed wall, there's a lot of rubbles around which made it very difficult for the regular soldiers to reach or see what's happening over. Which also made rescuing the injured civilians and soldiers difficult.

Nevertheless, the comforting part about all this was that the evil organization known as Jinwu Sect was now destroyed.


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