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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 377


Chapter 377

Chapter 377 ’’Execution Stage, the Battle of Good and Evil’’

Three days later, the announced day of the execution was upon them.

In order to avoid any mistakes today at noon, Ling Yue had personally took it upon herself to transport these evildoers for the front gate where the act will be carried out. Screams, curses, and howling roars of intimidation were all that awaited the girl upon her entry into this dark damp dungeon.

As for Jin Wu San, this once proud evil alchemist that had led his men in terrorizing this city was now a complete mess after losing his powers due to Ling Yue's poison.

’’You little bitch, just you wait! My shifu (master) would definitely come save us!’’ The man suddenly rams the cell bars when the girl came into sight.

Even until this moment the person still doesn't repent for his sins, proof of how rotten this person was at his core.

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’’Someone come, cut the man's tongue out so I don't have to tarnish my ears.’’ Waving her sleeve, Ling Yue directly orders the jailers to go hold down the screaming evil alchemist.

Before long, peace returns to this filthy cell of straw and dirty, which also had a domino effect on the other occupants of this dungeon.

After the ordeal during this past few days, this girl that looked so harmless and kind on the surface was equivalent to their darkest nightmare. To call her a devil was not an understatement in these people's eye.

’’Bring them out one at a time. If any dares to escape, kill them on the spot! There's no need to wait until it's completely noon to carry out the execution.’’ Towards these evildoers that had done so much harm on the innocent people living in Da City, Ling Yue had not the slightest sympathy coursing through her veins. She be glad to rid the world of such filth.

Back outside at the front gate to the city, crowds after crowds of people were waiting here long before it was noon. They've been informed about this event through notices and word of mouth so naturally they had to come see it for themselves.

While the commoners were squishing about down below, Ye Ling Yue and her sister were much more comfortable on the observation deck of the city wall.

’’Kill them all!’’ The crowds excitement were instantly boiling over the second the prisoners were brought out of storage.

’’You blasted evil liars!’’

’’Return my husband's life to me!’’ Among those at the forefront were the very madam who had lost her husband the other day due to these evildoers.

Taking the lead with her children, the madam led the crowd into tossing various objects like stones and vegetables at the prisoners ready for the death sentence. There's no mercy shown today. Just about everyone else present here were either directly or indirectly effected in some way so they knew full well the sort of pain this family was going through.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock, the sun blazing hot as the hour hit straight on noon, blinding the audience of their eyes in the process. Nevertheless, a hundred executioners stand ready with their blade in this exceptionally hot searing day.

Ready with her hand, Ling Yue had no qualms qualms about taking so many lives today. Giving the slicing motion with her hand as the signal, she cries out using her loudest voice, ’’Noon is here, BEGIN!’’

In response to that order, all of the members of the Jinwu Sect were shaking terribly in their handcuffs. Despair had gripped their eyes now.

’’Hold it! Who dares to harm the members of my Jinwu Sect!’’ Raising a cloud of dust, several dozens of freaky entities easily bypassed the crowd for the execution stage using a plume of yellowish miasma as cover.

This was an attack by the remaining members of the Jinwu Sect and the crowds knew it. Screams quickly ensued and the people scrambled for safety.

Unlike before though, this time Jin Wu Monster didn't come in his demonic fire state, rather he's in his true human form. Though his tall and thin stature did make the old grandpa stand out, but the most notable had be to those gold front teethes which gave him a look of a mafia boss.

’’Execute them now!’’ Unyielding and unforgiving, Ling Yue directly sweeps her hand out and shot a plume of miasma of her own to delay the enemy

Before anyone knew it, the entire place had become enshrouded in a mass of green and yellow. As for the executioners, these well trained butchers didn't even blink during this crisis. Firm in their grip, their blades quickly sliced down on their intended targets as per ordered.

Although Jin Wu Monster had come prepared, but he's just one man, he can't beat a hundred hands at once so easily. Using his ears as a sensory, the best he can do was do was hone in on the familiar scream of his disciple to snatch the man up before it's too late.

Most of these evil alchemists were merely three or four cauldron alchemists, the only exception being Jin Wu San who was a genuine student of this old grandpa and a notable user of the spirit force. That meant the rest can only fall to their fate by the blade today which was exactly what occurred.

While Jin Wu Monster remains distracted by the horrid sight of a hundred man losing their heads, the shaking man in his grasp did something totally unexpected. Pulling out a dagger, this ’’Jin Wu San’’ suddenly jerked his head up and made a fatal stab for the old elder's heart.

’’Disciple, you!’’ Still stuck in his disbelief state, Jin Wu Monster could hardly come to terms with the reality of the situation. Then came the truth.....

With a pop, Little Crow reverts back to her bird from after using her powers of transformation to fool the elder.

’’Hoho~ Jin Wu Monster, aren't you very happy to have saved your disciple? Here, have a look at this.’’

Following a clap of her hand, one of the executioners came forward with a head and tossed it over to the elder's feet.

Fixating his pupils at the object, that's when the old elder recognized that face. It was his disciple, the very one he went through everything to try to save today. Disheveled in the hair and a horrific face, it's as if the man was trying to convey ’’Shifu, come save me! Please save me Shifu!’’

Against this overwhelming shock and the pain from the dagger still lodged dagger still lodged in his chest, blood nearly rushed straight into his head and caused a haemorrhage. But that's not the worst of it, a fizzing sound soon caught his attention around the wound.

’’Despicable, you are an official of the Court, yet you would use such dirty means to harm people.’’ The toxin used here was the very same ice poison she discovered back at the Ye family mine. She knows, if she went head on with this person then it would undoubtedly result in either her loss or an undesirable outcome, hence the reason for this plot of switcheroo.

As for that head of Jin Wu San's, it was just a precautionary measure because Ling Yue knew this old monster would attempt a rescue operation on the execution stage. To avoid this, she deliberately executed the man an hour early.

’’Jin Wu Monster, how can you call me despicable after all the terrible things you and your people have done to the innocent citizens of Dan City? How about it? Do you like having your body slowly rot away bit by bit?’’ Powerful and stern in her voice, Ling Yue loses no grounds in her argument.

’’Little slut, this is your own doing.’’ Truly enraged, a series of gurgling noise was made using his throat.

Then the next thing before anyone knew, a loud popping sound could be heard from within that already rotting body. Exploding into flames around the rotting wounds, the fire was literally burning away the toxin and rejuvenating the flesh until it's renewed.

’’That is?’’ Squinting her eyes, the smile in Ling Yue's face only grew sharper and more dangerous at the scene.


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