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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 376


Chapter 376

Chapter 376 ’’Mini Qiu Tian’’

Caressing the little fella in her hand, Ling Yue appears quite helpless herself: ’’Oh Little Squeak, it looks like we are in trouble this time.’’

What she said before was merely a lie to comfort the big girl so she doesn't stay worried during this period. It's not long before Lan Caier makes a breakthrough, therefore she mustn't be disturbed by unnecessary matters that could affect her cultivation.

However, in regards to dealing with that Jin Wu Monster, Ling Yue had absolutely no solutions right now, especially towards that demonic fire. Her instincts are telling her it's very dangerous.

Towards that worrisome expression, the baby fox can only give his mistress there a lick on the hand. The little guy was simply too accustomed to only knowing how to eat and sleep. When it came to problem solving, he's practically useless like in this occasion.

As seconds and minutes wore on, so did the girl's frustrated mood grow in kind. There was just nothing she can do nor was there anyone she can confide in, eventually, she escapes into her pocket dimension to escape the woes of the world.

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Inside the Red Mist Sky, this miraculous pocket dimension was a wonder in itself. Perennially spring in its season, just being able to stand inside this place enough to cheer the girl up due to how lively it was. Lush greenery, pristine water, and different animals scurrying about, what more can she ask for to lesson the burden off her shoulder?

After getting revenge, should me and Mother move into the Red Mist Sky? As her mind slowly drifted away from the troubles ahead, Ling Yue's consciousness finally succumbed to the comfort of her surrounds until she fell into a deep slumber.

After a night's sleep in the grassy field, it was a strange itch on the face that eventually knocked the girl out of her sleep.

’’Little Squeak, don't be naughty.’’

’’Squeak~ (It's not me)’’ Little Squeak meekly grumbles in his half asleep state.

Alarmed by that, the girl instantly shot her eyes wide open. It was a sunflower, a giant sunflower with a pair of sausage lips!

’’WAHHH!’’ Overwhelmed by this shocking scene, there were not an ounce of sleepiness left in her as she jolted up from the ground.

’’You can't be Lady Qiu Tian right?’’ After arriving here in the Northwest, Ling Yue's been so busy dealing with Su Mo and the rest that she had completely forgotten about this plant.

Popping those sausage lips into a grin as confirmation, the plant happily acknowledges her identity by issuing out a delightful giggle.

Counting the days, it should've been around two months since Ling Yue brought the sapling into her pocket dimension.

From the tender size of a grain of rice, it has now grown into a height similar to her own. It must be said, the amount of life energy in these primal beings are truly astounding. It did help that the Red Mist Sky had the effect of accelerating the plant's growth too, which was a great boon in of it itself.

If Ling Yue had to find fault here though, it it would still be the size. This sunflower had the looks already, that sausage lip was one and the same, just not as big as that mountainous size back at the Black Valley.

A mini Qiu Tian, that's the best way to describe the plant.

So why did mini Qiu Tian ’’harass’’ Ling Yue just now in her sleep? Perhaps it's because she's the plant's savior, hence the reason why Qiu Tian would want to fickle the girl's face to show her intimacy. What the plant didn't expect though was her act of waking the girl up.

As for Little Squeak and Little Crow, the two had long known about mini Qiu Tian's recovery during this period. The issue though was that the plant lacked awareness that's demanded of a sentient being, which was now solved after the growth from yesterday night. In human terms, the current Qiu Tian would be equivalent to a three year old child.

So why did Little Squeak not bring the plant out for the fight from yesterday? It's because the troublesome fella forgot to inform Ling Yue due to all the commotions happening around them. One can't expect too much from this gluttonous fella.

’’At least it's not all bad news recently. It's wonderful to see you doing so well Qiu Tian.’’ Ye Ling Yue was very pleased to see how much progress the plant was going through.


She was suddenly aware of something extremely wrong here.

Mini Qiu Tian was actually ’’standing’’ in front of her, totally different from ordinary plants that can only stay stationary on one spot - SHE - SHE HAD LEGS!!!!

Of course, the legs in question wasn't that of a human's, it's her roots uplifted from the ground like tentacles. One step left, one step right, each time she moves the plant would follow suit.

In response to how shocked and astonished his mistress was, Little Squeak's first reaction was to roll his eyes.

Mistress is so ignorant sometimes, what's so surprising about a plant walking? Qiu Tian and I are primal beings, noblest of the noble. Once I grow old enough I can walk in the sky and water too if I wanted to.

Unaware of the belittling look shooting her way, Ling Yue only had one thought in mind: I've scored it rich!

Prior to the plant being completely destroyed by the massive meteorite, Qiu Tian was a master of the reincarnation realm at the highest level. Sure, the plant now can't be considered in her perfect form, but with the nourishment of her pocket dimension, Ling Yue doesn't believe she can't bring the lady back to her former glory.

While thinking of this, Ling Yue's scheming eye inexplicably shot over to the two little fella on one side - her pupils glowing with light.

Naturally, both of the baby animals didn't take this very well. They are all too familiar to this look and that devilish smile, its never any good!

Sure enough in the very next moment, Ye Ling Yue had snatched Little Squeak over to one side for a secretive discussion.

’’Little Squeak, do you know how much power did mini Qiu Tian retain from her original form?’’

Speaking of which, Ling Yue which, Ling Yue was starting to feel very much like a failure. Although she's being surrounded by all these top-level beings, what phoenix, what primal beast, none was usable during the crucial moment.

This was like being equipped with the best equipment out there but turns out she forgot the user manual. Can't use a single thing~

Now all she wants was Qiu Tian being a bit more competent than the two here.

Towards the question coming his way, Little Squeak's first reaction was to turn around to face the plant. And what he got was a dumb looking grin that had not an ounce of knowing someone was currently plotting to use her like a slave.

’’Squeak (About thirty percent or so. All primal beings are very strong even at their early stages, probably around the second element of a reincarnation master)’’ The baby fox secretly whispers into his mistress's ear.

That did it. Nearly instantaneously, the whole world appears to be bright again for Ling Yue. Turning around, she immediately made a hooking motion with her finger to call the plant over, which delighted the dumb looking Qiu Tian to no ends as she scurried over like a child getting the go ahead from her parents.

While the girl and the plant starts conversing about the future, the fox and the bird could only shake their head helplessly. They know, their mistress there will try to squeeze every drop out of Qiu Tian in the coming future.

We better try to keep our distance from Qiu Tian, otherwise that dumbness will spread to us too~


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