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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 375


Chapter 375

Chapter 375 ’’Mysterious Fire’’

Despite the suspicion in her heart, Ling Yue nevertheless continues on with her apologetic attitude on the surface.

’’It's fine. Chief Yue, your little friend there sure is a fine breed indeed.’’ Beaming a light of greed, that look from General Zhang's eye didn't go unnoticed by the girl which used the excuse of intolerance to leave first.

As the night weared on after the end of the banquet, the chilly night breeze only gave this already uncomfortable night an even spookier feel to it.


Footsteps could soon be heard outside of Ling Yue's room. It was a dark figure, quiet in his steps, its evident this person came with ulterior motives. The target, the occupant currently asleep on the bed.

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’’You ignorant little bitch, how dare you harm the members of my Jinwu Sect.’’ Once the dim lamp light gave a better show of those features, its abundantly clear the newcomer was General Zhang who had just arrived today. The only difference here was that strange flickering layer of red on those irises.

Not going to wait any longer, a wicked smiles appears from the man's face as he mustered up his powers onto the palm of that hand. It was only inches, impossible to dodge for the occupant of that bed by this point. Yet, an overwhelming urge of danger suddenly grips General Zhang in the back during the final moments. Before he knew it, several gleaming daggers had soared forward from underneath that bedsheet with two landing directly into his eye sockets.

Of course, the remaining daggers didn't miss their mark either. Decapitating the limbs by hitting dead center on the crucial veins, one should've fallen by now if they were normal. Not here though, not this General Zhang.

The sight was horrific, spewing blood from those two eye sockets and spraying the walls with specs of black, the man remains upright while issuing out a crackling chuckle that could easily raise ones hair.

’’What sort of monster are you to dare break into the Alchemist Hall!’’ Following the crashing sound of the door being rammed through, what came into view was a mighty animal ridden by the supposed occupant of that bed.

Now General Zhang knew he's been had and that the girl was in on his secret from the start.

Exuding a puff of flame from that mouth, what used to be a living body quickly deflates and collapses to the ground. No longer the same bulky build, what remains was a corpse that appears to be ravaged by swarms of flying carrions.

It seems this General Zhang was a victim himself after being murdered along the way and then possessed by that demonic fire.

’’Keke, no wonder you were able to capture that useless Jin Wu San alive, you are quite capable for a lass so young. Tell me, how did you notice it was I who was controlling this corpse?’’

Based on what could be learned learned from that eerie flame, the owner of that voice should be the mentioned Jin Wu Monster, current leader of the entire Jinwu Sect. Though this old monster may be a master of second element in the reincarnation realm, but he's definitely a careful one. Otherwise, why would he go through all this trouble to disguise himself?

In response to that question, it was Little Squeak who roared out to answer it.

’’So it's you who discovered me,’’ crackling a laugh, the flame appears even more excited, ’’As expected of an ancient primal beast, you are indeed as rare as it comes.’’

It's exactly as per the demon flame says, all ancient primal beasts are equipped with an innate ability to detect oddities in their near vicinity.

’’What a shame, what a shame, such a rare animal is already bound through a spirit contract.’’

Jin Wu Monster was fascinated with Little Squeak from the start, now to see the baby fox's transformation too, there's no way he can relent. Issuing out a menacing laugh, his intent to kill was at an all time high now.

So what if the thing is already bound to a contract? All I have to do is kill the lass and he be mine afterwards!


After hearing the loud ruckus from this location, a series of footsteps were soon heading over.

’’Keke, it seems I can no longer have my way tonight. Little girl, don't get so cheeky just yet, I will be back. Those who hurt my men my men is destined for death!’’ Following the short burst of presumptuous laughter, the flame explodes and then disappears completely afterwards following a powerful gust of wind.

Staring heavily on the spot where the evil being used to be, Ling Yue's mind inexplicably retracted back to the time where she met Fire Granny during the excursion into the Tai Yi School. It's too similar in the way they come and go, hinting their strength to be similar too.

’’Ling Yue, what happened? What happened to General Zhang?’’ Lan Caier was the first to arrive and her reaction was extremely huge against that rotting carcass on the ground. The big girl never expected the members of the remaining Jinwu Sect to be so powerful.

’’Ling Yue, why don't we ask for help from the He Lao brothers again?’’ The first thought that came to Lan Caier's head was to seek help because of what occurred last time. If those two elders were to help, surely they can eliminate this problem.

’’We've already bothered them the last time, we can't go running off every time something occurs.’’ Shaking her head, Ling Yue refutes the proposal.

She does plan to cooperate with the three elders, but they've only just begun so it's unwise to owe the other side so many favors.

’’Then why don't we request another general from the Court?’’ The biggest worry for the big girl was definitely the execution which was coming up soon. Surely this Jin Wu Monster would show up again.

’’We show up again.

’’We only have three days left, it will be too late even if the Court does send us help. We could ask for help from Flag City, but do you think Hong Fang and they would be so kind?’’

Squinting her eyes, Ling Yue cannot and will not allow anyone else from taking a cut of Dan City from her at this point. It was very difficult to eliminate Su Mo from the equation, now she can't go running off and inviting another variable into this equation that she can't control.

’’This won't do, that won't do, then what are we going to do? Are we just going to sit idly by and do nothing?’’ The big girl was very frustrated right now. For a moment there, she was actually wishing her strength was as good as Hong Ming Yue's (half sister), this way she wouldn't have to fear any of these reincarnation masters.

’’Let me think about this, I'm certain we will think of a solution. This is our turf, that Jin Wu Monster won't be able to do as he please here. If he does though, I will make sure he never leaves again.’’ Seeing how relaxed Ling Yue's expression was, Lan Caier's heart finally calmed down a bit. She figured her sister there must have a trick or something.

Unfortunately, this was all an act which was revealed the second the big girl left.

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