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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 374


Chapter 374

Chapter 374 ’’Military Order, The Brave Shall be Rewarded’’

If Ye Huang Yu hadn't already known about the nature of this man, it's likely she too would've been fooled by these flaunting words of hypocrisy.

’’Commander, you are flattering me too much. I am but a wanton person without much inspiration, how can I afford to take on such a heavy burden.’’ Sneering inside, Nie Feng Hang really wanted to laugh at this pretentious prick.

He's the general of the Wolf Tiger Army, an officer of the Court, how can he not see through the lie and deceit there?

’’General Nie, tell me what exactly is it that you want in order to make you go then?’’

’’General,’’ Ye Huang Yu was also casting her superior a glance. She knows, if the guy doesn't agree soon, that bastard will definitely try to pull something like assassination and such.

Like the woman, Nie Feng Hang also felt it was about time because he knows full well how critical the situation was in the Northwest.

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It's no big deal to lose a few arrogant generals, but if those fools drag the innocent soldiers down along with them, then that's a real sin.

’’It's simple, treat everyone the same. I want their military input and a fair military reward and punishment system.’’

Chugging down the medicine from his crush, Nie Feng Hang didn't forget to wink at the disguised woman to signal his understanding.

It didn't take long, merely a minute of deliberation before Hong Fang nodded his head in acceptance. Just like that, this infamous General Wolf Tiger's illness was cured as he led his three thousand strong men for Flag City where he immediately issued out a series of military orders.

Against the blatant usurpation of authority, Hong Fang and the prince can only stand by and watch. They need the person far too badly at this moment to challenge him.

The new military orders are as follow:

In order to encourage the killing of the wild animals rampaging across the land, civilian or soldiers alike can be awarded with fame and prestige so long as they bring proof of their feat.

Reward Categories

Special Reward: kill one ninth ranking or higher wild beasts.

First Class Reward: Kill ten high ranking wild beasts.

Second Class Reward: Kill ten medium ranking wild beasts.

Third Class Reward: Kill ten low ranking wild beasts.

For the military soldiers, it's possible to be promoted so long as they can accumulate over ten rewards of a certain class: ten third class rewards for squad captain position, ten second class reward for a officer of rank position, and ten first class rewards for a general title.

As for the special reward, that one was different, it only needs three merits before the person can be honored with a nobility status.

This news was like a stormy hurricane, sweeping across the entire Northwest in a blink of an eye. This was especially true for those veteran soldiers in the army. They've been stuck in their lowly positions for years. Now to be honored with this opportunity to move up, you can damn well expect these men to rush to the forefront like mad dogs ready to feast on the slaughter fest.

’’Nie Feng Hang is truly a military genius.’’ Even for the relatively stable Dan City at the outskirts of the Northwestern Plains, Ling Yue too have been made aware of this news.

’’Brave men will step forward under a heavy reward.’’ That's an everlasting statement for a reason.

Furthermore, this this military order also included the common class like mercenaries and free roaming warriors in its content. If they can also join in on the subjugation force, it will undoubtedly greatly decrease the number of damages to the army.

Perhaps in terms of scheming and plotting, Nie Feng Hang wouldn't be able to overcome Hong Fang. But in terms of military tactics, this general was leagues ahead of the bastard. Maybe only Lan Caier's father would be the only one left capable of competing with him.

’’The reward is so rich that I too am starting to itch inside. Maybe I should also run off to the frontlines and get some merits under my name. This way I can get myself a military post!’’ After reading the order, Lan Caier was both envious and jealous of those free to do so.

She's perfectly aware of her own insufficiency. Hunting a high class wild beast was completely out of the question, that's something reserved for a master at the reincarnation realm. However, that doesn't mean she's incapable of dealing with some middle class ones, meaning a officer of rank wasn't a pipe dream!

’’Just save it and stick to raising your level. Who's the one clamoring about 'I will get onto the Dan Ranking Board too?' If you don't hurry and break into the light Dan stage, there won't be any hope left you know.’’ Ling Yue starts teasing her sister after seeing that drooling face.

Ever since the girl herself wowed the world with her feat, Lan Caier's been greatly stimulated to improve herself too. As the big sister, it's only proper she made something of herself.

’’I want to be on the ranking chart, but I also want to be an officer of rank. of rank. This is called hogging both fame and fortune, but I will listen to you. First break into the light Dan stage, then I will get myself that military rank! Oh yes, you need to be careful too Ling Yue, that group from the Jinwu Sect is about to be executed in the coming days. I'm sure there will be trouble then.’’ When it came to the last part, the big girl was very serious in her warning. They may have removed Su Mo from the equation, but that also brought up new issues about security for the city.

’’You don't have to worry about this matter. The Court has already issued a royal edict, saying by tomorrow afternoon there will be a new general coming to take office.’’ In order to manage both the Alchemist Hall and the safety of the city, Ling Yue's been breaking her heads left and right during this brief duration. Therefore, it's not hard to imagine how much a relief it was to hear a replacement was coming.

Sure enough, a battalion could be seen arriving from the southern gates the following day.

’’Greetings, my name is Zhang Lou, I am here to take command of the garrison forces here.’’ This man was around thirty years of age, burly face, he's around the light Dan stage.

’’Pleasure General Zhang, I have waited for many days. From now on the safety of the city will have to fall into your hands.’’ Polite in her words, Ling Yue was very pleased to meet this person.

Following another series of greetings and formality, the two were ready to depart. However, just then, in the very second when Ling Yue turns around, a beam of murderous intent was emulating off from somewhere. off from somewhere. Only reason the girl didn't notice was how exceptionally well it was concealed.

On the very same night, a banquet was held for the new general. Things were going smoothly, drinks and food abounds, everyone was happy. That's when General Zhang noticed the little fluff ball munching away at the chicken legs atop of Ling Yue's table.

Eyes bright and excited, General Zhang literally stood up, ’’Chief Yue, is that baby creature yours?’’

’’Squeak~’’ In response, Little Squeak instantly shot a hostile glare at the man.

Patting her friend on the head, Ling Yue knows very well how unfriendly the little guy can be towards unfamiliar individuals.

’’I've had him beside me since I was young,’’ her tone casual.

’’This is no normal spirit beast. I think its breed is very rare.’’ As if entranced by Little Squeak's appearance, General Zhang had inexplicably reached out his hands to touch the fox.

But before anyone knew it, the little fella issued out a disgusted scream and took a heavy bite at the man's finger.

’’Little Squeak!’’ Ling Yue was shocked by this display of hostility. Although she knows her friend there doesn't like to be touched by random people, but this was the first time he would actively attack a person.

What's going on this time?

’’Squeak (He stinks, this person has a rotting smell on his body)’’ Sticking his tongue out, Little Squeaks puts on a vomiting expression.

Now that's a different story. After hearing the explanation, Ling Yue immediately shot her eyes over to the man's who was trying hard to cover that wound. However, it was too late, her eyes had captured the blood on the finger. It was darkish red, borderline black.

How can the blood of a living person be this color? Suspicion instantly grew within the girl.


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