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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 373


Chapter 373

Chapter 373 ’’Throwing a Jealous Tantrum’’

Hong Fang had always been a very shrewd person in life. According to his arrangements, he only needs to wait until Prince Hou Hong becomes the king and then it would be smooth sailing from there. By that time, not even his brother would be able to stand up to him because he will have his own noble title.

But fate likes to toy with a person, he's no different. Middle age, a time where one should be at their highest, was a tad different from what Hong Fang imagined for himself. Not only did he lose his position as the Royal Tutor, he now also has to scamper off to beg Nie Feng Hang to return due to how rampant the animals were after the incident inside the Black Valley. There are simply too many rampant beasts running amok in the prairie grassland here, making it extremely dangerous for civilian and soldier. Just this month alone, over four thousand soldiers had perished during the confrontation. A severe loss for any army in such a short duration.

As the commander in chief, Hong Fang could've just summoned that blasted General Wolf Tiger back into action. A simple order would've sufficed. Sadly for him, when he did, the man himself only replied with a sick letter...

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Who was going to believe that lie? Not him, not Hong Fang that's for sure. A person that can chug a whole barrel of wine and gobble up ten pounds of beef in one sitting was sick? That's ludicrous!

Rolling his eyes at the letter, Hong Fang knew he must make a personal trip to the Wolf Tiger Army's base camp. It was he who offended the man first, so only he can salvage this relationship.

After arriving at the base and finding the tent in question, he was immediately hit with a pungent odor of medicine to his nose after raising the blinds: ’’General Nie, I'm acting on behalf of His Highness the Fourth Prince and the rest of our peers to come visit you.’’

As much as Hong Fang's mind was telling him this must be an act, but the smell and the unwell look coming off of this Nie Feng Hang was no lie. Even he was starting to doubt where or not this was an act or not.

’’I've bothered the commander. Such a shame I've caught the fever and can't join everyone at Flag City.’’ Matching his words perfectly, the General Nie follows up with a hard cough to show how seriously ill he was.

Speaking about this, Nie Feng Hang really did come down with a ’’sickness’’. Issue was, his form of a sickness wasn't of the body, it's the heart.

Naturally, the source of all this problem was thanks to Ye Huang Yu.

Ever since the last time Ling Yue made a visit here, the woman in disguise had become very weird in terms of behavior and her attitude towards him - she resigned the post as his personal aid using her rashes as an excuse.

Imagine being accompanied for so long then suddenly be left alone again, not even Nie Feng Hang can stay fine afterwards. Therefore, he's been getting a serious lack of sleep at night.

That wasn't all either. Aside from business matters, Ye Huang Yu would refuse to see the man himself during their private hours. This was proven in how quick she turns away the second she catches sight of him in the camp.

After a long time of this back and and forth, Nie Feng Hang was finally stuck in a depressed state. And since Hong Fang's letter came at such a horrible timing, add in the bad reception from before, the general figured he might as well go all the way and pretend he's physically ill while being truly ’’sick’’ inside.

When it comes to playing ’’sick’’, it must be said, this Nie Feng Hang had quite the skill with it.

It was something he learned during his younger years as a child. Whenever his old man wanted to teach him a less after he aggravates the old guy, Nie Feng Hang would simply pretend to be sick, claiming his father caused it. And since he was the sole heir and only male child in the House, it would instantly rile up all the female occupants of the estate, forcing them to slander the lord in front of the ancestral hall. Towards that sort of mob effect, not even his old man could do a thing.

So, for this occasion, Nie Feng Hang had deliberately called for the kitchen cook to put on a show. To be clear, the cook can do a fine job at prepping the medicine, but in order to get what he wanted, Nie Feng Hang pleaded for the guy to mess up the batch so horribly that Ye Huang Yu can't say no to taking over.

Sure enough, the plan worked perfectly. At first Ye Huang Yu was still reluctant to agree, but after seeing how clumsy everyone around her was and how burnt the medicine pot became, she can only accept her fate.

To be able to see his beloved crush everyday again, it didn't take long for General Nie to recover. Just that his heart can't bear to lose this benefit anymore. So, anymore. So, what did he do? Continue on with the act of course!

’’General, it's time to take your medicine.’’

Like the past couple of days, Ye Huang Yu had personally brought over the medicine from the kitchen. But unlike the previous times, she was shocked to find Hong Fang also inside the tent.

Quickly lowering her head, the disguised woman's nerve was definitely rattled since the effects of those pills were beginning to wear off. That meant the rashes on her face was almost back to normal.

’’Ye Huang, you are here! Hurry, COME.’’ Matching the woman's arrival, that ’’incessant’’ coughing only got worse as if he's plagued by illness.

As a martialist, how can his body be this bad?

While Hong Fang was murmuring with a frown from one side, Ye Huang Yu can only steel herself and bring the medicine bowl to the general's side.

’’Hot,’’ puckering his lip, Nie Feng Hang's tone was literally a man-child moping to their caretaker.

Helpless against that cry, Ye Huang Yu can only subdue her patient and start blowing at.

Seeing how intimate both men are, Hong Fang's forehead immediately wrinkled into a furrowed knot. He never expected this Nie Feng Hang to be so shameless and would dare start flirting in front of the public. But just then during his unhappy frown, Hong Fang suddenly discovered something about the disguised woman's earlobe.

White and tender, it was like a pearl no different from that of a woman's. Then moving his gaze towards the skin, it was meticulous and fair, not a pore to be found. And there are those eyelashes. Though not what you call a peerless beauty kind of long, but compared to a camp full of burly men, it was particularly eye-catching.

It's not hard to imagine right now, if that face wasn't tarnished face wasn't tarnished by those grotesque rashes and bumps, this dainty looking fella would be quite the fine looking individual.

Hong Fang may not be into men, but even he had to admit. Spending over half of ones thirty years of life in the military, he too would be tempted when tossed a fine looking subordinate.

Murmuring in his mind, No wonder this guy would hook up with his men there.

Unbeknownst to Hong Fang, his inspecting gaze just now was completely caught by the man himself and was considered a great insult.

This feeling was no different from a child learning their favourite toy was being coveted by another bad child.

Giving a heavy grunt, Nie Feng Hang deliberately made his point clear to bring the person back to his senses. ’’I heard recently the prairie plains isn't very safe. General, I suggest you return immediately, I'm sure there are plenty of things awaiting your approval.’’ Borderline rude, Nie Feng Hang dismisses the man despite being of lower rank.

If it was on a usual day, Hong Fang would be furious if someone dares to speak to him like that. Unfortunately for him, it was he who needs a favor here. No matter now much of a grievance this was to swallow, he can only stomach it.

’’General Nie, I know my arrangements weren't perfect before, but the Northwestern Plains cannot be without you. The frontline is currently suffering heavy casualties, I'm sure you wouldn't want your former comrades to die in vain would you? I've come this time to ask, no, I implore General Nie to return with me to further discuss the plan for dealing with the beasts rampaging across our land.’’ Now that's what you call a speech. If it was any common soldier, they would surely be moved to tears.


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