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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 372


Chapter 372

Chapter 372 ’’The Legendary Existence’’

Still meditating under the waterfall, Hong Ming Yue's closed eyelids finally had a reaction after hearing that statement.

’’Is there really such a character? Now that's inspirational. Hurry, let us hear it.’’ Several of the outer ring disciples were all keeping their ears wide open now.

For them who are not favored and considered to be at the bottom of the barrel, this black horse was undoubtedly their hope and dream.

’’She may be a female martialist, but she's also an alchemist. Let me tell you, that person is so awesome. As soon as she broke through into the Dan realm, she immediately fought with her foe and defeated a reincarnation master! As for her name, I remember it's similar to Senior Sister Ming Yue's, also carrying a 'Yue' word in there. I think it was called.... Ling Yue!’’

Just as the person was getting very heated in his speech, the booklet in his hand was suddenly snatched out of his grasp before he realizes it, ’’AH! My booklet.’’

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Seeing a blurring image scratch past his eyes, this thief was none other than Hong Ming Yue that's supposed to be meditating over at the waterfall.

’’Senior... Senior Sister Ming Yue,’’ the group were all dumbfounded by who it was.

’’Lan Ling Yue of Da Xia, defeated a reincarnation master after breakthrough... ranked nine hundred and eightieth place.’’ Word by word, the girl recites the content on the page.

Lan Ling Yue, she made a breakthrough?

I remember clearly she was only a upper celestial martialist the last time I met her, now she's already a Dan realm martialist after only a couple of months?

For once in her lifetime, Hong Ming Yue can now know what it means to be in a sense of crisis. Tossing the booklet aside, she quickly resumes her training back over at the waterfall, leaving behind the unsettled owner in the background.

Despite being robbed so blatantly, there were not an ounce of discomfort found on the man's face. Instead, there were excitement and jubilation at being able to share the same object with the ’’Ice Goddess’’.

Meanwhile at the same time over at the Hong House, things were starting to boil over after the new change in the ranking board. This was especially true for the Hong siblings who had actively followed the charts.

Back when Ling Yue was first reassigned to Dan City, Hong Yu Ying and Hong Yu Long had spent no shortages of time gloating over this to their peers, claiming it would just be a matter of time before the girl dies over there.

Unable to take that foul mouth, it was Ling Yue's friends Feng Xue and Yu Zhao who eventually confronted the pair. In the end, both sides ended up in a fight at the Grand Martial Hall and roused quite the commotion.

So, imagine three months later that the target of their downgrading comments was now at the top, thus indirectly slapping them in the face?

’’Damn it! That Lan Ling Yue is actually on the Dan Ranking Board!’’ Screaming aloud at the name, Hong Yu Ying (daughter) directly tosses the booklet away to to vent her frustration.

Landing directly under Hong Yu Long's (son) feet, this scene was completely taken in by the boy and their mother who was coming over due to the loud noise.

’’Who did you say is on the ranking board? Not Lan Caier, but Lan Ling Yue?’’ Hong Yu Long (son) really thought his ears were playing tricks on him there. That was until he picked the booklet up to confirm it with his own eyes. ’’This cheap whore actually got onto the ranking board so quickly?’’

He can still believe this news easily if it was Lan Caier, after all, that girl had been on the Dan realm level for quite some time now. Yet, what he's seeing now was the younger sister, Lan Ling Yue. This can't be normal.

Lan Ling Yue, didn't she only break into the upper celestial realm for a couple of months, now she's a Dan realm master?

Like her son, Zhu Ge Rou was also very astounded by the news. However, her shocked state was diminished severely once this woman got a better look of the number: nine hundred and eightieth place.

Making a disdainful smile, ’’You two are too unpromising. She's barely past nine hundred in rank, the last of the last. Don't forget about how your sister did prior to her breakthrough into the reincarnation realm, she's the holder of the third place on the Dan Ranking Board. Moreover, this girl is Longyu's student. I'm willing to bet her cultivation was stuffed up by ingesting large quantities of Dan pills. Using such a method will surely effect surely effect her future achievements.’’ Proud in her face, Zhu Ge Rou will not believe that aside from her precious daughter that there would be a better person capable of showing such talent in Da Xia.

It must be said, even for Hong Ming Yue who was nationally recognized as a true genius, she needed over a year to make it from the Dan realm and into the reincarnation realm.

That little slut, so what if she's able to stuff herself with those pills. Compared to my Ming Yue, she's nothing!

’’And, do you two really think it's that easy being on the ranking charts of the Qing Continent? How many challengers did your younger sister have to go through when she first made it on there? If not a dozen then at least a hundred, she was constantly being challenged from the start.’’ Zhu Ge Rou was literally seething with viciousness in her tongue when mentioning the story from back then.

In this world there are no shortages of people wanting to gain fame and power using the shortest method they can think of - challenging the newcomers being one of them.

In Hong Ming Yue's case, it took nearly a full year before those challengers dwindled down to nothing. And even until she advanced into the reincarnation realm, the girl had maintained her third ranking throughout.

For that reason, Zhu Ge Rou had spent no less of a time gloating between her peers in the capital.

’’Mother is right. Maybe by tomorrow the girl's name would be off the chart already.’’ Like her mother, Hong Yu Ying was Yu Ying was very malicious in her tone.

’’If you two have time paying attention to these unnecessary things then why don't you go train instead? When the annual competition rolls around, I don't want to see you two being one upped by that little wrench from the Lan House. Also, your father already sent a letter home, asking about the situation regarding the two of you. He wants to know about your conditions and improvements.’’ Retracting her smile, Zhu Ge Rou becomes stern in her face.

If Hong Yu Ying and Hong Yu Long can be half as good as her youngest daughter then she as a mother wouldn't have to worry so much.

’’Father sent a letter? Mother, what did father say? How many wild animals did he slay? How many merits did he earn? And when is he coming home?’’ The girl was so full of hope when mentioning her father.

Regarding the martial art of these two, it had always been taught by their father Hong Fang. As such, their cultivation had become stagnate since the man was gone.

’’The situation in the Northwestern Plain isn't very good. Your father and His Highness the Fourth Prince is very busy dealing with the animal stampedes.’’ Giving a sigh, Zhu Ge Rou pulls her children down for a seat before going over the contents of the letter.

Vastly different from what Hong Fang expected of this expedition, the situation was far worse than in the reports. Because of that reason, the man's been dreadfully regretting his act of driving away Nie Feng Hang to the back ends.


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