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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 371


Chapter 371

Chapter 371 ’’Qing Continent's Dan Ranking Board’’

’’Don't be so discouraged Ling Yue, after all, Hong Ming Yue is a member of the Nine Sects and Three Schools. It's a well known fact that the majority of the board is monopolized by those powers. Their resources are better so it's normal for their disciples to be superior to the average person.’’ Afraid her sister would overthink the issue, she hurries to explain some more. That's when she suddenly recalled something: ’’No wait, I almost forgot. There is a person who isn't a member of those powers. He was also the number one person on the Dan Ranking Board, Ghost Emperor Wu Chong.’’

’’Wu Chong was also on the board?’’ Ye Ling Yue was never sure how powerful that man really was, therefore it's quite unexpected for her to hear the man was also on the list.

It seems this Heaven's Court is quite skillful.

’’It's not only the Dan Ranking Board, he was also on the Reincarnation Ranking Board and number one at that! But it was strange, his name only lasted for a day on the list before it was removed completely.’’ The reasoning for the big girl to recall such an event was due to how explosive the incident was.

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For countless young warriors of the Qing Continent, it's an absolute glory to be on the Dan Ranking Board. But unlike this list that's usually reserved for those below thirty years of age, the Reincarnation Ranking Board was more lenient and allowed those up to fifty years of age to compete.

’’One day? What happened?’’ Now she's hooked.

It can't be Wu Chong turned the list into a one day trip?

’’The reasoning for the Ghost Emperor taking first place on Dan Ranking Board is because the previous guy was stupid enough to harm a member of the Ghost Palace. Then in order to exact revenge, Wu Chong personally ran off to slay the individual in person. That's how it started. Guess what, the number one on the Reincarnation Ranking Board is the older brother of the one on the Dan Ranking Board. Then in order to get revenge for his younger brother, another fight ensued and that's how the Ghost Emperor Wu Chong took first place on both of the ranking boards.’’ Shrugging her shoulder, Lan Caier carefully went through the details of that sensational story from four years ago, which also made Wu Chong the number one enemy of the various powers.

It's unsure what occurred afterwards. Maybe Wu Chong himself had went in search of the Heaven Court's base and demanded his name be removed, or he simply made another breakthrough and exceeded the level of a reincarnation master. Regardless of the reason, the man's name never reappeared on any listing again.

In actual truth, despite the grand feat of taking top spot on both charts, his duration was but a measly two days in reality. Even so, the amount of information regarding his background was pitifully limited: Wu Chong: Master of the Underground Palace. Identity: Unknown. Age: Unknown. Cultivation Level: Unknown.

This would probably the most obscure recording in the history of the Heaven's Court creation.

Wu Chong, first place.

Hong Ming Yue, third place.

And I myself is nine hundred and eightieth place.

This very fact only made Ling Yue all the more depressed.

And here I was rejoicing over my breakthrough. At the end of the day I'm still chasing their tail in the back....

Seeing the frustration of her younger sister's face, Lan Caier knew she had to comfort the girl.

’’Now, now, Ling Yue, you mustn't underestimate this nine nine hundred and eightieth place of yours. This status alone is enough to make you famous across the entire land. Even for many seniors before you, they can only dream of ever getting on that chart while you've done what they can't in a few days after breaking through. I'm willing to bet your achievement in the future will be more amazing than even that peacock chicken of a Hong Ming Yue.’’ The big girl was so full of pride when mentioning the last part.

Although she herself cannot get on the ranking list, but as the big sister of someone that can, it's still a feet to be proud of.

To hear Lan Caier describe Hong Ming Yue as a peacock chicken, Ye Ling Yue's mood instantly brightened up. Giggling over this, it didn't take long for the gloomy atmosphere to dissipate from the girl's mind and dumping the subject behind her.

Nonetheless, the uproar caused by this name change on the Dan Ranking Board has only just begun, she just didn't know it yet.


In-between the interchanging season of spring and summer, the weather was starting to get a bit heated.

However, this was not the case in a valley where streams of perennially flowing water were present. There's not the slightest hint of the temperature change found elsewhere in this land. This picturesque landscape was known as the Three Life Waterfall, a unique place of the Three Life Valley and also an ideal spot to train in the use of the water elements.

There's no denying this collage of flowing streams were truly divine, but how no picture can be perfected without the accompaniment of a beauty by its side. Sitting crossed legged under a flowing waterfall, the maiden in question was like a statue, devoid of any reactions to the splashing water splashing water droplets.

Strangely enough, despite the massive amount of water around her body, those clothes were completely dry. Not a spec had stained it as if the water itself was trying to avoid making contact and proactively sliding aside when drawing close.

’’Senior Sister Ming Yue is at it again, meditating for eight hours straight. If only I can have half her diligence. Maybe then I would also be able to become an inner ring disciple too.’’

The ones chitchatting here were several outer ring disciples of the Three Life Valley. Upon seeing how focus the girl was, they just couldn't resist making a few cant remarks as they walked by.

It's normal to react like that when meeting someone much higher than themselves, but what was odd though was their use of the term ’’senior’’. Each and every one of these people were over twenty years of age, some being double Hong Ming Yue's age, so its very strange to address a girl so young as their elder.

Well, that was the case outside of the Three Life Valley anyways. In this place where power reigns supreme, age doesn't play a factor in your status, it's your cultivation. Even if you are an old prune that had been inside the Three Life Valley all your life, you are no better than an extra helping hand if your cultivation was very low.

That's the fate of those without talent in the Nine Sects and Three Schools. You are dirt and expendable.

Of the looks shooting over to the girl's existence, there were admiration and adoration. There's nobody here that wouldn't know about Hong Ming Yue's big name. Gifted with high aptitude from birth, she has both looks and talent to match. It's rumored that even the Valley Master himself had also intended to pair the girl up the girl up with his sole heir and son.

Shame though, using age as an excuse, the young lass had refused the proposal when it was brought up before.

’’Save it will you. How many out there do you think can compare with Senior Sister Ming Yue? Let's not mention anything else, just being able to meditate for eight hours straight is a feat not many in this world can do.’’

There are no shortages of male admirers for Hong Ming Yue here, therefore it's common to find some random male trying to attract her attention during her training session under the waterfall. Make no mistake though, they all know far too well that wish was very much not possible. The girl was what you called an ’’Ice Beauty’’, impossible to sway. Nevertheless, it didn't stop these pursuers from trying.

’’Ughh, you are right. To attract her attention then we would need to at least land ourselves in the Dan Ranking Board.’’ Giving a sigh, several of the disciples here started to comment about the recent change in the ranking chart.

’’Quit joking man, those that do end up on it are all extraordinary people. They can't be ordinary folks like us without strong backing and resources.’’

Like themselves who are closing in on thirty years of age, that feat was undeniably a pipe dream.

’’Not necessarily the case. Haven't any of you been paying attention to the boards recently? There's a dark horse riling up a wave on the Dan Ranking Board. She's neither a disciple of the Nine Sect or Three Schools, nor is she a member of a powerful noble family. Now that we're on topic, that girl is also from Da Xia like Senior Sister Ming Yue.’’ When talking about this topic, the disciple was so excited that his spit was flying left and right.


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