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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 370


Chapter 370

Chapter 370 ’’The Continent's Ranking Board’’

After writing these words down, the scholarly man only needed to mumble a few words next to turn the talisman into a lively red paper crane. Taking flight, it didn't take long for this dainty little contraption to overtake the clouds.

First passing through the plains of Da Xia, then over North Qing, it eventually reaches a snowy mountain of frosty white in a far off land. This place should've been barren, lifeless from the cold, but that's not true. Ordained with a palace at the highest peak, this surreal structure gave off an almost fairy tale like vibe.

Currently inside, a middle-aged man of pristine white was currently stomping back and forth between a meters long stone slab on the wall. Red in color, the letters written on this thing were names of various people.

Before long, the red crane too had arrived on sight. Turning back into a regular piece of paper upon entry, it floats down slowly to the man's hand.

No words were spoken here, merely a glance. Next thing the world knew, the man in white had unleashed a gust of energy from his garb and inscribed a new set of name onto the board - Lan Ling Yue.

While various factors and forces were moving about outside of Da Xia, back at home things were breaking out into an uproar over Su Mo's death.

Using the secret account book and the captives she enslaved as evidence, it didn't take long for the Court to pass a new edict. The content was as following: General Su and his family are to be executed immediately. Jin Wu San and his goons hanged half a month later. As for command of the forces stationed at Dan City, Ling Yue will be appointed the commander in chief until a new appointee arrives.

With her new golden feather in hand, Ling Yue would of course make a clean sweep of the local garrison forces and eliminate any residue loyalist to Su Mo. Gradually the Alchemist Hall was back to normal and life went on as usual. No sudden attacks, no surprises, and no reaction from Ling Yue's cauldron since that day where it saved her life.

Several days later.

This morning was no different from all the rest, a bright sun with a cool breeze, the weather was divine for the month. Then came Lan Caier's flushed look of excitement that broke all of this: ’’Ling Yue! You, you.... congratulations, you are on the Dan Ranking Board!’’

Dan Ranking Board? Confused and clueless, Ling Yue didn't get what the girl was saying.

After she arrived here she would sometimes personally take it upon herself to refine some Dan pills in front of everyone, but that's usually limited to two or three occasions a month. The intent was to encourage those below her to work harder.

’’Are you talking about the Royal Hospital's or the Alchemist Hall's?’’

’’What nonsense are you talking about? I'm talking about the Qing Continent's Dan Ranking Board! The one only Dan realm masters can get on!’’ Without being told to do do so, the big girl promptly pulled out a fine looking leather booklet to rummage through. Only around the ninth hundred or so pages later did she find the name she was looking for.

Seeing how confused and clueless her younger sister was still, Lan Caier finally deflated. Gulping hard, she explains: ’’This Dan Ranking Board is a listing made by the Heaven's Court. Only those who are below thirty years of age and at the Dan Realm can they be on this list. You've only just reached your level and is already on the list, do you know how rare that is?’’

Now the girl gets it. After killing Su Mo several days ago, the Heaven's Court had already imprinted her name onto this ranking list before the king's edict could even arrive at her doorstep.

Isn't this speed a tad too fast?

Piqued with curiosity now, Ling Yue wanted to take a look for herself and asked for it.

Shockingly enough, the second she came into contact with that material she can already tell it's not ordinary. Whether it be the paper itself or the ink used, its all infused with a wisp of spirit force.

So what does that mean? Simple, so long as the original source makes a change, the copy here will likewise follow suit even if its actual location was thousands of kilometers away.

A thousand gold for this tiny booklet, though not cheap, it's more than worth it still because it's an absolute necessity for those that roam this world.

As for this Heaven's Court, it's Court, it's the only organization that can stand on equal grounds with the Underground Palace, the very same one Wu Chong controls. But unlike the massive influence and far-reaching hands of the Underground Palace, this Heaven's Court was extremely secretive and could not be located for even the most well-informed agency around.

In addition, the Heaven's Court only does one sort of business and that was the sale of this type of booklet.

It's unsure what sort of means they use, but as long as a new powerful master emerges in the world, this booklet will surely have it recorded.

Of course, it's pointless if it's not accurate, which was the uncanny part about all this - it's extremely accurate to the point it's spooky.

Some say their eyes are everywhere, from the child beside yourself, to the other half in your bed. Regardless of who their agents were, it's a definite that their web of information gathering had seeped into every fiber of this world.

After listening to her sister's explanation, Ling Yue now have a better understanding of this booklet's origin and a growing interest in that strange organization. Over a thousand pages, each filled with names across the sheet, yet no more than ten were of Da Xia origin.

Then again, its not that surprising Da Xia would hold such a small number. There are many kingdoms and nations around the Qing Continent. For a mediocre mid-sized kingdom like Da Xia, it's no shocker this place couldn't produce a lot of outstanding individuals with its limited resources.

However, what did resources.

However, what did surprise Ling Yue was North Qing's number, the closest neighbor to Da Xia. They had over a hundred people on the Dan Board! As for the main body of the booklet, it's mostly comprised of those Dan realm masters from the various powers like the Chaos Sect. That power alone holds several hundred rankings in the list. Therefore, it's undeniable proof that Ling Yue was considered an outstanding individual of her generation in Da Xia.

Of the ten people on the list, she now holds one of it!

’’I've advanced into the Dan realm for so long and couldn't get on it still even to this day, but you got on it in just a few days after advancing... Oh yes! Did you know the highest rank Dan realm master in Da Xia back then was Ming Yue of the Hong House?!’’ When it came to the last part of her sentence, she knew she had made a mistake. It was careless and she shouldn't have blurted it out.

Although she didn't like Hong Ming Yue the person itself, but Lan Caier had to admit the girl was a genius in and out.

Only thirteen years old and already able to stand at the third spot of the Dan Ranking Board, that's more than enough to make her stand above all of Da Xia.

Third spot?

Sinking in her heart, Ling Yue's complexion definitely didn't look so good because she now understood how huge of a gap she still has to go before catching up to her step-sister.


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