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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 37


Chapter 37 ’’The Ultimate Evildoer’’

In a matter of life or death, Little Squeak decides to squirm out Ling Yue's bosom at this moment.

’’Squeak!!!’’ From Little Squeak's baby blue eyes, a hint of dangerous light beamed out with his hair raised.

Upon contact with those eyes, the attacking Silver Claw Eagles suddenly issued out shrieking cry of panic and directly fell to their death due to extreme fright.

Taking advantage of this break, Ling Yue pulls herself up with the vines to get some better footing. At first she was radiating with hope now that she's free from the pesky birds, but when she looked up, a grim expression quickly overtook her face for nothing but clouds of white mist were above her head. The idea of climbing up was obviously out of the question when she can't even see the cliff edge anymore.

Looking around to assess her surroundings, Ling Yue noticed a strange oddity about the vines growing on the left-hand side to her. Moving in to get a closer look, she realizes then that there was an opening to a cave behind those vines.

Musing over the idea of whether or not to make the jump for it, she sighed and decided it's better than to keep hanging here. Swinging the vine she was grabbing, she jumps for it when her body got close enough to make the leap.

Just as she made it into the cave, another batch of Silver Claw Eagles had flown over. But when these birds got near the cave entrance, these creatures suddenly began to issue out sharp calls one after another as if sensing something dangerous. In no time at all, the eagles had fled from the scene.

While inside, the first impression Ling Yue got was that its dark. Regardless, the darkness wasn't enough to hinder her from making out the image of the Eagle King's carcasses.

So what happened earlier was that during the chaotic mess, the corpse of the Silver Claw Eagle King had also rolled into the cave by accident.

Still stabbed with the dagger at its heart, Ling Yue didn't wait and quickly moved in to pull the weapon out.

Something this expensive can't be wasted, and I need it to lop off the claws as proof.

With the deed done, she turns her attention back to the cave. Looking around, she notices a faint light coming from further inside. Normally caves are damp and cold, but not this cave, its much warmer than the outside.

Ye Ning and the others may have sent the distress signal, but it won't be for a while until Old Mayor Liu rushes over and even then, it will take some time before I can leave.

With that thought in mind, Ling Yue decides to venture inside to scout the area.

The further she went, the higher the temperature in the cave became. Not only that, along the way she noticed large numbers of bones belonging to mountain tigers, wild boars, and even some human bones littered across the floor!

’’Squeak?’’ Like a premonition of something, Little Squeak tightly grabs at Ling Yue's dress (chest area) and makes a vigilant face.


At the end of the other side of the cave, something was slowly squirming over.

By the time Ling Yue noticed something was wrong, it was already too late for a snake-like monster had already come into sight.

Unlike other snake species though, this monster in the cave had golden red skins and exuded a sticky substance all overs its body. Without leg or eyes, the only distinctive feature on the head was the pimple-like red crown at the middle.

In a blink of an eye, this monster had already slithered over, covering more than a dozen feet in one go and leaving behind a trail of charred soil in its wake.


It may not have eyes, but the monster's sense of smell made up for the lack of sight. Noticing the foreign scent inside his den, it began to puff out reddish flames all over.

Not thinking twice at all, Ling Yue decisively sent the flying dagger out at the creature to only be shocked by what happened next. Under the burning heat of the flames, the dagger that should've been under her full control stopped in mid-flight. Falling to the ground, no matter what she did then were futile. It just won't budge anymore!

How terrifying, it actually erased my spirit brand on the dagger!

Only now does Ling Yue understand she's in big trouble.

This monster which seems to have nested in the Seven Star Mountain for many years now, was far from a common animal and was likely a spirit beast from the tales.

From her mother's incidental mention, Ling Yue knows that a snake spirit beast would form legs at a hundred years old, form a crown at five hundred years, and then a horn at a thousand years. Based on this thing's appearance, Ling Yue deduces this strange snake should be somewhere around five hundred years old.


The monster, which was enraged by Ling Yue's act of defiance, uttered a furious hiss and swept towards the intruder.

Not daring to be reckless, she sticks to the cave wall and manages to dodge the attack in a tumbling roll.

In another burst of ground shaking attacks, Ling Yue now had nowhere else left to retreat. Never before did she have this unprecedented sense of crisis rushing up to her mind.

Am I going to die here today?

NO! I cannot die, I mustn't die! Mother's injury isn't cured yet and I still haven't gotten my revenge yet! No matter what I cannot die!

Stiffening her jaw, Ling Yue suddenly howled out a deafening roar like a cornered animal on its last leg.

Oh, that's right, I still have the Red Mist Sky!

Just as she was about to hide herself inside the dimensional space...


The suddenness of the low mocking voice caused both Ling Yue and the monster to slightly tremble in the heart.

There's other people in the cave?

From below her waist, a hand suddenly appeared and scooped her up.

Due to the newcomer's stature, Ling Yue can only cling onto the person's waist like a panicking koala bear.

Before she can even make out her savior's appearance, Ling Yue noticed her whole body had become wrapped in a monstrous level of Yuan energy that felt like it would explode at any moment.

In a flash of white light, the Yuan energy then converges and formed a cold and peerless sword made up of pure energy. Carrying a destructive and terrifying aura, this sword then comes down like a waterfall, chopping the snake monster right in two without giving it the slightest chance of escape.


From the radiating explosion, nearly half of the cave became destroyed as a result.

What a terrifying Yuan energy.

Out of reflex, Ling Yue raises her head and ends up bumping eye contact with the person holding her.

From Ling Yue's point of view, the person's chin line was very beautiful, that was until she noticed the golden mask.

The person in question was a tall man with phoenix eyes and a pair of ambient-colored pupils. Wearing a luxurious black robe, the man's long hair somehow caused her nose to itch somewhat.

Staring wide eyes, the only question Ling Yue kept asking herself was, Who is he? Autumn Maple Town definitely doesn't have a character like this.

She's a firm believer. With the strength of this terrifying man, there's no doubt he could easily flatten the entire Seven Star Mountain with one sword if he wished.

Demonic, simply too demonic....

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Explanation time: demonic in Chinese doesn't always mean evil or a demonized character. Mostly in these type of stories, it means the person is too talented that its freaky and messed up.

This man had been in the cave long ago... yet he only sat idly by while watching me.

’’What are you laughing at!’’ Ling Yue inexplicable became annoyed.

’’Too weak.’’ The man curled his lip, showing a lazy and somewhat teasing attitude.

The criticizing tone from the man perfectly reflected Ling Yue's current appearance: grumpy on the cheeks, she looked absolutely delicious like a small little steam bun.

He's actually teasing me?

Swelling up with anger, she didn't say another word and directly sent a slap for the man's face.

Instead of getting what she wanted though, her hand was counter grabbed by the man and then forced against the cave wall with her body tightly pinned there.

Drawing close, Ling Yue could feel the breathing from the man by the close proximity of their faces.

’’The favor of saving your life isn't supposed to be repaid like that.’’ As he says this, the man presses in with his lip onto hers.


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