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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 369


Chapter 369

Chapter 369 ’’Scourge of the Millenium’’

This would be Ye Ling Yue's first time witnessing this once crippled elder in action. She only knew that amongst the three brothers, He Lao Er was the only one who practices the use of the spirit force while also being a reincarnation master of the second element.

’’Hehe, this bad boy really is unlucky, meeting my second brother who specializes in dealing with creepy crawlers like him.’’ Moving up to the downed individual, He Lao San (three) follows up with an extra kick as a form of gloating.

What He Lao Er used just now was a specialized skill called ’’Spirit Search’’, a technique that expands ones spirit force into a wide range attack. This was the very same skill the elder used to see through Ling Yue's tomboyish disguise back at the capital.

With their leader subdued, it didn't take long for Lan Caier and the rest to round up the rest of the evil alchemists that came for the assault.

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’’Don't get so cheeky you old thieves. Once my great senior master, Jin Wu Monster, gets wind of this, he will certainly make you people pay for today's insult.’’ Still stubborn in his mouth, it took a while longer for Lan Caier to shut this yapper mouth up for good after knocking out his front teethes.

’’Second Boss, Third Boss, this time I really have to thank the two of you.’’

When Ye Ling Yue first left the Alchemist Hall three days ago, she had already informed the two elders so they can help keep an eye on things while she's away. Therefore, as soon as it became known that Jin Wu San and his men are coming to attack, they too also came out of hiding to act as reinforcements.

’’Ling Yue, this old prune is colluding with that Su Mo and intends to murder us. He admitted it himself.’’ Lan Caier's temper was clearly not soothed yet based on how enraged her voice sounded.

’’Su Mo...’’ Casting a cold hard glance in the general direction of the General's Manor, a storm was quickly brewing in her eyes.

While all this was occurring outside, the man himself was currently sitting in his study room awaiting the good news, It's already been an hour since dusk, Jin Wu San should've succeeded by now.....

It was then a strange noise from the outside caught his ears.

Without hesitation or forethought, Su Mo abruptly slammed the table in front of him and shot straight into the air. Next thing he knew, the entire mansion was blown to smithereens by a dozen or so Thunder Seeds.

The blast was deafening. By the time the smoke dissipated nothing had remained, only scraps and rabbles of the once stoic structure. This scene had left General Su completely red in his eyes, which only got worse when he caught sight of Ling Yue dangling in the air on her Twilight Dagger.

’’General Su, how have you been?’’

’’You are actually still alive!’’ He honestly didn't expect the lass to survive so it came as a huge surprise for him.

’’Did General you not know the old saying of a scourge will last a millennium? Today I will show you why they they in the capital would flee in my presence and cry in my name!’’ Grinning maniacally, Ling Yue deliberately puts on a mocking yet evil face to match the mood.

’’How dare you! You only lived because I allowed it last time. Today I will finish the job for good.’’

Just thinking of his home being blown to bits and his trusted confidants being killed in a blink of an eye, Su Mu could no longer restrain his rage. A gleam of killing intent instantly flared up in his pupils while an earth shackling cage erupted out of the ground.

’’You are so foolish Su Mo. You think I am still the same as before?’’ Sneering at the sight, she easily bypasses the shackling cage at incredible speed using her dagger.

Of course, just dodging wasn't her style to begin with. Splitting her Twilight Dagger into nine, she sends them out to meet Su Mo's attack head on - her ninth one excluded because she still needs it to fly.

The attack was a grand sight to behold, slicing the earthly tentacles like butter. However, Su Mo wasn't going to be outdone so easily either. Controlling his elemental power, he reforms the cage into an eight dimensional shield around his body to protect himself. Sadly for the general, this was precisely what his foe wanted.

Showing a strange grin once she's able to get this opening, Ling Yue quickly condenses her Yuan energy around her fingertips and shot it out in full force.

’’Limitless Finger Second Move: Shattering the Heavens!’’ Just like before when she had a test run of this newfound skill, the bombardment the bombardment was devastating for the general and his earth shield. It didn't even stand a chance in fact because it was quickly pulverized under that onslaught.

What exactly is her cultivation?!

Exclaiming, Su Mo was horrified to find the girl's power exceeding even a Dan realm master's level. Unfortunately for this man, it was already too late by the time he realizes this. Next thing he knew, eight piercing rays of light had broken through his last layer of defense and into his chest.

Coughing hard over the lethal wounds on his body: ’’To think I would fall under an insignificant brat like you after going through so much in life. Don't get so proud of yourself just yet. Even if I die, I will still drag you down with me as my cushion.’’

Su Mo may not be a good person, but he's a man of his word. Forcing all of his power into his Dantian, he implodes and detonated his core. This desperate act was something even Ling Yue herself didn't expect. Even if she wanted to activate her Spirit Armor now, it would be too late.

However, there are always solutions to a problem and this was no different.

Activating by itself in the nick of time, the Black Cauldron in her right hand emerged and expanded until it could cover the girl from head to toe.

Next thing Ling Yue knew, a ginormous blast had occurred and sent the occupant inside tumbling left and right, leaving no shortages of tiny bruises around her body. Then once the exploding force had come to an end, the damnable thing reverts back into a back into a stream of bright light and dived straight into the hand again.

Ye Ling Yue was still very much disorientated in her current state, but that didn't apply to Su Mo himself. Seeing how untouched the girl was, plus his core was now destroyed, he could no longer support himself in the air and came crashing down to the ground.

Initially the residence of the city were still unaware of what's going on, after all, not everyone were gifted with the skill of farsight. However, the exploding sound of Su Mo detonating his core was simply too huge. By the time they came to and looked over, all they could see was a figure dropping out of the sky and making a loud muffled thud upon impact.

’’You killed So Mu!’’ The He Lao brothers were exclaiming with joy, they really thought the girl would be dead under that final blast.

Though the battle was carried out in the air, but due to the intense speed the two were going at, the brothers only managed to barely keep up and couldn't get a clear picture. This was especially true after a plume of mushroom cloud was churned up, thus blocking their vision during the last moment.

While Ling Yue celebrated her victory with her friends and family, a certain scholarly man was busy scribing something onto a talisman paper in another part of the city.

’’Name: Lan Ling Yue. Age: Fourteen. Gender: Female. Identity: Da Xia's Third Rank Princess and Dan City's Chief Alchemist. Level: Dan Realm Martialist. Battle Record: Defeated the traitorous general Su Mo of the Reincarnation Realm.’’


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