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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 368


Chapter 368

Chapter 368 ’’The First Battle After the Breakthrough’’

’’Oops, I better rush back soon. Sister and the others must be worried sick after I stayed out here for so long.’’ In addition to her delight, a pang of worry was starting to develop in her heart. This period was a turbulent one, a time where she needs to be there when trouble hits.

Hurrying to pack her things, she volleys herself in the general direction of Dan City.

It's exactly as Ling Yue suspected, Lan Caier and Manager Meng were running around like headless chickens for the past few days. Due to most of the alchemists here being away at their homes, the news of the Chief Alchemist disappearing was able to be suppressed and kept in check. However, that will soon change once everyone returns from their vacation.

’’The Chief couldn't have been taken away by those evil alchemists would she?’’ Manager Meng sounded quite anxious there.

’’No, Ling Yue is too smart for that, there' no way a few evil alchemists can stop her,’’ the big girl shakes her head, refuting the idea.

Although she says that, but in honest truth she wasn't so sure either. Normally Ling Yue would always bring along Little Squeak and Little Crow for the trip, but this time both fellas are staying behind in the Alchemist Hall.

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Just as Lan Caier was brooding over her worry, her attention was suddenly pulled upwards by a sinister laugh echoing across the air. It was a bunch of figures flying in from the west attempting to break into the Alchemist Hall.

Leading this group would of course be a Taoist looking monk. Riding a horsetail whisk, this would be Jin Wu San, the leader of the evil alchemists in Dan City.

’’Evil alchemists!’’

Lan Caier and Manager Meng never thought these people would have the audacity to openly invade the Alchemist Hall in broad daylight!

’’Manager Meng, go now and ask for help from the General's Manor!’’

Lan Caier knows, they will be doomed if they rely on the remaining forces inside the Alchemist Hall. Thankfully the General's Manor wasn't far and would still be possible to get reinforcement.

’’Hahaha!’’ Sharp in his ear, Jin Wu San didn't miss a beat there: ’’There is no need to struggle, who do you think allowed us into the city?’’ The man's wording instantly sent the people down below into a fearful fright.

It made perfect sense. A force no less than a hundred entering the city at once, how can the general not know of this?

’’Despicable,’’ Lan Caier ruthlessly glares at the Taoist looking monk.

’’Oh sweet little beauty, I see your bones are not bad. Let's do this, so long as you hand that girl over then I can take you as my disciple. Together, we can cultivate in bed as much as you like until you have risen to new heights in spirit and body.’’ After seeing how fine looking the tomboyish girl was down below, there's no way this lustful man would ignore it. Even if he gets a refusal now, he will still have his way with her, that's a given at this point.

Then there's Ye Ling Yue too. Though he may not have seen seen the girl in person yet, but he's got enough information to know the troublesome lass was a princess. One beautiful princess down below, and another still in her teen years waiting to be plucked, just thinking of the dual action awaiting him later tonight was making his bottom part horny for some action.

Against that wretched and dirty look shooting her way, Lan Caier inexplicably shivered a cold one. She can't read minds, but she can definitely look with her eyes. Right now, she can see how filthy everyone was looking at her. It's as if the clothes on her body had just been forcefully stripped and torn to shreds. It's making her sick.

Both insulted and enraged at being underestimated, she didn't waste another word and unleashed her attack at the enemy. It was a flaming red artifact known as the Scarlet Snake Whip, a weapon she got from her father after she broke through to the Dan realm.

Mixed with the intense might of her Yuan energy, two of the evil alchemists were instantly sliced in two upon contact.

To think this woman is so deadly for a female..... Clicking his tongue upon this scene, Jin Wu San readily counters with his horsehair whisk before it could do more damage. Together, the weapons are now entangled and unable to move like a long fish line.

’’The little beauty have quite the bad temper there eh. Seems I have to properly lecture this one so she knows how to behave before her master.’’ Flexing his muscle, an irresistible force was then shot through his hand and into the weapons. Through this medium, this medium, the attack was eventually able to land straight into Lan Caier's wrist, thus knocking her whip out of her grasp and sending the girl stumbling backwards a few steps.

The gap is too big still....

Wiping the trickle of blood from the corner of her mouth, Lan Caier was having trouble keeping her pain in check. It's as if her innards were completely dumped into a blender and mixed until they were pulverized.

Fortunately for the girl, in the last moment when all hope was lost, her eyes had caught onto something in the corner of the sky!

Not missing this behavior, Jin Wu San immediately twisted his head around to look towards the source. That's when he saw it, a black dot zooming through the air and closing in on his location at incredible speed.

’’You blind dog, how dare you make trouble in my turf?!’’ In one holler, the owner of that voice had landed herself onto the ground like a javelin. At the same time, an astonishing level of spirit force came bursting forward followed by nine silverfish gleams piercing through the air.

Nine screams, that's the exact number of the light that Ling Yue shot out. Before Jin Wu San could realize what's going on, some of his closest men had lost their heads, leaving behind nothing but their decapitated bodies and a fountain of blood splurging out of their necks.

’’Ling Yue (Chief)!’’

Emboldened by their leader's return, Lan Caier and Manager Meng were both stoic in their posture, proof of their confidence.

’’So you are that Lan Ling Yue! Do you think with so few of you that you can that you can win over us?’’ Frowning in his face, the Taoist monk had trouble believing this young and delicate looking girl would be the instigator of that poisonous coal scheme.

’’Few people, are you sure?’’ As if getting the signal, two elderly figures could be seen soaring over from another part of the city.

’’Haha, Princess Yue, us two brothers have come to join in on the fun.’’

Smug in their smile, the He Lao brothers had cut off the escape route for this Jun Wu San.

Reincarnation realm! Two reincarnation masters, and one of them is already at the second element! This time it was the evil monk's turn to go green with fright.

He himself was but a reincarnation master of the first element. One was already hard enough to deal with, now he has to deal with two and one was definitely stronger than himself? The chances of his winning just hit rock bottom.

Understanding the dire situation, Jin Wu San knew it's now or never. Without hesitation, he dives straight into the ground and disappears from sight, leaving behind his flabbergasted followers in the dust.

’’This old pervert isn't bad, he knows how to control the earth element well.’’ Narrowing his eyes, He Lao Er (second) finally gets to show off his new prosthetic limbs by stomping on the ground.

Shaking like something massive had rammed straight at the floor, not even Ling Yue could keep her balance against that tremor. Then before anyone knew it, a loud miserable scream could be heard from somewhere, followed by Jin Wu San scrambling out of the dirt in a ragged state of pain and agony.


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