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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 367


Chapter 367

Chapter 367 ’’The Oddball Chaotic Core’’

After the incident with the charcoal shipment robbery there were no longer anymore cases of evil alchemists running amok. For once in a long time, Dan City appears to be at peace for once.

However, only the person herself would know this calm was but an illusion, the prelude to the bigger storm hanging in the sky.

On this day, Ling Yue was delighted to receive a sudden visit from her friend He Lao San (three) of the Treasure Cave: ’’As per our name, we do not disappoint. Princess Yue, this here is the secret account book of the Alchemist Hall. I managed to steal it from the General's Manor.’’

Written clearly in plain text were the various deals General Su made with some of the previous Chief Alchemists of Dan City. Through the sale of illegal drugs, the man has been earning huge profits in the background.

Shockingly enough, it wasn't just all transactions either in this booklet. A small segment had recorded how the man murdered the last Chief Alchemist because the guy wouldn't collude in the dirty scheme.

’’What a good Su Mu (general), he really is bold.’’ After reading through all the crimes, Ling Yue could no longer hold back her rage.

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’’In addition to this, I also noticed something odd with that Su Mu. He's been frequently leaving the city and going off to some suspicious place that I couldn't follow. You must be careful of that man.’’ He Lao San wanted to remind the girl of this fact, especially not after what he's seen.

’’Thank you for the reminder Third Boss, I will come up with a method to deal with him in time.’’ Accepting the booklet, Ling Yue now have the justification to eliminate that Su Mu.

However, before she can openly clash with that man, she still lacks one crucial thing.

It's been more than a month since she practiced the Chaos Cultivation Technique. During this period she's been constantly checking up on her strange vortex that had replaced her Dantian. To her delight, she discovered it's merely the pre-stage to her core being formed, or solidifying in simple terms.

The sooner her core finishes forming, the higher her chances are during the final battle. Not going to delay this until its too late, she immediately headed out of the city to make her final breakthrough.

After more than a month of this constant training, Ling Yue was sure she's at the threshold of making into the Dan realm. However, the strange part was that every time she tries, it would always be lacking in some way. So close yet so far, that's the best way she can describe it.

’’Today I must make my breakthrough today, I must!’’ Closing her eyes, she suspends her body in midair under the cover of darkness.

Continuing in her state until the first ray of sun was about to shine through, it finally came! The vortex inside her Dantian was started to spin faster and faster. In accordance with this change, the Yuan energy of the world likewise started to move.

Like a cat getting a whiff of the fish scent, the particles of life life starts to frantically pour into Ling Yue's body in all directions.

It's forming! She's both nervous and excited inside for what's to come.

The nervousness was for the possibility of failure. The sun will be up soon, meaning the much needed dark Yin energy in the air will be gone and she will need to wait another day. As for the excitement factor, it's of course over what will occur when she does make a breakthrough.

Inhaling deeply, she knew it's now or never. Tightening her control, she pushes it to the limit and allowed the liquid essence to drip into her Dantian until it's a raging hurricane.


That's it! The sound of success at the break of dawn.

It was ear piercingly loud, like hundreds of thunder bolts striking down from the sky. In that instant, her pores exploded to allow everything to gush into her body. It was a torrent, a wave, the energy of the world had no qualms about rushing into her very existence.

One hour, two hour, three hour... The sun rises and falls again, eventually bringing her meditation to a whopping three days in length.

If any other martialists were to witness this scene then they would no doubt be overwhelmed with shock.

When a person forms their core for the first time, they will have only one opportunity to absorb as much Yuan energy in the air as possible. This will determine the quality of that core and the user's future improvements, hence the reason why she's so adamant about using external medicine to help.

Take Hong Ming Yue (step-sister) for example. During her advancement into the into the Dan realm, the phenomenon was only large enough to deplete everything within a one mile radius while lasting only for one day. But for Ling Yue's case, this effect had dried up the energy within a three mile radius while also lasting three full days, that's three times the length!

Sadly, the only one oblivious to her own achievement was the girl herself. She didn't know and frankly, she didn't want to know. What she did want at this moment was to fill her stomach, it's grumbling and she's hungry....

Opening her eyes at the starving sensation, the first image to come into view was a glaring sun far up in the horizon.

It appears I've spent quite some time here.

The nearby weeds were taller and some bird poop were on the ground that wasn't there before, cueing her in on the duration of her meditation.

Randomly filling her belly with the fruits of her pocket dimension, the next thing she did immediately was to check up on her Dantian. She's really curious about its state.


It was the sound of her fruit dropping to the ground.

What the heck is this?

Without a doubt, she had formed her core. But unlike what she expected, this core of hers was divided into two colors.

Generally, the core of a martialist would first be black on the surface because of the properties of the dark Yin energy in this world. Then through refinement and growth, it will eventually grow bigger and transform into a bright golden color due to the light Yang energy needed to advance.

However, in Ling Yue's case, what she got what she got was an oddball of a core divided into black and gold color at the same time.

The size was the same as a cat's eye, half black on one side and gold on the other. If she had to describe the appearance, it's more like a Tai Chi diagram.

Can this be the Chaotic Core mentioned in the jade tablet?

As it turns out, the founder of the Chaos Sect was originally someone with a mutated variant of a core. Unable to cultivate himself into the Dan realm using normal means, the founder created his own special means out of necessity. That's why no one in the past was able to successfully learn this Chaotic Cultivation Technique, its custom made for the founder alone.

Now, Ling Yue has officially become the first ever person to recreate this Chaotic Core in a thousand years, a feat achieved by none before other than the first founder.

’’No matter, whether it's a Chaotic Core or a regular black and light core, as long as it helps me successfully make a breakthrough then its fine.’’ Raising her energy, she gives her power a test run by shooting out a finger beam.


Exploding into multiple smaller sparks after climbing high into the sky, the results were catastrophically devastating for the terrain. Crater after crater, her attack was like an aerial bombardment capable of wiping out huge numbers of enemies in one go.

Though unexpected, but it's more then welcomed for her. After her breakthrough, Ling Yue had also inadvertently grasped onto the second move of the Limitless Finger Technique: Shattering the Heavens!


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