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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 363


Chapter 363

Chapter 363 ’’Truth or Hypocrisy’’

Ling Yue was still somewhat doubtful after receiving the jade tablet.

Generally each family would instill their learnings and knowledge's onto stone tablets instead of jade tablets. Those that do would normally be reserved for powerful martial schools or sects on the mainland.

Ye Ling Yue's guess wasn't wrong because the general's next sentence confirmed her suspicion.

’’Since you came to me then you must know about my background. This Chaos Cultivation Technique is a sixth rate martial technique belonging to the Chaos Sect, one of the nine major sects in this world. Though my ancestor was but a nominal disciple of that power, but when he left he did manage to take this jade tablet with him. Unfortunately for my family, none were able to master this technique ever since my ancestor's era.’’ Now that explains why Nie Feng Hang would say it depends on her own fortune if she can master this skill.

If a fifth rate martial technique was considered garbage for a big major power like the Chaos Sect then this Chaos Cultivation Technique would mean nothing even if it was leaked into the outside world. After all, a Dan realm martialist was common sauce for them, making anything that doesn't help a reincarnation master improve unimportant.

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Nie Feng Hang himself had also tried to study this technique before. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't able to make any improvements just like those before him. In fact, if not for Ling Yue's sudden request today, he had already forgotten about this jade tablet in his possession.

’’Whether or not I can successfully form my Dan core or not, I must still thank you regardless.’’ Due to her humble attitude, the man's evaluation of Ling Yue once again grew higher.

As Lan Caier said, Nie Feng Hang was vastly different from those self-boasting aristocrats in the capital. His character was grand and kind, a worthy individual to be called a righteous good man that's much needed by Da Xia.

’’You don't have to thank me, I'm only helping you because of Ye Huang's sake. I'm sure he wouldn't want anything to happen to you. As long as you grow stronger then it would mean he would have less to be concerned about. I only hope you wouldn't disappoint him in the future.’’ Nie Feng Hang solemnly states this.

Let Mother be disappointed? She became so confused after hearing this, What does learning this skill have to do with Mother?

’’Princess Yue, you may have both talent and beauty, but know that he's truly sincere about you. I only hope you wouldn't forget him when the times come.’’ For some reason, the general felt rather uncomfortable when giving his word of advice.

’’General, are you misunderstanding something?’’ Realizing what the man was hinting at, Ling Yue hurries to explain the issue.

It's no laughing matter if this big blockhead misunderstands!

’’Are you saying it's not? He's even reciting your name in his sleep.’’ After mentioning the last part, Nie Feng Hang awkwardly coughed several times to clear his throat. He's said something out of place and he knows it.

’’Of course not. My relationship with Ye Huang isn't what you think. His sort of feelings for me isn't the kind that you are thinking. I can swear by my name. If I have any false pretense in my my words then so let my alchemy fail to time immemorial!’’ Now that's wonderful news indeed for the general. It's like someone had just removed the boulder off his chest there.

’’Is it true what you say? That's good then!’’ His laugh was boomingly loud, evident of his joyous mood.

’’General Nie, there is one more thing I like to ask you. If one day you find out the woman you like... I mean if, if the woman was married before and was discarded by her former husband, as well as having a teenage daughter, would you mind it?’’ This question had been plaguing Ling Yue ever since she learned of Nie Feng Hang's background.

As the daughter, she must confirm it first hand if this man would be a good fit for her mother. If not, then she would immediately urge her mother to leave this place. Ling Yue knows, after the pain from back then her mother can't sustain another heavy blow. That will cripple her!

’’Mind? Why would I mind? If I Nie Feng Hang falls in love with a woman then I will love her everything, her past and her future.’’ Although the man himself didn't understand why the girl would ask something so strange and out of the blue, but he nevertheless answers directly without hesitation.

’’General Nie, I hope you will remember what you said today in the future.’’ With an approving smile, Ling Yue's line of sight inexplicably turned towards the outside where a certain figure was standing at the entrance. She may not be able see exactly who it was due to the cover, but it's obvious enough from that outline.

Sure enough, Ye Huang Yu Huang Yu was frozen stiff standing there as per the girl's suspicion. She's heard every word of it, Nie Feng Hang's indirect confession.

He doesn't mind, even if I married before and gave birth to a child, he doesn't mind any of it.....

From the past and to the future, he will love that person to the end.....

Nie Feng Hang... is this really what's in your heart?

Ye Huang Yu can feel her heart pounding harder with every beat.

’’A man is of his word. However, Princess Yue, what you asked won't happen to me. I already have someone that I like so I will not fall in love with another in this lifetime.’’ Coughing twice to clear the awkward atmosphere, he tries hard to hide his true emotions. Sadly for him, his eyes gave him away already when the picture of Ye Huang Yu appeared in his mind. There's too much tenderness in his face.

Towards this behavior, Ling Yue really hated it, not for anything else, but that her mother can't get a good view of the general's expression. . No matter how icy and cold inside, no woman can stay frozen against that heated gaze.

Nie Feng Hang already has someone he likes?

Unlike her daughter's wishful thinking, Ye Huang Yu was clenching hard and showing a bittersweet smile.

Oh what are you thinking, how can you even imagine someone like that liking yourself?

He is young and promising, who knows how many young beautiful ladies are waiting for his favor. Quit dreaming Ye Huang Yu, you can't fall into the same trap as before!

Disheartened by her own imagination and lack of confidence, she turns away and left without looking back.

By the time Ling Yue time Ling Yue came out of the tent the area was already empty of people. Even so, she knew what she wanted has been achieved. The girl only hopes her mother would eventually break out of that psychological barrier after this stimulation and shock. Otherwise, how will she get a new stepdaddy?

After her visit to the Tiger Wolf Army's base camp, Ling Yue didn't immediately return to her chores at the Alchemist Hall;instead, she had left the job of managing everyone to Deputy Manager Meng from the capital after she summoned the old lady here.

Note: She's the one that made her sort the seeds at the Royal Hospital.

What's urgent now was improving her cultivation, as such, she went straight into practicing the Chaos Cultivation Technique by absorbing the energy of heaven and earth: The first stage was forming her Dan core by pulling in the dark Yin energy of this world, and the second was by absorbing the light Yang energy to grow her Dan core.

After going over the details of the technique, Ling Yue quickly understood why the Nie Feng Hang and his forefathers were unable to master this ability. Unlike the light Yang energy in this world where it comes in abundance, the dark Yin energy was too little and too hard to come by.

This way around, the Chaotic Cultivation Technique had become a very difficult ability to master. Not because of its method of learning, but of the resources required to begin the first stage.

However, Ye Ling Yue was never a person who gives up easily. Memorizing the steps mentioned in the jade tablet, she began looking for a suitable place to train and cultivate.


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