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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 361


Chapter 361

Chapter 361 ’’Who's More Crooked?’’

They've seen crooked before, but never this crooked. This girl can't be a crab right in how crooked she is? An urge to vomit blood was quickly surfacing in the general's heart, his face unwell and green.

Sadly for the man, what Ling Yue said was right, the military had no authority in make judgement here because the members of the Alchemist Hall are immune to the law. Even if an alchemist does commit a crime, the only recourse was to have the Chief Alchemist decide on the punishment or send the person back to the capital for further trialing.

’’Chief Yue, I advise you to leave some room for future encounters. Even if you're Longyu's student, that doesn't mean there wouldn't be any repercussions in expelling so many alchemists at once. I'm sure those back at the capital would have some opinion once they get word of this incident. By then, not even your teacher would be able to protect you.’’ There's not an ounce of politeness left in General Su's voice.

’’General Su's lecture is keen, but I would first like for you to have a look over the information in my hands before continuing.’’ Prepared ahead of time are dozens of letters written by victims of various complaints, each pointing towards one of the alchemists here without exclusion.

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Watching that thick stack of testimonies in front of his table, not even General Su could keep up his composure by this point. From petty theft to open rape, there's no shortages of heinous crimes listed there. As much as he would like to be bias here, there's no way of talking out of this.

’’This really is a case of a pot of porridge being ruined by some rat poop. For our Alchemist Hall to have used such scums in our ranks is a real disgrace. General Su, I'm sure you wouldn't have anymore opinion about this right? Or is that you want to defend these scums even under such circumstances?’’ Righteous in her tone, Ling Yue made sure to turn her face at the general direction of the royal capital when saying all of this nonsense.

Shaking in his hands due to irritation, General Su pressed it down anyways: ’’What Chief Yue said is right, these scums cannot be allowed to stay. Someone come, expel these people from the city and place their names and portraits on the blacklist.’’

Under the pushing and shoving of the soldiers, the alchemists here were soon pushed out of the room, leaving nothing but the echoing cries for mercy in the air.

Now that's how how you vex someone. Every single one of those men expelled today were painstakingly cultivated by General Su from the grounds up. Now in a single day he had to expel them personally all because of a single lass. If that's not a case of self mutilation then nothing will be.

’’General you are truly discerning in your judgement. For the citizens of Dan City to have such a fine protector is truly their honor. Now that the matter is finished, I will first take my leave.’’ Giving a ceremonial bow, Ling Yue was ready to take her leave when she was stopped by the general's holler.

’’Hold on, I heard Chief Yue's cultivation with the spirit force is quite amazing. I was wondering if you would honor me by instructing me on some pointers.’’ Following that statement were a serious of loud banging sounds from all sides of the hall. It was the main bronze gate slamming shut and various cell bars shooting up from the ground.

That is?

Ling Yue's pupil shrank at the sight. How can she not recognize that power? It's the earth element of a reincarnation master, meaning the earthly cage which now binds her here in the hall was created entirely by General Su himself.

Ye Ling Yue knew it was just a matter of time before the before the man would exact revenge for expelling his men, but this soon? Things are getting dangerous!

’’Since General is interested then I won't hold back,’’ not going to be overwhelmed, she puts on a strong front as she stepped forward. Next second later, over nine whistling daggers had shot forward at the earthly cage.

’’What a dense spirit force, she's been concealing her strength the entire time...’’ Still sitting in his chair unmoved, General Su snickers a laugh at the girl's futile attempt: ’’But just relying on nine simple daggers won't be enough to break my prison. Don't look down at the power of a reincarnation master!’’

For the martialists of this world, every advancement in their realm level meant their powers would grow exponentially. Even if the opponent was a user of the spirit force, such a ridge cannot be overcome so easily.

While the general was still gloating over his own strength, what came next instantly shattered his ego, ’’What!’’

It was the daggers. Merging from nine into one, the daggers had reformed into a huge blade that sent the earthly cage shaking violently upon impact. However, that wasn't the end of it all!

’’Little Measureless Finger, First Point Universe!’’ Condensing all of her Yuan energy into her fingertip, Ling Yue follows up with a radiant beam of deadly precision to reinforce her to reinforce her dagger's attack.

As a fusion of both spirit force and Yuan energy, this dual assault was no different from a raging avalanche that would send everything flying, which was exactly what occurred. Flying floor tiles, quaking wood beams for the building, and more importantly, a gaping hole in that earthly cage stopping Ling Yue from escaping.

In the face of this sudden turn of events, there's no way General Su could sit idly. Jumping up from his crumbling chair, he immediately raises his power for another assault until he noticed something peculiar.

’’General, you've been kind,’’ as Ling Yue says this, several small beady objects had rolled to the floor from her hand.

Those are Thunder Seeds....

Although General Su's anger still hasn't been quelled yet, he's not foolish enough to risk his life over a lass that he can squash later in the future.

’’Princess Yue is truly a promising youngster,’’ that smile of his said otherwise.

’’General is flattering me. Forgive me for being rude, but I must take my leave now. The Alchemist Hall still has many things I must attend to.’’ Harsh in her voice, Ling Yue cups her hand and then took off without looking back. She knows very well what the man intended to do just now. If not for those Thunder Seeds, she be dead at this point.


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