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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 360


Chapter 360

Chapter 360 ’’Vicious Bitch’’

’’Now that we're on topic, Sir Thirteen, how come you are here in Dan City?’’ After their initial joyous reuinion, the brothers soon became curious over why Ling Yue would be here in this remote region.

Regarding this Sir Thirteen's background, the He Lao brothers had always been in the dark. The only thing they knew was that she's from a family of exceptional background and was likely a favored female confidante of North Qing's Phoenix Lord.

Then there's the matter with the infamous Ghost Emperor. The relationship on that end was very messy, a topic the brothers didn't want to bring up on their dear life.

Ghost Sect's master? Or a lady of a noble house? In their opinion, it's simply too mysterious.

’’I won't deceive the two of you. I'm here at Dan City because of a reassignment. I'm the new Chief Alchemist.’’ Since Ling Yue wants to cooperate with the Treasure Cave, she figured its time she came out into the open and stop concealing her identity. Allies shouldn't keep holding back with each other, otherwise issues of trusts will form between the parties.

’’Ha! You are that 'Vicious Bitch' from the capital!’’ He Lao San (third) exclaims like a child learning a great secret.

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Poor He Lao Er (second), because of his younger brother's idiotic outburst, he nearly lost his grip on the teacup wet his crotch in the process.

Why is my younger brother's brain so damn slow sometimes? Vicious Bitch...... what the heck is that and is this the time to be saying something like that in front of the person? Glaring fire at the muscular dote, he really wanted to smack his young brother right now.

Getting dark lines running through her face, Ye Ling Yue had no idea she had such a nickname, When did I get such a name?

’’Sir Thirteen.... wait no, it's Princess Yue. Please don't blame my third brother, he's not very good at watching his words.’’ The second elder awkwardly apologizes.

The nickname ’’Vicious Bitch’’ was something the common folks coined for her. At first it wasn't all that popular, merely a name usually used by her enemies at times. However, things all changed right after the crown prince incident. Rumors began to spread like wildfire, claiming it's her who caused everything after the crown prince offended her.

And since Lan Ying Wu and the others wouldn't have the heart to mention it in front of her, the girl would've most likely been kept in the dark forever until today where the elder had a slight slip of mouth.

’’Second Boss need not worry about it. Vicious Bitch is indeed a worthy nickname for what I've done.’’ Shrugging her shoulders, Ling Yue had no qualms about taking responsibility for her actions.

What's more, her methods are nothing but little drizzles compared to what Hong Fang and his people have done over the years.

’’Thank you for not being offended Princess Yue. But then again, I gotta ask, is that Dan Dragon phenomenon in the sky and the rumor about an alchemist killing himself also related to you?’’ He Lao San (third) dives deeper with his questions.

’’Apparently it was I too,’’ Ling Yue continues to sip her tea calmly like its no big deal since she expected the brothers to ask her this.

Now it was the elders turn to be unsettled unsettled because they now realizes how true that nickname was - it's no lie! They've just been had by a girl young enough to be their granddaughter and even openly offered up their own heads on a platter with that vow of always being by her side!

’’Princess Yue, please don't blame me for being a busy body, but your actions are way too big this time. No matter what, this is still Dan City and not the capital, the king's might won't be able to reach a place like this when it's plagued with turmoil. And according to what we know, that Alchemist Wang is General Su's men. You need to be careful.’’ He Lao Er offers his warning out of concern and goodwill.

’’The truth is I am also here today for that matter. I've only just arrived recently and have no information regarding the various forces and powers in play. About that General Su, what do you know about him?’’ Ling Yue went straight for the point without beating around the bush.

She had already inquired about that general from her godfather and that General Wolf Tiger. Sadly, the information in their hands were also limited, forcing her to come here as a last resort.

’’That Su Mu's (General Su) reputation isn't bad around here. Unlike the other garrison commanders, he doesn't differentiate between foreigners and locals, that's why we came here in the first place to set up shop. However, make no mistake, the man isn't as simple as he seems on the surface.’’ He Lao Er explains with a stern expression.

’’I also know Su Mu isn't going to be easy to deal with. I've checked the books last books last night actually. From what I've discovered, a lot of the accounts have been tampered with and it's likely the ones in my hands aren't even the real thing. I suspect it's in Su Mu's hand and even some of the alchemists are working under his command.’’ Ling Yue was skeptical to begin with, now it only confirms her suspicion after getting the warning.

’’If Princess Yue trusts us enough then we can look for a way to sneak into the general's estate. I'm sure there will be something we can use.’’ Picking up on the girl's intent, He Lao San (third) cleverly offers up his help.

They are after all best known for their ability to steal. Sneaking into a manor at night would be simple for these specialized night thieves.

’’Then I will have to trouble both elders to help me on this one. I also have one other thing to mention, Hong Fang and that Xia Hou Hong (crown prince) is now in the Northwestern Plains. Do be careful.’’ Though Ling Yue's reminder sounded inadvertent and careless, it's definitely intentional.

Sure enough, her plan worked and easily riled up the two elders. They are people that operate outside the law, royalty or nobility means nothing to them. In fact, if not for the high level of security in the capital, they would've long ran off to repay the debt of being forced to relocate to this frontier.

While the He Lao brothers were steaming and ranting about how they will mess with Hong Fang and the prince, Ling Yue on the other hand was screaming delight in her heart. Anything to vex those people was a boon for her.

With her mission her.

With her mission complete for the day, she soon changed back to her female outfit before returning to the Alchemist Hall.

’’Chief Yue, General Su is requesting your presence.’’ Two uninvited soldiers had blocked her path at the doorway.

So it's finally here eh, Ling Yue sneers inside.

Doing as told, what awaited her at the general's estate was General Su himself and a dozen or so alchemists in the back, their faces all showing dissent and cheekiness at the sight of the girl.

’’Chief Yue, I heard you released a new notice today on the bulletin board. I believe the content is somewhat inappropriate, hence the reason why I called for you.’’ The general's tone can still be called polite, but the strong attitude cannot be misplace.

’’General Su must have made a mistake. I dare to ask, where was the notice posted?’’ Ignoring the strong front, Ling Yue was rather calm and relaxed in her reply.

’’It was attached to the bulletin board inside the Alchemist Hall.’’ Confused by the question, General Su couldn't understand why the girl would ask something so strange.

’’Then that's it. The notice was posted inside the Alchemist Hall, making it the sole business of the Alchemist Hall. His Majesty the King assigned me to oversee the operations of the Alchemist Hall, meaning I have full custody of those who work there. Since these alchemists here won't accept my authority then I will have to ask them to pack their bags and leave.’’ Without giving anyone a second to object, several assistants had come inside the meeting hall with dozens of parcels in hand.

Just like that, the cheekiness were instantly erased from these people's faces and replaced with a horrified expression.


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