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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 359


Chapter 359

Chapter 359 ’’Big Gift’’

As her body strolled through the bustling streets of the city, Ling Yue soon came to appreciate the customs and traditions of what she saw

Because of the unique geographical positioning of Dan City, plus the relative safety provided by it being located on the outskirt, the population had increased exponentially over the years. Among these newcomers were locals from the nearby township or villages, but most are businessmen coming through for trade, bringing with them enormous opportunities for wealth.

If the king were to learn of this, surely the prospect for the Northwest would grow exponentially. However, it appears the information had been intentionally kept from the capital over the years.

Very soon, Ling Yue had come before the new location of the Treasure Cave after walking for a good while. In front of this familiar scene, she really couldn't resist breaking out into a chuckle.

It's exactly like her memories portrayed. Whether it be the outline or furnishings, even the old man acting as reception there on the chair, everything was exactly the same as the Treasure Cave back at the capital. To call this a carbon copy was no understatement. Truly the works of the He Lao brothers.

’’Hey mister, go tell your three bosses that Red Thirteen is coming for a visit.’’ Direct and to the point, Ling Yue didn't want to waste time on the formalities.

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Before long, a familiar and passionate voice had drifted out from the inside after the reception had ran off to pass the word. ’’Sir Thirteen, is that really you?! I thought I was hallucinating there for a second!’’

Tough and rugged in his build, the old man was none other than He Lao San, the youngest brother among the three.

As it turns out, Ling Yue's urgent warning from before had played a crucial role in the He Lao brother's escape. Though there had been some losses during their evacuation, but the core assets were preserved.

Then through some careful screening and planning, the brothers eventually chose Dan City as their new base of operation. It's a thriving commercial hub and was far away from the capital, making the city ideal for keeping Hong Fang and his men from interfering.

Just like that, their business now was back up to fifty percent of their heyday's profit margins. Partially because of the ideal location, but also because of their good reputation built up over the years.

’’Sir Thirteen, my elder brother really missed you during this period. If not for your help this time, our Quick Finger Sect's hundred year history would've been destroyed for good. We had attempted to notify you of our new location, but when we did, your people said you were away.’’

Now she got it, it's likely she missed the letter from the brothers after she left the capital city, hence the reason why she had to learn of the Treasure Cave from Lan Caier.

Aside from the letter, He Lao San also informed the girl of He Lao Dai (biggest) being away on a trip. Therefore, it it will be him and his second brother He Lao Er to receiver her.

’’It's not a big deal, I'm coming here for your second brother anyways. If there's a chance in the future then I can always make another visit.’’ As soon as she mentioned her reason, the elder immediately rejoiced.

’’Sir Thirteen, is it, my brother's artificial limb?’’

’’That's right, I'm here to keep my promise and to give He Lao Er a big gift,’’ Ling Yue confirms it with her smile.

During the trip to the Tai Yi School the He Lao brothers had handed the giant cauldron over to her as a form of goodwill. In order to return the huge favor, it's only proper that Ling Yue help create an artificial limb for the crippled He Lao Er (second) when the opportunity presents itself.

He Lao Dai and He Lao San honestly didn't put all their hope in the girl to keep her promise, after all, it was the precious Bhuddism Metal. It didn't help either when they had to flee not long after from the capital.

Not bothering to care about the auction house at this point, He Lao San (three) hurriedly called for his second brother to come to the secret chamber for treatment.

Regarding the level of friendships between the three brothers and Ling Yue, He Lao Er (second) was definitely the weakest. After all, he didn't get to go on the adventure inside the Tai Yi School and didn't know the boy was in fact a girl.

As one can imagine, the elder in his in his wheelchair was absolutely touched by how responsive Ling Yue was to her promises.

’’I've extracted around twenty something pounds of Bhuddism Metal from the cauldron. The quantity isn't much, but it's enough to craft a pair of prosthetic legs. Please have a look and tell me if you are satisfied with the way it feels.’’ Not stringing the elders along, she brought out the said item.

It took Ling Yue quite the effort to create this pair of prosthetic legs. Although she had worked with the other two legendary alloys in the past, but this one was in particular difficult to handle. What's more, she never crafted a pair of limbs before so it's not hard to imagine how many failures she had to go through before success.

’’So this is Bhuddism Metal?’’ The pair of limbs looked nothing like a pair of legs forged out of metal. It was soft to the touch and even comparable to the sensation of human skin. And if checked closely enough on the inside, one could discern the tiny veins meant to connect with the human flesh.

This extra feature was thanks to Mr. Red Mist's codex in Ling Yue's possession. She intentionally added this feature after diving through the pages for help after failing so much.

’’Second Brother, you're standing up!’’ After seeing his second eldest brother confined to the wheelchair for so long, He Lao San could no longer hold back his tears anymore.

’’Third Brother, what are you doing? You are already close to seventy years of age, are you not are you not afraid of embarrassing yourself in front of Sir Thirteen?’’ Though the man says that, his face was also very emotional like he's about to cry too.

’’Sir Thirteen, it's very rare that I would approve of someone in this life. You are one of the rare ones. From this point onward, you are a great benefactor to me and my family.’’ Red in his eyes, He Lao San (three) was ready to get on his knees to give the girl a full on kowtow.

’’Please Third Boss, your age is older than my grandfather. If you bow to me then it's me who's going to be troubled.’’ She honestly didn't think the elder would be this excited and moved.

’’Sir Thirteen, what you have done is no different then giving me a new lease on life. If there is anything you need in the future, anything, please ask of us. We will do anything within our means.’’ He Lao Er (second) was also very moved and can't even begin to describe his emotions.

He's been crippled for decades already and had nearly given up hope on walking again.

’’There's no need to be so polite, I'm only doing what I can. During this period I will help massage your muscles some more. This way you will be able to adapt quickly to it and walk freely.’’

Though she had lost around twenty pounds of Bhuddism Metal in this exchange, but she now has the absolute trust of these reincarnation masters. This deal was more than worth it!


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