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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 356


Chapter 356

Chapter 356 ’’World Phenomenon’’

In concurrent with the appearance of the Dan Dragon, the Blood Cauldron as well as the hundred smaller ones had all erupted at once. It was steaming with red smoke like a whistling vent, signaling the completion of the pills.

A hundred in the big one and a dozen or so in each of the smaller ones. This number was overwhelmingly great. Even better was the fact that there's no failures here, not a single one!

Because of how big the commotion was over at the Alchemist Hall, others were also quickly alerted to the phenomenon.

General Su over at his manor was gawking at the sky with his jaws wide open: ’’What is that massive thing hovering above the Alchemist Hall? Can it be, the one from the capital...’’

Somewhere else in the Northwestern Plains, an evil being was currently standing above a massive grave: ’’Ke, am I seeing this right, is that a Dan Dragon? To think this shabby Qing Continent would have a senior alchemist capable of raising such a phenomenon. No wait, that's not right. It's too small and it's only red in color.... Ha, the person is still only a regular alchemist!’’ As if discovering something incredible, the grey-clothed evil being halted his action of gnawing at whatever was in his hands.

It's common knowledge that only an alchemist of considerable level - mainly the senior alchemist rank - can hope to achieve such a miracle of raising a sacred Dan beast.

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’’Only a regular alchemist and already that talented, the person must be equipped with a vast reservoir of spirit force. If I swallow that soul then most surely my powers will return by huge margins.’’ Tossing the dead animal carcass away, the evil being was getting tired of such rudimentary preys by this point.

He needs something new and fast, however, logic stood above instincts here today. Turning his blood soaked mouth into a frown, he looked towards the horizon where the source of the miracle was occurring.

The evil being may be savage and deadly, but he's not a fool. If he turns his sight onto a major human settlement like that then it's bound to cause a riot. By then, his existence might trigger the awareness of the Nine Sects and Three Powers. That's not something he wants, not in his current state anyways.

’’Fine then, I will wait for now. Not like there wouldn't be an opportunity to eat that person in the future.’’ Revealing his fangs with that grin, he went back to gnawing at the carcasses.

West of the Northwestern Plains at the border of North Qing, a green robed alchemist was currently looking towards the general direction of Da Xia inside a towering shaped structure.

Unlike a normal alchemist who would be ranked accordingly to the emblem on their chest, this person had none of that. Instead, the the only proof he needed was that crimson tattoo on his forehead.

It's like a stamp, giving fear to any alchemist who comes into view of it. The reasoning, it's a symbol, a symbol of respect and power.

’’Lord Hong Ru, something is happening in the kingdom of Da Xia.’’ A nine cauldron alchemist was currently kneeling before this person, making it difficult to get a clearer picture of this Lord Hong Ru's face.

’’It's a Dan Dragon. How unexpected. After so many years after Ye Nameless, Da Xia now has a second genius.’’

’’Your lordship, isn't this fuss too much for something like that? It's just a blood colored Dan Dragon, meaning the person is only still a regular alchemist.’’ The kneeling elder carried a hint of contempt in his voice.

’’Several months ago someone in Da Xia managed to refine a reincarnation pill, now it's a Dan Dragon? I suspect both phenomenon is related.’’ Pausing in his words, this one known as Lord Hong Ru then moves closer to the window until his hands are touching the railing: ’’Send someone over to Dan City and investigate. I want to know who is the cause of this stir. Remember, if the person can be used by North Qing then recruit them, if not, remove them before they can grow. I do not want to see any loose ends.’’

The nine cauldron alchemist immediately bowed his head to accept the order. But prior to departing from the from the tower, this elder couldn't resist turning around to look up at the stairs.

It seems his lordship would always react differently whenever that Ye Nameless is brought up. Nothing but a defeated loser, why must his lordship be so afraid of him?

With the person gone and alone again, Cheng Hong Ru didn't stay idle either. Next minute later, his very person was now hundreds of meters up into the clouds.

’’Ye Nameless, if I can make Da Xia's alchemist community plummet into its current state then I can do it again five hundred years later.’’

While many were having different ideas and different plans in mind for her, Ye Ling Yue on the other hand were too pre-occupied to care. For one, the Dan Dragon was quite a shocker even for her because she never expected it. The second being how tough it was to control the Blood Cauldron. Nevertheless, she pulled through at the expense of some fatigue for the long hours of concentration.

Meanwhile in the background, the audience were dead silent. They can no longer fool themselves at this point. Controlling one hundred cauldrons at once as well as the Blood Cauldron, they be lying to themselves if they still believed Ling Yue got to her post by connections.

As for Alchemist Wang, the elder looked no different from a defeated rooster in his demeanor.

Taking this all in, Ling Yue smirked. Not just for being able to prove herself before these men, before these men, but at how far she's come. From a lowly discarded daughter that could only cling onto scraps for a living, she's now a true alchemist that could make others submit willingly under her feet.

This felt good for her, very good.....

Of course, being showered in attention wasn't the only factor that's pushing her mood for the better, her discovery also played a part.

She had checked, it's impossible to produce five hundred pills even with the Blood Cauldron. So how did the tale of old come from? That's when her eyes fell upon the hundred or so cauldrons here in the field.

After some pondering and careful calculations, that's when it struck her. The real reason the elder back then perished wasn't because he was drained by the Blood Cauldron, it's because he was mobilizing every single cauldron at once!

’’In total, there are five hundred illumination pills. Congratulations to Chief Yue!’’ One of the assistants exclaimed after going over the numbers.

There's no question about it, the record set here two hundred years ago had once again been reached. Though it's not a new one, but to reach it was a grand feat in of itself.

’’Hold on, I still have another one here. This is my form of respect to my predecessors.’’ Clipped between her fingertips, Ling Yue was holding another golden colored pill.

That does it, not five hundred, but five hundred and one! Gasps of astonishment could be heard at every corner.


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