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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 353


Chapter 353

Chapter 353 ’’Battle for the Chief Position’’

To be ridiculed by a lass that's not even half their age, it's only normal for these usually pampered alchemists to show irritation. However, their grumpy attitude was immediately lost after hearing the girl was about to kick them out. Anxiety instantly gripped the crowd.

It's undeniable that the danger involved here at Dan City may be higher than normal, but compensation was likewise much higher than other works of equal standing. If they lose the job here then it's going to be tough for them to find another one of similar quality.

’’Your ladyship, my illness is better now.’’

’’Your ladyship, my condition is but a minor one. There's no problem in me returning to work.’’

’’Your ladyship, I'm still young so I would like to continue offering my skills to the Court. I can work even if I'm sick.’’

In no time at all, these alchemists had forgotten their initial plan of resisting Ye Ling Yue and her tyrannical rule.

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’’What a bunch useless traitors,’’ Alchemist Wang murmurs to himself, annoyed by how quickly his peers changed tune.

Of course, those words didn't go unnoticed by the others and causes the crowd to go mute.

So he's the one leading them. Pretending to take another sip from the teacup, Ling Yue eyes the elder intently like she's trying to see through him.

From what she can tell based on the outer appearance, this Alchemist Wang was around fifty years of age, white haired, long nose, and eyes that never take others into account, its pretty obvious he's a narrowed minded person with a strong ego.

As for that Alchemist Wang, he too was eyeing Ling Yue up and down, How can this be, a fourteen year old six cauldron alchemist? I was already considered a genius back when I was her age, but even then I was only at the two cauldron level. Yes, now it make sense. It's as Senior Chou says. This Princess Yue must have relied on Master Longyu to get to where she is now.

’’So you are Alchemist Yue sent by the Court. It's as my senior says, you are both ignorant and arrogant.’’

’’Senior?’’ Ling Yue pricked her brow at the word.

’’Alchemist Chou of the Royal Hospital is my senior and I am the one currently holding the Chief Alchemist post here.’’ As if afraid the girl wouldn't see it, Alchemist Wang proudly puffs out his chest to show off that eight cauldron emblem.

What the elderly man meant by that was he had someone shrouding him up top so you better back off. A tad indirect, but it's not hard to perceive if the foe had even the slightest brain.

’’Oh, are you talking about the former manager of the Royal Hospital... Alchemist Chou? No matter, it's good that we are acquainted. You can hand over the position as Chief Alchemist now. It must have been hard for you to look after my job all this time.’’ Ling Yue didn't even flinch as she hammered the the nail at where it hurts.

Her meaning was even more direct. Quit yapping and hand it over. I don't care what sort of backing you have.

’’You! Such a young age and you are already so rude. Nothing but a six cauldron, what makes you think you can start bossing us around?!’’ The rudeness nearly caused the elder to choke to death. He never expected the girl to be so blunt and direct.

For a moment there, sparks could be seen flying between their eyes. A lion versus a tiger, that's the best way to describe their confrontation.

While the situation intensified so did the pressure in the air. For these innocent bystanders, they were obviously not used to a dual of this level and had trouble breathing. Fortunately, it didn't last long after the teacup exploded due to the friction.

As expected, those who come out to play must have some skills to back it up. This Alchemist Wang's spirit force is very good indeed. Ling Yue can tell the man's major was in the same format as Alchemist Chou, the suppression type.

Note: This is a famous gangster phrase old Hong Kong movies like to use. Can't believe the author actually pulled this out here. Think of two groups of men in black mafia clothes with huge fruit knives ready to go at it lol.

Not wanting to continue knowing she will eventually lose at this rate, Ling Yue whisks her hand and shot forward a tiny object. It was the green snake from Longyu.

Following a Longyu.

Following a puff of smoke and a loud bang, the girl and her alchemic beast was gone from view. Instead, what appeared next was a huge green serpent hovering above the estate with its master riding on its head.

Now things are getting interesting. Using her new friend as her weapon, Ling Yue only needed to have the tail whip through the sky to raise a torrent of mini hurricanes. Thanks to this disturbance and fierce wind, Alchemist Wang could no longer maintain his focus and broke the layer of pressure he's been exuding.

Now it was this impudent elder to be on the defensive. He never thought that damn dwarf would hand over something so precious to his student. That's not something one so easily give away because a creature of that calibre is equal to a eight cauldron alchemist in terms of destructive might!

What's more, this type of contraption that's close to a real living creature requires an enormous amount of spirit force to control. For the girl to have absolute command over it, it proves he was wrong and that Ling Yue had the skills to back up her status.

’’You got some nerve Alchemist Wang, how dare you move against me? Are you trying to violate royal edict?!’’ Righteous in her words, Ling Yue now stands at the superior position.

In terms of being sharp witted, there's no way the elder can beat the girl. Not to mention Ling Yue had the law on her side so it's expected she will use her will use her chicken feather as an arrow!

Nevertheless, Alchemist Wang wasn't slow to react either. After all, the consequences of the claim sticking would be the death penalty for the entire clan and family.

’’Alchemist Yue mustn't misunderstand, how could I possibly dare to violet the royal edict. You may not know this since you have only just arrived, but the rules of Dan City is that every Chief Alchemist must pass a test before taking up their post. This is merely a formality on my end to see if you are ready.’’ Coughing a laugh, the elder shirked off all responsibility by having his peers support him from the back.

Mob tactic, a group of rabbles. Embarrassed by what she saw, Ling Yue didn't even have the will to push the matter anymore.

’’Oh, the rules of the Alchemist Hall sure is exceptional. Well then, why don't you show me what this test is about?’’ With a little tap of her feet, she floats back down to the ground and retracts her little pet.

Ye Ling Yue was very firm on her belief. No matter where one was at, the only way to make someone submit was to convince them through strength and ability.

A kid is still a kid. One little push and she's already biting the bait. Alchemist Wang was overjoyed at the question.

’’Chief Yue, please come with me. The test area is inside.’’ Pulling a one-eighty, the rude elder enthusiastically led the way for Ling Yue. Anyone can see he's up to no good here.


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