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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 351


Chapter 351

Chapter 351 ’’Dan City's Newest Boss’’

Once outside the main tent, Ye Huang Yu couldn't resist spitting on the ground. What a bunch of scums. How could I be so blind to have ever liked a man like that before?

Towards that childish behavior, Nie Feng Hang not only didn't find it childish, it was rather lovely in a simplistic way for him.

’’General, why are you not angry? These disgusting people are clearly excluding us and the rest of the Tiger Wolf Army.’’

Hearing the ’’We’’ and ’’Disgusting’’ part in that remark, Nie Feng Hang's earlier suspicion of his subordinate knowing Hong Fang was immediately dismissed. While his eyes narrowed in on that grumpy face portrayed by Ye Huang Yu, the general here was strangely attracted to it. Of course, the sort of attraction could only be found in this man.

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’’Ye Huang, why are you being so angry for when I'm not? It's just some military achievements. Instead of fighting with those calculative pricks inside over who gets what, I rather stay in town and drink some tea with the locals.’’ Showing his aloof side, Nie Feng Hang didn't get picky and directly took a seat on one of the nearby grasses.

Ye Huang Yu really had trouble matching the current man with her strict and demanding superior. Arms crossed and a straw in his mouth, was this really the same General Wolf Tiger from her memories? And what's the talk about drinking tea with the locals?

’’Oh yes, Ye Huang, I forgot to ask you back then, but what's your reasoning for joining the army?’’

In order to seek revenge against Hong Fang and the Hong House. This way my daughter Ling Yue won't have to be jeered at by the world. These were the words the woman wanted to answer with.

’’What? You are too shy to say? Let me take a guess. You want to build up your career and then one day marry that Princess Yue, correct?’’ Seeing how hesitant his subordinate was about answering, the general went ahead with his own version instead.

It's correct to say I want to build up my career, but what's the deal with the marrying half? The disguised woman popped her eyes, unsure if the man was still okay in the head after being snubbed by her former husband.

’’Then General, what is your purpose in joining the army?’’ Ye Huang Yu reflexively asked with no other meaning.

’’Don't laugh after I tell you. I came because of that old fool back at home. He said that with my level of virtue, I will never amount to anything in life and can only hope to rely on my family's backing.’’

All because of one careless remark from his old man - Marquis Guan Wu - Nie Feng Hang had abandoned his name and family to embark on a wondrous journey. That was ten years ago. Without a single copper to his name at the time, he nevertheless managed to crawl up from being a common soldier into the famous general that he was today. If that wasn't a story of legends then nothing will be.

Ye Huang Yu was truly stumped by the cant reply. She never expected her superior here to have have such a history.

’’But I've already thought it through. I really do need to thank that old fool to be honest. If not for him, I wouldn't have arrived here in the Northwest. I wouldn't have met my brothers here nor would I have met you. I like the vast stretches of openness here. I like spending time with my brothers, and I like gazing up at the bright glowing moon at night with you. What military merit, those useless junk is unimportant to me. Those fools inside can fight for it all they want.’’ With his words complete, he jerks himself back up with smooth precision to take his leave.

Meanwhile in the background, the woman was still dazing around over the man's wording. Why did that sound so strange and off?

Unbeknownst to the two, Hong Fang had watched the entire thing unfold from a hidden corner. To him, the two men were extremely intimate to the point where it's unnerving.

Nie Feng Hang and his aid? Hoho, I seems to have caught onto something critical here. No wonder the man still isn't married yet despite coming up to his thirties. So his little lover is inside the military with him. Now that's news indeed.

It's exactly like the despicable man imagined. If it becomes known that the heir to the Nie House was into the same se* instead of the female body, the effects of that bombshell will be destructive. In fact, Nie Feng Hang's career would be finished with no possible hope of revival.

’’Someone come, go investigate the background of that soldier named Ye Huang. Remember, I do not want not want General Nie catching wind of this.’’

While Hong Fang was laughing deviously back at the base camp, Ling Yue and Lan Caier was moving fast through the main road. Before long, they had arrived at their destination after a day's worth of traveling.

It was barely before dawn when they saw the first glimpse of Dan City. From first impression, this city famed for their alchemic products were no different from any other ordinary city. However, of the fifty thousand residence here, roughly ten percent was working in jobs related to alchemy. That's extremely high for a city of this size, especially when the capital didn't even come close to that number.

As the girls drew closer and closer to the gates, Ling Yue soon discovered something peculiar. It was the clouds, its red like the color of fire. Of course, the clouds aren't engulfed in fire, it's merely the effects of years of accumulation from the by-product of Dan creation.

When an alchemist begins work, it's unavoidable that chemicals would be created from the process. And since this world didn't have the logic of air filter, it's normal for the gas to float into the sky and mingle with the elements. Which was exactly the case here with those reddish clouds looming over the top.

Fortunately in this case, the reddish fumes aren't toxic. In fact, it's even beneficial for the average human because of its enhancing properties. If one had to describe the situation, it's like a person constantly being bathed inside a mist of enhancing medication with no side effects. These reddish fumes are what people call Dan Gas, the Dan Gas, the symbol of a health and prosperity.

Sadly, there are always two sides to a coin. Just like how humans are attracted to the benefits of the Dan Gas, wild animals are too. As a result, Dan City had become a focus of raids by the dangers lurking in the Northwestern Plains.

Knowing this fact, the Court had specifically set up a garrison of five thousand strong to keep the city from being overrun. As good as the measures were, there are bound to be openings to be had somewhere. First issue was when the medications are being transported to the front line. Without the full protection of the garrison, the transporting caravan would become easy prey. It's not unheard of for the alchemists to be attacked mid-road by both bandits and animals.

The perfect example of that was the former Chief Alchemist of Dan City. The man had died while transporting the goods to the front line.

As Ling Yue and her sister finally arrived outside the city walls, it was just barely morning, meaning they had come exactly on time for the soldiers to unlock the gate.

’’You are the new alchemist sent over by the Court, Princess Yue?’’ The one to receive Ling Yue and her sister was a middle-aged general surnamed Su. This person had been the commander here for over eight years.

Assessing the girl before him, it's pretty obvious the general wasn't pleased by what he saw.

Isn't the Court being too perfunctory? Each time they send a new one it's always inferior to the last. Now look, this time they even sent a lass that's barely weened yet.


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