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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 350


Chapter 350

Chapter 350 ’’Disfigured in Order to Avoid the Scum’’

’’Ho, you have quite the attitude there General. Let me remind you something. According to the laws of Da Xia, the alchemists of the Royal Hospital are not under the command chain of the military. Although you are the commanding general of this subjugation force, it doesn't mean you can order me around and dictate when I go take up my post at Dan City.’’ Now that did it. The ridiculing comment from Ling Yue instantly sent the man fuming with rage. Heck, one can practically smell the gunpowder in the air at this moment.

’’Humph, Lan Ling Yue, you better pray that you don't make any mistake during your stay at Dan City. Otherwise, I will surely report you to the Court.’’ With a whisk of his hand, Hong Fang takes his leave in a disgruntled manner.

’’Princess Yue, are you and General Hong at odds with each other?’’ Nie Feng Hang can tell the two was literally like ice and fire, totally incompatible.

’’What at odds, more like open enemies if you must know. General Nie, do you know why he was dismissed from his original position in Court? It's all because of my dear sister Ling Yue here.’’ Lan Caier was overjoyed from seeing how Hong Fang had to suffer at their hands.

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Now that's news for the general. He didn't expect someone so scheming and experienced like Hong Fang to be defeated by a young lass that wasn't even an adult yet.

’’Oh Sister, you should stop flattering me. General Nie, I only follow one rule in life and that is to return thy treatment in kind. If someone is kind to me then I will be good to them. If they are mean to me then I will return in fold. Well then, I think my sister and I have rested enough here already. It's time we continued on our journey again. I hope you can take care of my.... Brother Ye while I'm not around.’’

Although Hong Fang cannot do anything in this current situation, but the deadline set for her to reach Dan City was quickly approaching. Besides, Ling Yue didn't want to rouse anymore trouble during this period either.

Aside from that, Ling Yue can now put her worry to rest while her mother's in the army. With Nie Feng Hang around, she's certain nothing bad will come to past so long nothing major occurs.

While the girl's remark didn't sound remotely threatening or aggressive, it was strangely so to the general. In fact, the respectable man didn't know why either, but his movement surprised even himself when he nodded out of reflex afterwards.

I must be overthinking this....

After bidding farewell to the general, Ling Yue only had a short timeframe to see to her mother back at camp.

’’Ling Yue, you must be extra careful while in Dan City.’’ Caressing her daughter's head, Ye Huang Yu was both happy and sad at the same time that her daughter was growing so well. One was that Ling Yue's in good health, the other that she can't be around to watch her grow.

’’Don't worry Mother, I'll be careful for sure. Rather it's you I'm worried about. You must be careful while in Flag City. Here, take these two bottles with you. One will help you grow some rashes on your face. It's temporary and and can help deter anyone from recognizing you. The other is the cure. Once you take it then the rashes will disappear automatically and not leave any scars.’’ In the end, Ling Yue was most worried about Hong Fang recognizing her mother.

For a man like that who would harm his own wife and child, what else can he not do?

With their farewells complete and over with, Lan Caier and Ling Yue didn't dally around and directly took to the road. With their galloping figures soon out of view, the disguised woman could only clench onto the bottles in her hands while she stood there on the cliff. She wanted to be with her daughter, she really did. However, Ye Huang Yu knew she mustn't. Not now, not yet.

With her mind set, she returns to camp after consuming the first pill. It didn't take long, merely minutes before the small rashes took over her face. To say rashes was truly an understatement because it nearly disfigured her. Heck, even the person herself had trouble recognizing that face through the basin of water.

’’Captain, the general is requesting your presence. They say the commanding general is demanding a meeting with the officers,’’ one of the soldiers came in to report.

Originally Ye Huang Yu wouldn't be qualified to attend such a meeting, but due to Nie Feng Hang's insistence that she's one of his best military officer, Hong Fang can only relent. Not even that hateful man would refuse such a simple request if the consequences of saying no was a open refusal to attend by the man.

Due to that reasoning, the focus of the attendees were immediately focused on her the second she walked in.

In particular was particular was Hong Fang. He originally intended to take a good look at who the man was to warrant such praises from his foe, but after seeing how ugly Ye Huang Yu was in her new appearance, his interest immediately died out.

’’Ye Huang, your face...’’ Nie Feng Hang was very surprised by what he saw because it's only been one morning since he last saw her.

’’Reporting to the generals, I was careless and had come down with the measles,’’ she intentionally pressed her voice until it became harsh and grunty.

’’Alright, enough, go get behind your superior's back and we shall begin.’’ Hong Fang didn't even want to waste that much time with her because of how disgusted he was by that face.

Relieved by the waving gesture to be moved along, Ye Huang Yu actively strolled over to Nie Feng Hang's back to act as a proper aid like expected.

’’Because of the natural disaster that had struck the Black Valley, we are now faced with a problem of our own. Though the numbers aren't absolute correct, it's safe to assume several thousand high-class spirits beasts are currently on the loose out there in the Northwestern Plains and is now a threat to the nearby settlements. To combat this critical situation, I've already sent word to Flag City requesting for help. We can expect His Highness the fourth prince to come with reinforcements by tomorrow....’’ Using this meeting, Hong Fang went over the entire situation that's happening around the region with everyone.

’’General Nie, you are most familiar with the terrains here. I'm tasking you and your Tiger Wolf Battalion with patrolling the nearby towns and villages. They will be responsible for protecting the local people.’’ Upon hearing people.’’ Upon hearing this order, Ye Huang Yu immediately made a frown.

It's common knowledge that the Tiger Wolf Army was the bravest and most highly trained battalion in the kingdom. To use such elite troops on the defensive, it's an obvious snub to the one in charge, which was Nie Feng Hang here.

Naturally, the man himself wouldn't be oblivious to what Hong Fang was planning. Its undeniable Nie Feng Hang would be dissatisfied with this arrangement, but he's not going to lash out either in front of so many of his peers.

To get no objection, Hong Fang can't be anymore happy here. He knows Nie Feng Hang had already accomplished quite the long list of military merits under his belt. If this subjugation also falls into the man's hand, Hong Fang wouldn't put it past the king to directly bestow the person with a Marquis title of his own.

Over the years it wasn't easy for the Hong House to climb up to being the leader of the big four. Whether it be from a private standpoint or from his family's standpoint, he wouldn't want to see Nie Feng Hang standing out more than he already does.

’’I accept the order,’’ this famous general complies readily without flinching, rousing the snickering chuckles of the other generals here.

They know very well why Nie Feng Hang was being pushed to the rear, and they are also very happy to see to this arrangement because they had never been kind either like Hong Fang.

That's what you get. From this day forward you, Nie Feng Hang, can no longer act like the boss in the Northwestern Plains! Its our turn and you can only watch from the back!


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