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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 35


Chapter 35 ’’Man in black’’

With Ye Saint's demonstration at the forefront, followed by Ling Yue's crisp work at the end, the rest of the three in the team reacted like they just got injected with chicken's blood, making quick and ruthless work of the remaining black panthers.

They had just entered the mountain and already five mid-class panthers were slain, what a good opener for their hunt.

’’Great, everyone is doing well. Especially Ling Yue, your movements are even more fluent than my own.’’ Ye Saint didn't miss the girl's lack of fear during the brawl, definitely not the type of behavior from someone's venture into the wild.

’’I spent a month in the mountains before and I met a few Black Forest Panthers in the process over at the mountain sides.’’ Ling Yue appears naturally calm, but her words greatly surprised the four in the group.

She's only thirteen years old yet she's able to spend a month in the dangerous Seven Star Mountain. Such courage wasn't something an ordinary person can compete with. It's no wonder her strength grew so much, which explains why Song Han couldn't resist at all earlier.

With the story out, its unavoidable that Ye Ning and the others would show admiration in their eyes while Ye Qing can only silently gnash his teeth on the side.

Just as they were talking, Ling Yue's brow suddenly twitched. Out of instinct, she lifts her right and freakishly, the body of the mother panther not far away swooped into her grasp.


About a hundred steps away, the piercing sound of a arrow flying through the air came howling over and punctured the Black Forest Panther's body.

Practically at the same time, Song Han sprang out into the open terrain with his Mastiff.

The suddenness of the arrow shocked everyone in the Ye family.

’’Song Han, what's the meaning of this!’’ Ye Saint was still shaky from fright right now because if not for Ling Yue's quick reaction, he would be nothing more than a corpse on the ground at this point.

’’What's the meaning? You robbed me of my prey yet you take the initiative to question me instead?’’ Due to being injured by Ling Yue earlier, Song Han's been holding a grudge all this time and wanted payback at every moment. Now that the chance has presented itself before him after he separating from his group, he would of course take it. Just that, Song Han never expected that hateful girl would be able to dodge the arrow he knocked so easily.

His confidence in making the kill wasn't without reason. The arrow he fired just now were made out of high quality materials procured by his father and then processed by Master Lian for this hunt. Originally, Song Guang Zhi had planned to use these newly crafted arrows for hunting high-class carnivores up in the peak area, but instead Song Han snatched some of it away to use in this ambush.

Ye Saint and others focused in at the indicated location. Under one of the black panther's belly, there was a small wound that would definitely go unnoticed if they didn't specifically go looking for it.

There's a rule in the mountain hunt that whoever injures the animal first will get dibs on that specific prey.

’’Even so, you shouldn't shoot people indiscriminately.’’ Ye Ning and the others can't accept it.

’’Oh I'm sorry, I just thought all of the figures here were nothing more than wild beasts.’’ Song Han snickered deviously.

’’If that is the case then that black panther over there is yours, but the rest of the panthers, including this female one, is ours.’’ Ling Yue didn't get angry like the rest, instead she gently went up to the Mastiff and rubs the hound under jaw.

Unnoticed by everyone, Ling Yue's caressing fingers had gently brushed against a vital point near the Mastiff's nose.

’’Consider yourself smart.’’ Song Han also didn't expect things to end so smoothly. Picking up the black panther, this fool walks away triumphantly.

’’Ling Yue, are we just going to let him off so easily? That's too easy for him.’’ Ye Ning and the others simply can't accept this outcome and was fuming.

’’Easy?’’ Ling Yue's mouth curled into a big smile, ’’As if I would let him off so easily. Big cousin, can you go dig the arrow out of the body.’’

After the arrow were dug out, Ye Saint's expression abruptly changed after a careful assessment.

’’How come the Song family would have something like this? The arrow head is made of Yuan Iron at fifty percent purity rate!’’ Sensing the seriousness of the situation, Ye Saint's face became stern and hard.

It was only several days earlier that Ye Huang Cheng managed to produce a Yuan Iron bar of fifty percent grade. To find the Song house being capable of the same feat, it will no doubt greatly impact the Ye family.

’’We will keep this arrow for now, perhaps it will be useful top us at the peak of the mountain.’’ Ling Yue pats big cousin on the shoulder and thought: wonder what type of anxious face he will make if he suddenly learns the Song family can make a dagger using Yuan Iron at sixty percent purity rate.

Using a black panther to trade for this Yuan Iron arrow, that Song Han is a true idiot.

Somewhere else at this moment, Song Han makes a loud sneeze inside his tent located at the peak area.

’’You traded a Yuan Iron arrow for a black panther, how can I have such a stupid brother like you.’’ Song Guang Zhi makes a disappointed face.

Not only that, unsure what the reasons were, the Mastiff that had went out with Song Han became dispirited upon their return and would barely take part in the hunt. This compounded Song Guang Zhi's depressed mood even more.

’’Young master Guang Zhi, why are you so angry over a few small fries from the Ye family.’’ When Master Lian enters the tent, both young masters of the Song house hurried up to welcome the guy.

’’Master Lian, you don't know, there's a fierce girl especially difficult to deal with at the Ye family's camp. Even the arrows you refined for big brother were blocked by that girl.’’ Song Han explained in detail of what happened earlier.

’’Oh? This person got some ability to be able to stop my arrows.’’ Rubbing his chin, Master Lian sounded a little displeased.

’’That's right. The girl's disrespect for our Song family is the same as disrespecting Master Lian. Why don't Master Lian go over and...’’ Song Han makes a slicing motion at his own neck to indicate his meaning.

’’Ridiculous! I'm after all a man of character, how can you ask me to go kill a lowly woman.’’ Master Lian became furious. He may not be a good person, but he's quite the snob when it comes making his high and mighty status clear to those around himself.

Moreover, this time's mountain hunt was organized by that Old Mayor Liu. Aside from being a master of the upper celestial realm, far stronger than both house masters, the old fella also had connections with some of the old seniors at the Alchemist Association in the main county.

’’Master Lian, second brother didn't mean it that way. Why would we need to use a butchering knife meant for a cow on a pig? My meaning is, Master Lian don't need to make a move yourself and could still get the job done. Let's not forget that group is currently at the mountain peak. We only need to lure some of the wild beasts up there into attacking them.’’ Song Guang Zhi was far cleverer than his younger brother. Noticing the hesitation in Master Lian's face, he quickly came up with a persuasive plan.

’’This method is still feasible. Let me think about it.’’ In the end, this greedy snake reluctantly agreed.

’’Then allow me thank Master Lian. To show my gratitude, our Song house will be happy to set aside thirty percent of the mine's income as a gift for Master Lian.’’ Song Guang Zhi's promise made the guy very happy.

Who would've thought someone from the Alchemists Association also infiltrated the Seven Star Mountain.

At a certain spot in the peak of the mountain where powerful gusts of wind were blowing like tidal waves, a certain black figure was standing there without qualm for his dangerous surroundings. Despite the bottomless cliff just inches from where he stood, those eyes were like blades, radiating a profound meaning as he watches on.


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