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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 348


Chapter 348

Chapter 348 ’’Revival of the Monster Undeground’’

Due to the excessive commotion created by the man's entry, the animals still lingering inside the Black Valley were all alerted to his presence and had quickly gathered at his location .

Prior to this day, the core of the valley was an absolute taboo due to Qiu Tian's presence . However, without the carnivorous plant around to act as deterrent, the nerve of these animals would of course grow in kind .

’’Human... it's a human...’’ A dozen or so eighth to ninth rank spirit beasts were drooling at the sight of their prey .

Among them were several already at the peak of their evolution, capable of simple human speech even . These were the most excited and was the first to pounce forward .

’’Keke, I only realized I'm starving after seeing all of you . Very well, I will use you lot to fill my stomach . ’’ Instead of fear, the terrible entity only showed a hint of amusement in his cold and menacing eyes .

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With a sweep of his hands, a flurry of icy energy had shot out of his fingertips and instantly froze over the landscape . With his food stationed and suitable for dining, the first victim here was a silver leopard who was literally shrieking in utter terror .

Piercing through that thick hide by extending his claws, the being was taking absolute pleasure in making his prey's final moment the most painful and horrific experience ever . Bite after bite, this dark being had no qualms about eating raw flesh . In fact, it's no exaggeration to call this entity an animal because that's what animals do, drink blood and eat raw flesh . Just that his method was far more brutish and horrific .

After spending no more than fifteen minutes to completely devour the leopard, the deed was done . Fear had completely gripped the other animals here . If not for being frozen over by the icy frost, these creatures would've fled long ago .

’’Oh how delightful . Guess I will leave the rest of you for snacking later on . ’’ Following a burp, the being with that reddish glow in his eyes only needed to wave his hands to suck the frozen animals into his tattered clothes like a vacuum .

Then in one tap of his feet, the person soared through the air like a plume of dark miasma until his very presence stood above the clouds itself . If anyone were to witness this scene, especially Marquis Wu and Marquis Hong from Da Xia, those masters would've been dropping their jaws at the sight .

Without the need to use artifacts as support or outside materials to help, this dark being was able to soar above the clouds using only his own powers . That's the proof that this person was an existence that exceeded the realms of a reincarnation master!

Floating there there with his grimly smirk, this dark being suddenly issues out a freaky laugh after inhaling the fresh air of this world . It's been a thousand years since he's done this so of course he would be elated .

’’Keke, a thousand years and I'm finally in the mortal world . Damn the powers here, I must get revenge at those people for sealing me away for so long . But before then, I will need to have a little warmup before I put on the main show . ’’

With his mind set on what to do, a series of a gurgling sound could then be heard from his throat .


It was a mass of black gas that came out of his mouth . As the miasma plummeted for the ground, something freaky occurred . It exploded like firework and splattered across the open plains, showering the landscape with various black dots of differing sizes .

Whether it be animals or plants, anything that comes into contact with that freaky dark energy would go through a drastic mutation . This was especially true for the animals because they would become infected with a vapor of darkness . As a result, it didn't take long for the entire Northwestern Plains of Da Xia to be plunged into a violent atmosphere .

With everything done and preparations complete, the dark being didn't dally around and took flight once again . Before long, his figure was gone, disappearing into the far off far off horizon .

In the very same day, not long after noon, reinforcements from Flag City did arrive as predicted . However, what Nie Feng Hang and Ling Yue didn't expect though was the number of soldiers Hong Fang brought along with him, it's over three thousand strong and they had directly bypassed the base camp for the valley!

’’You stay in the base camp while I go have a look inside the Black Valley,’’ the general's order gave relief to the disguised woman by his side .

Although Ye Huang Yu haven't been with Hong Fang for over a decade already, but they were still once husband and wife . No matter how much she's changed, the woman was still worried the man would notice something .

’’Quickly, go search inside for the meteorite!’’ The main reason he's here was for the meteor and no other .

Hong Fang's a man of literature and learning so he knows full well where Meteor Metal comes from . So, for a giant meteor to come crashing down near his place of holding, how can he not come looking? He be a fool to not try!

But even more insulting was his way of logic . Out of fear Nie Feng Hang would secretly stash away the precious alloy, he intentionally bypassed the base camp so his men could reach the epicentre before anyone . This way he can claim all the glory while shirking his peer off to one side .

Nice as his idea was, Nie idea was, Nie Feng Hang wasn't someone who does things carelessly . Before long, Hong Fang and his men were stopped by an obstacle on the road - it was the soldiers of the Tiger Wolf Army .

’’General, further ahead is the Black Valley . We've been ordered to keep all personnel from entering due to the restriction placed by the Nine Powers and Three Schools . ’’

’’How dare you, who do you think I am?! I am the lead general of the subjugation force, the one personally bestowed the power of command by His Majesty himself! Move aside before I sentence you all for treason!’’ He glares at the soldiers, infuriated by the attitude .

As the Royal Tutor of the crown prince, he's never been denied like so, let alone be refused by a simple soldier . It's insulting and infuriating for the man .

Hong Fang knows he's no longer in the same position as back then, but at the very least he's still carrying the title of lead commander for this occasion . These people should give him the expected respect that his post demands . Yet what does he get? Nothing but denial and ignorance .

It's always Nie Feng Hang this, General Tiger Wolf that, it's always their favorite guardian general protecting their livelihood . And now even the lowest of the low among the soldiers would dare deny him entry . If Hong Fang doesn't explode now then he's not him .


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