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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 346


Chapter 346

Chapter 346 ’’The Sky Shattering Tribulation Trial’’

’’Sister, I just so happen to have something to discuss with you . I plan to stay here for a few days before I head to Dan city . ’’ Regarding the matters relating to the Black Valley, Ling Yue didn't want to inform her big sister here due to various reasons . The main one being the warning Lady Qiu Tian gave her .

Though she herself still doesn't know what sort of tribulation the carnivorous plant would endure tonight, Ling Yue do know it surely can't be anything small . Nevertheless, she will adhere to the agreement they made and return by tomorrow afternoon .

As for the big girl, Lan Caier didn't mind it all . She assumed it must be her younger sister's wish to be with her mother Ye Huang Yu some more due to being apart for so long .

On that very same night when Ye Ling Yue returned to her tent, the starry sky was calm and unexceptional . This leaves her wondering with curiosity . However, that curiosity was soon answered with a drastic change in the middle of the night .

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The first indication of the beginning was the huge gust of wind sweeping through the entire grassy plain, rousing a flurry of rustling sound from the trees and bushes .

As a result of this, General Tiger Wolf had no choice but to rouse his men from slumber just so they can reinforce the camp . They must, otherwise the tents would fly away due to the turbulent wind .

’’So this is the precursor to the main event?’’ The sky darkens even as she speaks, all converging onto one point in a swirling motion .

Looking back at things, Ling Yue had already witnessed the scene of someone going through an elemental trial of the reincarnation realm . However, unlike her godfather Lan Ying Wu, the carnivorous plant here was clearly at a different level altogether .

She's worried now, not for her own safety, but for Little Squeak's future . Similar to Lady Qiu Tian, Little Squeak was also a primal beast that was at a higher standing than all the rest .

Maybe sending the little rascal to his family will be more beneficial . This way his growth won't be hindered by me... .

Just as Ling Yue was busy having her unnecessary thoughts, her attention was suddenly wringed back to reality when a booming explosion ricocheted across the sky .

’’What is it that!’’ Due to this sound breaking sonic wave, it was impossible for anyone to miss that gaping hole in the clouds, especially Lan Caier who was popping her eyeballs out .

’’Someone is going through a tribulation trial . ’’ Of all the people here, it was Nie Feng Hang who first recognized the source of this disturbance .

Even so, this doesn't mean the general wasn't as surprised as everyone else here because such a magnitude of disturbance was unheard of . It must be said, normally the radius would only spans several meters like General Lan's back at Glass City, not the entire Northwestern Plain of Da Xia!

’’It seems the rumors are true . The powers did leave behind a very frightening creature inside the Black Valley's depth,’’ Nie Feng Hang looks on meaningfully at the valley .

It's widely recognized that the bigger the commotion, commotion, the stronger the entity must be during their trial .

At the same time over at another part of this grassy plain, Hong Feng was also eyeing over at this direction from within the confines of Flag City .

That's the direction of the Black Valley... After arriving here for some time now, Hong Feng too have heard of the rumors pertaining to this valley .

The conceited man originally intended to convene an emergency meeting with the generals to subdue the place, but since Nie Feng Hang wasn't around and had sent a message yesterday that they will be late due to an accident, he can only absolve that idea .

From the looks of it this night will be a restless one... .

’’Wah, I wonder what element that trial is to rouse such a big commotion . Is it wind?’’ Losing all will to sleep, Lan Caier really wanted to rush into the valley to take a peek . Sadly, she's been confined to her tent due to the general's insistence .

There are a total of five elements one must experience while at the reincarnation realm . For Lan Ying Wu, the general's first tribulation was the fire trial .

’’I fear it's nothing so small,’’ Nie Feng Hang unintentionally answers the question using his murmuring voice .

Maybe it's a coincidence, or maybe its fate, but as soon as the general's voice died down something happened . It was the clouds, all of it had dispersed across the sky in every direction . What came afterwards was something no one here would likely ever forget .

’’Is-is that a meteor?’’ Ye Ling Yue was frightfully shocked at the burning rock whisking down in their direction after breaking after breaking through the atmosphere .

How can anyone even call this a trial anymore? It's more like a calamity of the highest level because its unlikely anyone could ever stop that giant inferno from coming down!

Unlike the clueless humans watching this unfold outside the valley, the animals inside were much less fortunate . Their animalistic instincts told them something catastrophic was about to unfold inside their home, but their primitive self could do nothing but flee for their lives while the rock made contact .

’’So it has come at last,’’ it was the delicate voice belonging to the carnivorous flower .

Despite the knowledge that she might die tonight, despite the unstoppable momentum the meteor had against her, Qiu Tian wouldn't cower . She knows she cannot cower . Not for the sake of her own prestige, but for the prestige and dignity of her entire race . If destruction and death was all that awaits her then so be it, she will face it with pride and courage tonight!

Undisturbed and calm in her demeanor, she gazes up to welcome that massive ball of raging inferno of death and destruction .

BOOM~!!!! A deafening explosion now shook the entire valley to the point where every inch of the open plains could feel the aftershock .

It was brilliant, it was glorious . The dazzling display of pure, raw destructive power created by the impacting blow had concocted a gargantuan flame so massive that it could rival the very sun in this world .

To call the Black Valley a living hell was no understatement here tonight . Not only was the very depths a burning inferno, the aftermath of this calamity were so far reaching that nothing could escape its wrath escape its wrath . Not the animals living inside the Black Valley, and definitely not the humans living in this land . The only difference was just a matter of how much destruction they had to endure .

’’Oh crap!’’ Nie Feng Hang immediately realized what this thrilling scene meant for everyone . Like someone being slapped awake, he urgently cried out: ’’We need to leave now! A raging stampede will soon gain momentum from the fleeing animals inside the valley . We must head back to reinforce the city!’’

It's precisely as the general said, chaos now hangs over the Black Valley as a result of the meteor . In the past there would still be the barrier to keep the predators at bay, but not anymore . The explosion had completely destroyed the seal placed by the powers from way back, leaving the human settlements wide open for ravaging by the predatory animals . Among these are some very dangerous creatures at the pinnacle of the ninth ranking level, making the situation all the more urgent .

While Nie Feng Hang, Ye Huang Yu and Lan Caier ran around to capture any fleeing animal they can come across, Ling Yue on the other hand was busy doing something else . It was the promise she made, she must go back .

Using the emerald green vine, she disappears from the camp and reappears inside the depths of the Black Valley . This area was no longer the lush greenery that she found it, only death and smoldering ash lay here . One thing did stood out though, it was the giant smoldering meteor implanted inside the crater where the carnivorous plant should be .


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