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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 345


Chapter 345

Chapter 345 ’’Make Up’’

’’Stupid Feng Shen, how dare you treat my goodwill as dog shit . I hope you get tortured by your cold sickness along the way . ’’ Still unsettled by her temper, Ye Ling Yue snatches up one of the paper cranes and starts fiddling with it .

Regarding this box of cranes, it's been over a year since she gave it away so it came as a huge surprise that none of the spirit smoke inside were used .

Unexpectedly enough, she soon discovered something different about these cranes . It's been refolded before based on her assessment .

Now that came as odd to her . Curious, she quickly unfolds the thing and saw the words inside .

’’Feng Shen loves Ye Ling Yue . ’’ The fingers shook as her grip loosened around the paper, leaving it to fall to the ground .

Not wanting to wait another second, she swiftly unraveled the other cranes and found the same sentence one after another .

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All of a sudden, the image of a sickly young boy sitting there alone to write these words had popped into her mind . It's pretty obvious the boy was afraid his work would be discovered, hence the reason why the cranes were so clumsily refolded .

Ninety-nine cranes and ninety love confessions, that's the message Feng Shen wanted to pass onto Ling Yue here today .

In this very moment, this very second, all notions of time had frozen over for the girl . All that sadness, all that anger she experienced, it's completely replaced with exhilaration and excitement . What a good day it was .

’’Is Feng Shen your boss instead of me you little rascal, why are you being so dutiful to him?’’ Despite the girl giving his little friend there a heavy knock on the head, that beaming smile cannot hide Ling Yue's joy and happiness .

’’Squeak (I'm not, I am only loyal to Mistress! I only feel sorry for him... . )’’

’’What sorry . If he had wanted to convey his love for me then he should've done it in person instead of doing something so easily misinterpreted . ’’ Puckering her lips into a pinch, that smile had already spread into her eyes .

Back over at the road, Feng Shen's carriage remains parked on the side, unwilling to move despite the hours .

’’Your Highness, if we don't start moving soon then we won't be able to make it to the nearest town by nightfall,’’ Dao Nu didn't understand why his lord was being so persistent here .

He's asked several times before already and got no answer . The big guy may not understand what it means to love someone in his current state, but he's not stupid . He can clearly see his lord loves the girl and the girl loves his lord back . So why, why all this fuss and indecision .

Just as Dao Nu was busy scratching his head and ready to make another attempt to persuade the boy to move on, a sudden sound from behind had caught his attention .

’’Miss, Miss Ling Yue...’’ The big guy almost couldn't believe his eyes eyes .

Not missing a single spec of that name, Feng Shen's lifeless expression instantly became rejuvenated . Eager in his movement, the boy swiftly opens up the curtain to his carriage door . Sadly though, the expected presence of the familiar figure was nowhere to be seen .

’’Its Miss Ling Yue's little fox,’’ the big guy points down at the ground in front of the car . It was Little Squeak struggling to push the box over with his tiny body .

Sinking in his face, Feng Shen gives an eyeful to his follower to show his displeasure .

He's decided . The moment they return to North Qing he will be deducting Dao Nu's salary, a heavy deduction until the big guy buckles up in the waist due to hunger .

’’Little Squeak, what are you doing here?’’ Picking the white fox off the ground, Feng Shen didn't quite understand what's going on until he opened up the lid to the container . It was the paper cranes, all ninety-nine of them .

Didn't Dao Nu say she tossed them away, why did she pick them up again? The boy became confused by the act .

’’Squeak (Mistress told me to see you off . She said she's still upset with you)’’ Unfortunately for the boy, Feng Shen didn't have a clue as to what the fox was saying .

While confusion hovered over the boy's head, something magical was taking place with the cranes . They were flapping their wings and flying out of the box all at once . Ninety-nine paper cranes now surrounds the boy on boy on all sides like a fairy tale .

’’Stinking Feng Shen, if you dare lose my stuff again then don't come back to Da Xia anymore . ’’ Both angry and shy in that familiar voice, the sound from these paper cranes had left the boy both startled and elated .

Now he understands, these paper cranes aren't the same one from before, which means... . His heart starts beating hard to the point where he felt like it would explode at any moment .

She's found it, the secret inside those cranes . The storm brewing all this time over Feng Shen's dreary face was now over . Light, now radiates across his face .

The reason? It's the bet he made today . He's won the gamble!

The boy understands very clearly he shouldn't be trying to get too close to the girl, but his heart won't have it any other way . It's like a trap, once he's stepped into it he can no longer get out . As such, Feng Shen took a gamble for once, a gamble that Ling Yue would see his love confession in the cranes .

However, if the outcome was any different today, like she didn't see the message, then he will admit defeat and give up for good . That was his plan, but... his hope has been answered!

’’Little Squeak, you truly are my lucky star . ’’ Picking the fox off the ground, Feng Shen issues out a booming laugh never before seen on the boy . This was his victory cry, the one victory he's earned through sheer stubbornness and persistence stubbornness and persistence .

This naturally left the big attendant completely baffled on the side . He just didn't get what's happening with his lord . There's been too many changes occurring recently that he's having trouble matching the one here to the one in his memories .

Also, what did that sentence mean? Did she forgive the young master or not?

’’Dao Nu, we're heading back to North Qing . ’’ Happily accepting the box, Feng Shen joyously returns to the carriage while Little Squeak heads back to make his report .

’’This time I will not yield to anyone, not even 'him' . ’’ Stern in the face, Feng Shen tightly clenches onto his precious box like a man making an oath .

In tandem to that statement, a current of mysterious power started to seemingly seep out of his core, making the boy look stronger and more mature than ever before . This change wasn't a gradual one, rather it's nearly instantaneous like an evolution had taken place .

Before long, the presence of the grandiose carriage was gone from sight, leaving only Ling Yue watching on from a nearby cliff .

’’Ughh, I seem to have done something wrong again,’’ the girl's hand still holding a box similar in appearance to the one in the boy's hand . She too can feel their relationship was a taboo, but she can't

’’Is he gone now?’’ Lan Caier leans out of the side with a teasing smile .

She just knew her sister wouldn't be so cruel to the boy . Besides, such a handsome fella doesn't come often . Who can reject that face!


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