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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 344


Chapter 344

Chapter 344 ’’Feng Shen VS Wu Chong’’

’’But you are His Highness, and His Highness is you,’’ Dao Nu risks his safety to blurt this sentence out .

Both the big guy and Housekeeper Mu were both very shocked back when they first discovered the dual personality in the boy several years ago . Regarding this secret, only a handful of people knew . Which was also the biggest secret Feng Shen had inside his body .

’’You don't want to live right, right?’’ Wu Chong was full of hostility in his voice . As a cold and heartless character, he will not permit any offense, even if the said person was this loyal attendant who had followed him for many years .

Flexing the Yuan energy inside his fist, this dangerous man clenches down at the air around Dao Nu's neck, enshrouding it and wrapping it like a venomous snake . Though the big guy was over a head taller than Wu Chong, it was no hindrance here whatsoever in raising that bulky body . In fact, it only made it easier to raise the big guy up into the air like a fledgling struggling for air .

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Just as all hope was lost and Dao Nu ready to accept his fate, something unexpected occurred . It was with Wu Chong, he can feel a drastic change surging through the insides of his body .

’’Damn it, how can this be... . ’’ Releasing the grip on the big guy, the boy starts shuddering like he's in a serious struggle for control .

Why is that useless trash so active during this period? Normally it takes over a month or so before he awakes, but it's only been a single night . Can it be... In a momentary explosion of his mind, a certain scene flashes across Wu Chong's mind .

It was the kiss he gave Ye Ling Yue, only that can explain why he's going through this abnormality .

Before the dangerous man could confirm his suspicion, the thorny tattoo with the ghost emblem around his chest had faded away, forcing that consciousness back inside .

Though weak and frail in his demeanor, this new persona with clarity in the eyes was definitely the kind and gentle Feng Shen out in the open again .

’’Highness!’’ Crying out from the side was Dao Nu using his anxious voice .

’’Dao Nu, did we find her?’’

Confirming it was truly his ’’lord’’ again, the big guy nearly broke into tears and started to choke in his words: ’’Miss Ling Yue is fine . She's currently under the protection of the Tiger Wolf Army . ’’

’’That's good then,’’ showing a touch of guilt, Feng Shen quickly took notice to the fingerprint on his faithful follower's neck .

This wasn't the first time something like this had occurred because whenever ’’he’’ appears, those around him would always be harmed in some way .

Making it worse was the fact that it was himself who voluntarily called the person out, making it his fault for the pain .

Wu Chong, a true evil that was born with him . No matter matter how unwilling, Feng Shen knows he can never separate himself from that side of his soul .

’’Highness, Miss Ling Yue is currently inside the base camp this moment . Do you want to see her?’’ Dao Nu carefully asks, knowing the question might rouse the wrong sort of emotion .

’’I shouldn't be near her . So be it, we shall separate here . This must be fate...’’ Acting like he's come to a decision, Feng Shen turns around and walks away in heavy stride .

Back inside the base camp, Lan Caier was still busy chasing her sister around for the juicy details .

’’Ling Yue, is that person really Ghost Emperor Wu Chong? When did you meet him? Is it that time back at Glass City?’’

Stuck in turmoil, Ling Yue didn't know how to explain this to her nosy big sister . In honest truth though, she herself only met the guy a few times before and every occasion was a total mess .

’’Oh crap, wouldn't that mean Feng Shen is in danger?!’’ Lan Caier's concern was well within reason . For someone as possessive and brutish as Wu Chong, it's a certainty that he would slay any foolish third party who dares to make a move against his woman .

’’What does this have to do with Feng Shen... . wait, where is he?’’ Ling Yue suddenly realized she haven't seen the boy for some time now .

Just as Lan Caier was thinking of explaining how urgent the boy was last night, a third person interrupted them . . It was Dao Nu coming to inform the girls that his lord has been located .

’’My lord tasked me to give this and a letter to Miss Ling Yue . He also said he will be returning first . ’’ With a guilty face, the big guy steadily hands the things over to the pair .

’’Farewell,’’ only this one word was written inside the letter .

Unsettled by what she read, Ling Yue urgently opened up the container and became stunned by what she saw . It was the paper cranes she folded for the boy, all ninety-nine of them .

In this very second, the girl only had one thing she wanted to do - toss them all at Feng Shen's face . However for her, since the boy wasn't around for the girl to vent that steam, she instead tossed the box away to god knows where .

Does this mean we're not even friends? Her mood suddenly took a nose dive for the worse, forcing Dao Nu to sigh at the reaction .

With nothing left to do here, the big guy can only temporarily leave the base camp for the carriage parked at the nearby road: ’’Your Highness, I've done as you tasked and passed the things to her . ’’

’’What did she say?’’ Feng Shen asked softly .

’’Miss Ling Yue didn't say anything, she only tossed the paper cranes away . ’’ After the attendant finished his report, the boy inside the carriage immediately shot open his eyes .

Tossed them all... Making a bittersweet smile, he waves the big guy away, big guy away, leaving only himself alone to think things through . Inexplicably, Feng Shen's fingers couldn't resist gripping tighter around the small golden crane in his palm .

That was the first ever paper crane Ling Yue gave him, also the reason why they were able to meet and become friends in the first place .

’’This time she must be very angry with me . So be it, its better this way . She won't miss me as much when I leave . ’’ All of a sudden, his already pained heart felt like it's been ripped out of his chest, leaving him hollow and empty inside .

While one party was suffering on one end, the other party wasn't faring so well either . Grumpy and annoyed, Ling Yue paces back and forth inside her tent .

Naturally, being the quick witted girl that she was, Lan Caier wouldn't miss her sister's foul mood and took the opening to sneak away like Dao Nu did . As for Little Squeak and Little Crow, the two little darlings were both raising eyebrows at their mistress's behavior because they just didn't get what love was in their current mindset .

’’Squeak~ (Don't be angry~)’’ the fox paws at the dress .

Hearing the comforting words from her little friend, Ling Yue's mood quickly got better as soon as she saw what Little Squeak had in his possession - it was the very same container that she threw out .

In the end, she just couldn't resist taking the paper cranes out to have a look .


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