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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 343


Chapter 343

Chapter 343 ’’Returning it to the Owner’’

Inside the tent, only two remains here . One was stern and serious, the other timid with their head hanging low like someone awaiting a bombardment of criticism .

’’Playing around like that, how improper . ’’ Surprisingly, the expected lecture from the man never came .

That's all?

Ye Huang Yu was still somewhat taken here . Looking up, all she could see was the back end of the man striding for the outside .

By himself again and able to get some air, Nie Feng Hang's mind somehow reverted back to what happened several days ago .

It was chilly that night and his subordinate was trembling on the ground asleep . He couldn't just turn away as a leader . So what did he do? He picked the sleeping Ye Huang Yu up from the ground so they can share a bed . Oddly though, he didn't find it annoying or displeased by how weak his subordinate was, rather it's how light that package was in his arms . If he had to put a word to it, it's the feeling of a woman's body .

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Maybe it's due to the disturbance at being held, or just the fact that she's no longer on the cold hard floor, but Ye Huang Yu had started to sleep talk while in the man's arm . ’’Ling Yue, I will become stronger and protect you . ’’

That Ye Ling Yue must be this Princess Yue and the reason why he's here in the Tiger Wolf Army . Now things were starting to connect for Nie Feng Hang,

Recalling the carefree smile on his subordinate just now when he barged in on the three, the general became gripped with an emotion never before seen in his stomach .

That's right, Ye Huang must like Princess Yue because they are childhood sweethearts . If not for the twist of fate, they would've been together by now . That explains why Ye Huang would strive so hard to accumulate his military merits in the past few months .

Relying on his single-celled stone head of his, Nie Feng Hang had jumped to conclusion and pieced together his own version of the story .

That's when the general realized something shocking, he's jealous! Jealous about his subordinate getting married one day . This bizarre feeling both frightened and freaked the man out .

’’How could I have such thoughts... . ’’

It can't be, am I... . The general didn't want to keep going further with this idea, otherwise he might open a box that he can't seal again . In this moment, Nie Feng Hang was a total mess that couldn't think straight .

Like the foolish general, another person was also in a mess right now . Who else can it be? Of course it would be Ling Yue .

When she went out to meet a certain someone searching for her, she never expected that person to be ’’him’’!

’’So capable eh . ’’ Both lazy and seductive in his voice, this man was none other than Wu Chong, the one whose been searching all this time for her without rest .

Not issuing another word, the grumpy man immediately snatched the girl up by the waist and pulled her in . Pressing his masculine chest up to that well developed breast, he he had no intentions of letting go here, especially not after what he endured last night . Then pinching that ill-behaving chin, he forced that delicate face up to meet his before diving in with a punitive kiss which terrorized the girl's mouth with his tongue .

Ling Yue desperately wanted to struggle here, she truly did, but her frail arms could barely make that chest budge an inch . As usual like in the past, she did the next best thing that she can, she bit down hard at that tongue and lip . Instantly, blood filled the taste bud of this couple .

Sadly for the girl though, apparently Wu Chong can't be stopped by some mere pain . Moving like around like a snake, their tongues kept intertwining and sliding against each that it was nearly painful . This whole mess continued for a good minute until Lan Caier finally arrived at the scene and screamed like a bashful young maiden .

Wu Chong wanted to punish this ungrateful girl even more because she had no idea how crazy he was going last night when he couldn't find her . But in return for his worry, all this girl does was to walk out of the Black Valley like nothing had occurred . Even worse, she didn't even try to send a message to tell him she's alright!

’’You crazy bastard!’’ Wiping her lips back and forth, Ling Yue wished she could replace that layer of skin completely .

’’Ghost Emperor Wu Chong!’’ Lan Caier shakily points at the man, her eyes popping like a goldfish out of a pond .

The Ghost Emperor actually kissed my sister! Wait, that's not right, he forced he forced his way with her! Ling Yue really knows the Ghost Emperor Wu Chong? Where's Feng Shen, where did Feng Shen run off to?!

What to do, the big girl was rooting for the boy from the very beginning . If this competitor keeps having his way, there won't be anything left by the end of it .

All of a sudden, Lan Caier's very brain was fried beyond repair .

’’What are you doing here?’’ Ling Yue was both angry and annoyed at this demon-like man's aggressive behavior .

’’My character is good so I am here to return something I found . ’’ As the man raised his hand with something pinched between his fingers, Ling Yue only knew a black something had pounced into her arms before she knew it .

Taking a moment to fix her eyes on the object, she quickly realized it was none other than Little Crow . This confused her because she had left the bird inside the base camp to rest . With only one day gone, the baby phoenix was now a crying fountain who looked like she had faced the greatest indignation in this world .

’’CheChe~’’ Little Crow snuggles in against her mistress's chest to get some comfort .

I'm free! This man is too horrible .

’’Squeak!!’’ Not missing the aggrieved look of his little wife, Little Squeak immediately went into full attack mode .

This blasted Wu Chong dares to bully my wife!

Sadly for the fox, he's no match for this terrifying man . One glare, that's all it took to completely destroy the backbone in Little Squeak's stance . Together with his wife, one fox and one bird was now crying together in Ling together in Ling Yue's arm like pair of a sulky children .

Little Squeak was still better here, he only got frightened for a second there . Little Crow on the other hand wasn't so lucky . Not only did she get kidnapped all night, she also got threatened by Wu Chong to keep his secret hidden from Ling Yue . The consequence of not doing so will be the man forcing a disgusting chubby silkworm down her throat .

Little Crow may be a bird, but she's a prestigious phoenix . Phoenixes don't eat worms or bugs, that's a characteristic of lowborn birds, totally unbefitting of her status . Furthermore, Ling Yue never once attempted to feed her such creatures so of course she would be repulsed by such a deed .

’’Returning is returning, why are you being so mean for!’’ Giving the man an eyeful, Ling Yue had never once treated her two darlings here so roughly before . This was especially true for Little Crow because she's still very young .

’’Remuneration,’’ sweeping a few glances at the girl, Wu Chong makes a determined smile after finding nothing wrong with that body and those lips .

Not missing the lusting gaze shooting her way, Ling Yue's tempered flare was burning again: ’’Disgusting!’’

Upset over being molested and then being visually harassed by a pervert, she stomps away for the tents, all the while not forgetting to drag the dumbfounded sister along with her .

Not long after the girls left, Dao Nu stepped out of his hiding spot, ’’Lord?’’

’’I am not that useless person so do not ever call me that,’’ Wu Chong warns the personal attendant with his threatening glare .


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