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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 342


Chapter 342

Chapter 342 ’’A Stepfather Candidate’’

Following a breeze around her ears and the blurring of the surroundings, Ling Yue only knew she had left the depths of the Black Valley by the time she came to .

A tad disoriented at first, she glances around and realized this place was where she first entered the valley . It was like a dream, every part of it, but the soft glowing vine in her hand told her otherwise . What she experienced and heard was real and she must return by tomorrow noon .

’’Ling Yue!’’ A sudden eager cry brought her back to attention . It was Lan Caier and the soldiers of Da Xia sprinting over from the distance .

Not wanting to divulge her secret, Ling Yue hurriedly stuffed the vine away to await the group's arrival . Shockingly for her though, among one of the soldiers was her very own mother, Ye Huang Yu!

’’Sister, I've finally found you,’’ sweeping the girl up, the mother was full of concern and anxiousness .

’’... . ’’

After a brief introduction and a thorough explanation by her sister Lan Caier, Ling Yue now knew her mother had become one of the soldiers inside the Tiger Wolf Army, the most elite battalion in Da Xia . In addition, the news of the Northwest Caravan being murdered to the last men by the mercenaries were also mentioned, reaffirming Ling Yue's ideal of slaying that woman and her men with those lizards .

’’So you are Ye Huang's sister?’’ Nie Feng Hang eyes the girl up and down and found the siblings to be oddly similar in their facial features . This roused the general's suspicion .

Isn't this Princess Yue a foster child, why is she so similar to Ye Huang?

’’Reporting to general, I am indeed... . brother Ye Huang's little sister . ’’ First casting a glance at her own cautious mother, then back at the stern faced general, Ling Yue quickly realized her mother was acting strangely fearful of the man .

This struck her as odd . According to Ling Yue's impression of her own mother, no one can make strike fear into her mother, especially a man who means no harm .

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’’I heard you broke into the Black Valley . How did you come back out?’’ Nie Feng Hang was very surprised by how frail and thin the girl was, rousing his suspicion even more that she was able to escape unscathed from that dangerous valley .

’’Reporting to general, this is in fact a misunderstanding . I did not enter the Black Valley . Last night when the Blood Knife Mercenaries attempted to ambush me, I fled into the Black Valley out of desperation . However, before I could reach very far, I accidentally slipped and lost consciousness when I fell . By the time I awoke, the sky was already bright and that's when I stumbled upon everyone . ’’

While Ling Yue babbled on with her reasonable lies, Lan Caier and Ye Huang Yu on the other hand only had this to say about the girl: ’’Acting! That's right, keep acting you...’’

They know the girl far too well to see through those lies . As for General Tiger Wolf, he's not so fortunate . Out of consideration for the frail looking girl, plus her young age, he can only assume the story was true .

’’I see then . It's good that you are are back safe and sound, otherwise I don't know what Ye Huang would've done considering how desperate he was,’’ the general then gives the disguised woman a stern look .

If not for his threat as a military commander, there's no doubt in Nie Feng Hang's mind that this subordinate of his would've rushed into the Black Valley despite everything .

Intrigued by the remark from the general, Ling Yue first glanced at the man before turning back to her own mother . For some reason, she's got the strange sensation that something was off here and it's related to this man .

After a series of routine inquiries, Nie Feng Hang then left the trio alone to take care of his business . There's still the matter of gathering up the bodies from the caravan and sending word to the nearby garrison to come clear the field .

With the man gone and only them left, Ling Yue couldn't wait to get the details about the past four months from her mother, especially the part where she joined the army .

’’Oh my daughter, you mustn't blame your godparents, it was I who asked them not to tell you . But seriously, how can you rile up so many things in this short span of time while I was away from the capital?’’ First it was the dismissal of Hong Fang, then the abolishment of the crown prince . Even for Ye Huang Yu was scared to the bones despite knowing the outcome had ended well .

This daughter of mine is simply too fearless .

’’Mother, if I dare do it then I won't have any regrets . I only want to ask one thing . Mother, would you blame me if I if I end up killing Hong Fang one day?’’ In the end, the girl wanted to hear it first-hand whether or not her mother still had any lingering feelings for that man .

’’He's done so many evil deeds, what feeling could I possibly have left for him? That person can even murder his own daughter, there's no hope for him . The only regret I would have is that I can't personally carry out the task myself and exact revenge . ’’ The main reason why Ye Huang Yu would join the Tiger Wolf Army was to improve her own strength . This way she might have the opportunity to destroy the Hong House with her own hands one day .

Seeing the appearance of her mother's aggressive attitude, Ling Yue's original boulder inside the heart can finally be put aside . There's nothing holding her back now .

’’Auntie Ye, what you say is right . There's so many men in this world, it's a shame to only pick one . Take that General Tiger Wolf for example, he's quite the good candidate you know . ’’ Ahowing a beaming smile, Lan Caier also joins in on the conversation .

’’Sister is right this time . I also think that general is not bad . From what I can see, his personality is good and he's concerned about Mother . ’’ Working in tandem, the girls conversation had left the woman both ashamed and embarrassed .

Normally this wouldn't be the case;however, due to need and demand, she's been closely sleeping with the man inside the same tent for the past few days . To make matters worse, one morning she was shocked to find herself sleeping on the general's bed the general's bed instead of on the floor like she usually does!

Just thinking of the child like face when Nie Feng Hang falls asleep and how intimate she's been with the general, Ye Huang Yu would blush incredibly red like a young maiden meeting a lover . Towards that behavior, the girls naturally wouldn't miss it and started to get roudy like nosy neighbors .

’’Oh you two, how can you make fun of your own elders . That's it, watch how I'll give you two a good spanking on the butt . ’’ Putting on an angry face, she pounces forward to send the girls jumping around in playful fun .

Due to the commotion the three were raising, Nie Feng Hang who was already some way out had to turn around because the screams were too attractive . What he didn't expect though was how blessfully mesmerizing Ye Huang Yu was when he pulled open the curtain .

Messy hair and panting for air, Nie Feng Hang nearly lost his breath at the unprepared woman's appearance . In fact, he couldn't stop his eyes from oggling hard at his target . Fortunately there was still Ling Yue and Lan Caier giggling on one side, otherwise the woman and man would've stared at each for god knows how long .

’’Princess Yue, someone is looking for you outside,’’ coughing at the awkwardness, the general averts his gaze from everyone .

Huh, who would come looking for me in this kind of place? Clueless on who it could be, Ling Yue swiftly came out of the tent to meet the person .

’’I'll also go have a look outside,’’ being a good girl, Lan Caier also left the tent to give the pair some space .


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