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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 340


Chapter 340

Chapter 340 ’’Primal Flower’’

Is Wu Chong here for me?

Ling Yue immediately crushed the idea as soon as it was born .

How could I possibly come up with such an idea?

Perhaps... . Maybe he's also here to treasure hunt inside the Black Valley .

Wasn't that the case back at the Tai Yi School?

This man is a dog or something? Always squirming out of nowhere .

However unfortunate she was, the emergence of Wu Chong does reaffirm Ling Yue's suspicion that there's something special inside the Black Valley .

While the girl was having her ungrateful thoughts down below, a certain man was having a very bad night after searching far and wide . He's scoured more than half the valley and slaughter dozens of spirit beasts in his wake, yet, he could not locate her whereabouts .

Can she be... . At the thought, Wu Chong's heart heavily tensed up, No it can't be, that little lass is too clever to die, I won't believe it .

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Suddenly, he can feel a presence below himself . Looking down, he quickly took notice to a stone beast with a strange appearance staring right up at himself .

Why would there be a stone beast inside this place? Curling his brow, Wu Chong was rather perplexed by the scene .

What's going on? The more I look at this green thing the dumber it gets... .

Due to the extraordinary pressure exuded by Wu Chong's very existence, the majority of the spirit beasts living in the valley would flee the moment they get too close . Therefore, it came as quite the oddity to him that he would suddenly get the urge to pummel the damn thing .

Keep staring and I will kill you! He shoots a threatening glare at the thing on the ground .

Realizing how inappropriate her behavior was, Ling Yue immediately corrects herself . An animal must behave like a animal, that's the first thing she must learn in her new form .

Scurryi ’’Ancient ng in the manner she deems most suitable for her image, Ling Yue calmly headed towards the depths of the Black Valley .

Poor Little Squeak, due to how scared he was of the man, he wouldn't reveal his head no matter what in this situation .

’’CheChe~’’ Squirming out of that firm holding moments after Ling Yue left, Little Crow looks down at the ground in confusion . There's nothing there, only empty space .

Where's Mistress and Little Squeak, did I hallucinate just now?

Ignoring the bird's behavior, Wu Chong's expression was getting darker and darker as he eyed the depths of the foggy forest . He wanted to break through that barrier set here by the factionary powers . With his current strength he most certainly can, but this weak body of his would would most certainly be ruined as a result .

Little Yue Yue shouldn't be able to venture inside anyways since it forbids any human from entering... .

Not wasting anymore time watching that mass of darkness hovering in the depths of this valley, Wu Chong once again begins his search across the landscape .

Back over at Ling Yue's side, Little Squeak could finally get a breather after feeling safe again now that they are inside . Together, the pair continued on inwards without incident . In fact, the other spirit beasts here gave no response whatsoever even when they made contact .

’’Little Squeak, have you noticed it yet? Something's not right here,’’ shivering at the frosty chill, Ling Yue suddenly became overwhelmed by a creepy sensation .

It was too quiet here, so quiet that it's earie to the ear . Fortunately there's no predatory animals around, giving her a chance to get a breather under one of the nearby trees . She's just not used to walking on four legs, making this all the more difficult .

’’Squeak?’’ Feeling the ground wasn't quite right, Little Squeak paws away at the dirt to reveal a hide underneath .

’’It's just a piece of animal skin, no need to be afraid . ’’ Ling Yue dismisses the finding right up until she realized something important .

Animal skin?

Now this became very serious, they are sitting atop of an entire tiger entire tiger skin . To be precise, it's a corpse of a tiger without the flesh and blood inside .

By this point most of the dark fog had dispersed in the area, giving her a better view of the terrain . Littered on the ground were dozens of animal hides belonging to various species, all of which are of the eighth to ninth grade level .

It can still be considered a coincidence to come across one in the wild, but for a whole litter? All of a sudden, a bone numbing chill had gripped their backs because what they saw and heard next was something they will never forget in their lives .

Soaring above the nearby mountainous peak behind their backs were a pair of Snow King Eagles, one male and one female . Likely looking for a place to roost, their altitude was very low for their species .

Then without premonition, a loud deafening shriek could be heard from that direction .

Huh, did it rain? Wiping the trickle of water from her forehead, she was dumbfounded to find the rainwater to be of the reddish shade . It was blood, the kind that still carried warmth to it .

The ground shook in collaboration to her astonishment . It was the mountain peak, it's moving......

The mountain... . No wait, this is the Northwestern Plain, there shouldn't be any mountains here!

Then what is that massive thing that massive thing behind me?

Gulping hard, Ling Yue swings her head around with great difficulty . As she looked up, that's when she saw it . The mountainous body was no mountain at all, it's a ginormous flower with a strange appearance!

Ye Ling Yue can swear by her life that she had never seen or heard of anything remotely close to this ’’THING’’! With a body looking similar to granite, there are flowers of various lengths and sizes covering its entire mass . It's truly a spectacle to witness regardless of how frightening this occasion was .

But size and shape aside, there are other features that sent her alarms ringing in full throttle . First was that giant sunflower shaped head at the very top currently munching away at one of the eagles . Using those sausage like lips, this flower was clearly enjoying its meal .

Then there were those vines . Wrapped around the second eagle, the thorns growing out of those vines were sucking the very fluid and flesh out of the poor victim like a vampire .

What is this monster? Literally every fiber of her body was raised to their limit .

Ling Yue wanted to escape this very second, but it's too late . In no time at all after the carnivorous plant finished with the eagles, its vines had gone ahead to snatch them up as well from the ground .


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