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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 338


Chapter 338

Chapter 338 ’’Perfect Hunting’’

Regarding these superpowers, the three super schools are the most mysterious due to their inherent nature of keeping their hands off the mundane matters of this world . As for the nine major sects, they include factions like the Three Life Valley and various powers of that calibre .

First off, let's not mention the three super schools, just the nine major sects alone are more powerful than most country states in this world . Take the King of North Qing for example, even for someone as prestigious as that, they cannot rashly enter the Black Valley without permission . Imagine what the pressure must be like for everyone else present .

’’Then are we supposed to just stand here? Wouldn't Ling Yue... . . ’’ Lan Caier was at the point where she's about to burst into tears because she what the general meant .

’’I fear for the worse . In a situation like this, she can only pray for her own blessing,’’ the general regrettably states this .

Ignoring whatever terrible monster lies in wait at the Black Valley, merely the traps and guardian beasts left behind here would be enough to give Lan Caier a headache . Adding in the fact that it's been over a night since the girl went inside, it's questionable if there would even be any bones left at this point .

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’’ACHOOO!’’ Giving an inappropriate sneeze unsuitable for a lady, Ling Yue - who has been missing all this time - had the strange premonition that someone's talking behind her back . But before she can go worrying about other things beyond her control, she must first deal with those menacing eyes shooting in her direction as a result of her mistake .

’’Oh this is sinful!’’ Feeling a trickle of sweat coming down her side, Ling Yue nervously clenches onto her empty bottle that used to contain her lifesaving medicine .

As the old saying goes, curiosity kills the cats . That was the last of her invisibility pill, meaning in a few more minutes after the effects wear off, she be defenseless .

Now she regrets it, regret ever stepping foot into this dreaded valley at the urging of her friend here . Then again, it was sort of her own fault that they are in this predicament . Relying on her invisibility pills was foolish to begin with, now she's empty and out in the open with a bunch of ninth grade beasts lurking about .

The worst wasn't even the animals though, it's the plant life here... . She could've avoided everything and made her way out last night if not for the greeneries . These trees are clearly growing out of the ground, yet they could MOVE! Yes, move like a walking person and putting her sense of direction in complete disarray .

Take that willow willow tree in front of her for example . Just minutes ago it was to her left, now its to her right... .

Then there's the matter with her pocket dimension . For goodness sake, it's not working properly! She can't enter like something was obstructing her powers! She could still and place items inside, but that's it .

’’Little Squeak, you must come up with a plan to get me out of this blasted place . It was your idea to come inside . ’’ Giving her little troublesome friend there a heavy knock on the head, the fox innocently blinks his teary eyes in pain .

Now that's just wrong, all he wanted to do was come investigate because he noticed a familiar scent inside . How could he have guessed there would so many big guys inside?

’’Squeak (don't be afraid, I will protect you) . ’’ In the exact moment when Ling Yue's hands started to reveal themselves, Little Squeak suddenly issues out a mighty roar .

No longer small and cuddly in his appearance, Little Squeak now was a mighty and majestic being who stands at the top of the food chain .

With his transformation complete, he promptly had Ling Yue mount his back . That's when they heard a series of threatening roars coming across the forest . These belonged to the dangerous ninth rank spirit beasts lurking around . Their target, the human trespassing in their territory . territory .

Not to be intimidated, Little Squeak immediately retaliated with an earth trembling roar of his own, which had a very big effect on these locals .

None of these creatures are those who would mindless charge in without thinking . After all, to reach their current state they must have some level of intelligence to back up their bronze . They are prowling about to asses Little Squeak's strength before making a move .

Then without premonition, a King Fire Wolf was the first to launch an offensive . It's not often such delicious prey would appear inside the Black Valley, that's why the wolf can't just let it slip by .

This wolf was very smart, he deliberately chose a blind spot so the human wouldn't notice until it was too late .

Holy crap, that wolf is wrapping its body with fire! Ling Yue's heart literally sank at the sight because she can tell the strength of the wolf was at the reincarnation level .

Little Squeak was angry now . It had always been him who gets to flaunt in front of others, not the other way around . Especially when the one doing the flaunting was a ’’stray mutt’’ who doesn't know his place!

That's right, this King Fire Wolf who could bring terror to a whole battalion was nothing more than a wild mutt who deserves to be punished .

Despite his increased size, the little troublemaker's speed wasn't hindered in the last;in the last;in fact, it's even faster thanks to that drop of Qilin blood . With no effort whatsoever, he easily rammed into the wolf head on and sent the poor animal flying .

Of course, a little bump wouldn't be enough to completely finish off this wolf . Sadly for it, another chance won't occur again . Before the wolf could regain his posture, his eyes were already gone thanks to two flickering silvery objects . Next moment later, blood came spewing out of the eye-sockets as its very body melted away due to the intense poison drenched on the blades .

Not going to miss this opportunity, Little Squeak took the extra measure of dashing over to give one last lethal bite to the wolf's neck . In a blink of an eye, the ninth rank King Fire Wolf was dead on the ground .

This scene completely riled up the nearby animals because it's too shocking . Never had these creatures of the Black Valley witnessed one of their peers be killed in such a quick fashion . Sure, the wolf may not be at the epitome of the animal kingdom here, but it's very close, certainly stronger than most of the other ninth rank spirit beasts presently watching .

Though reluctant, they can only stand idle at a safe distance . The temptation was too strong yet they don't want to meet the same ending as the wolf .


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